The ice and snow river city hidden in Northeast, the fog is invincible! Authentic Royal Hot Pot is also available

I heard that there is online rumors say

This winter may be the most cold year in Northeast?


Tell this

The Jilin City is really 100 dissatisfaction!

In many people, Jilin Province and Jilin City are stupid.

Jilin City, as the only one in China


“Same as the same name”


city ​​of



“Fog + Powder Snow”

Wang Wang combination

Get a good feeling of thousands of love snowmen

Winter Jilin

Shengjing is unique, big beauty is not carved

Here, whether it is a snow, playing snow or skiing

I can ignite your inner romance and passion!

Photography @ 丽华


Today, you will give you a homework in advance.

Look at what Jilin is so delicious.

Remember to do notes!

First knowledge, yearning, winter in Jilin

Meeting, foggy

“One Jiang Han Shui Qing, Cross-Strait Qionghu”

The fog of Jilin has a “Chinese ink painting” poetry

It is a “pure white snow” that nature put on the northeast plant.

01 fog island


Downstream of Songhua River, scattered a few beautiful natural islands


Winter is often mistped in the winter

The fog is almost coming to this place every day.

Tens of thousands of wild duck erhapsadors on the island

Along with the silver red day, beautiful!

02 Ashhada fog 凇 凇 凇


Songhua River, along the river, depth of track

Fog 凇 点 点 林, Yushu Qionghua

Crystals like bloom, more like chiral ice lines

Beautiful to the eye

Photography @ 常建 儒

03 Bai Mountain Lake Fog 凇 Ornamental Belt

After the winter solstice, the lake is rising, and the cold wave declines.

Colliding out a fairy tale world

In an instant, silver is wrapped in

The crystal “tree hanging” is beautiful, and it is covered with the mountains of the lake.

Illusion of a fantasy silver dream

04 red stone lake fog 凇 view

Red Shihu is located in Alpine City

Bai Mountain power plant is very rich

Sustainable power throughout the winter

Therefore, the Winter water temperature of Hongshi Lake is often maintained in zero 2 ~ 3 ° C

In the case of low temperature mist

Formed a rare foggy wonders

Thirty-eight kilometers of delay, forming natural red stone lake fog 凇 ornamental belt



Peking University lake fog 凇 view



Songjiang East Road Fog 凇 凇 凇

Jiangbin Park fog 凇 凇 赏

Waiting for more fog to go


Waiting for you to explore!

Play · ski paradise

As the Winter Olympics is approaching


More and more people have begun to pay attention to skiing this movement

Winter Olympics in Beijing, experience in Jilin

Playing skiing, you come to Jilin City!

01 Vanke Songhua Lake Resort

This is a world-class ski slopes that are planned by North America Colorado Ski Square.

Introduced world-class ropeways, tricks, snow equipment, etc.

Follow the swearing knight, come to a hearty ski feast!

Picture @ 万 科 松花 湖 区 区


Photography @ 飞翔

02 North Lake Ski Resort

Ski resorts compared to Vanke Songhua Lake Resort

The snowy road in the Ski Resort in the Peking University Lake is slightly large, and the number of tourists is less.

Because of its dryness, almost powder


Also known as

“Ski Resort, Pink Snow Heaven”


2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Winter Disabled Association Training Base

Picture @ 小 红书 – Buddhist youth

See this, many Ranger will say

Jilin City’s powder snow, fog, long-awaited

What other treasures have there?

You will not hide you.

Please also ask everyone to make a little, listen to my thin.

Looking for · Jilin City you don’t know

邂逅 · History Jiangcheng

01 Jilin Meteorite Museum

In 1976, the meteor rain astronomical event occurred in the northern suburbs of Jilin City.


Soon, the meteorite museum will be born.

here it is

China is the only thing to showcase the theme of meteorites

Public museum

Current human beings known

The most “Jilin No. 1” of the meteorite

Show here

Walk into the Meteorite Museum and explore the mysterious of the depths of the universe


Photography @ 美玉

02 Jilin West Station

This is a large gothic scored roof building


Model like a lion

The lion is unwell design

I have been selected for many times.

“The Late Art Railway Station”

03 Catholic Church

Catholic Church is introduced to China

Starting from the Jesuit Missionary Madi arrived in China after the Ming Dynasty

And this church started to build in Guangxu


It has been completed in 10 years, and there is a hundred years of history.


I have witnessed the rise and fall of Jiangcheng 100 years.

04 plump hydropower station

This is a legendary large hydropower station.

Open the development history of Fengsheng Hydropower Station

It recorded the violation of Japanese militarism to Northeast China

At the same time, it also


Witnessing the victory of my country’s Anti-Japanese War and the Liberation War

Photography @ 陈昌林

Until 2019, the original dam completed blasting

New Dam finally shoulders new mission, put into use


Experience · Winter Limited

01 Songhua Lake Ice Winter

Songhua lake is vast, rich fish resources

Winter lake will be thick with thick ice


Whenever Ice lake, nervous northern traditional activities

“Ice Winter Edge”

It’s going to be prepared.

Fish handle with years of experience, choose fishing positions

Open the eye, lower the slots, take a fish, one!


When receiving the net, the fish is out of the lake, a jubilant

Photography @ 十 八

See Man Han

Since ancient times

Jilin City is a place where many ethnic groups are


Multicultural culture collides here, blending


Inheritance has never been disconnected

Photography @ 新子

01 Manchu culture

Jilin City is the birthplace of Manchu and Longxing

The traditional residential characteristics here

Ula Street Town, Longtan District

The representative of the large architecture of Manchu City

Close to the fog island in Ula Street Town

In addition to the fog of Yushu Qionghua

The island will also be held regularly


Shaman sacrificial activities with Manchu characteristics


Picture @ 图 网

In the snow world in the fog Island

Listen to the eight-color flag in the long wind hunting

Feel the brilliance of Chinese culture

Leisurely go to the Manchu Museum

This is a well-preserved building features

Mansion building

Walk into the hall, a long man culture


Like the picture, you are generally in front of you.




Jilin Temple is built in the first year of Qianlong


After the “original temple is simple, there is not enough gift”

In the 333rd

The architecture, building level, preservation integrity




“The most northeast”

Here is also known

“One of China’s Four Dagong Temples”

Jilin as the birthplace of Manchu culture


Kangxi, Yongzheng is extremely opposed to the construction of the temple

Later, Qianlong in order to implement the cultural integration of “Manhan”


It has built the first part of the temple in Jilin City

Picture @ 小红书 – rock rock

Card · Private Network Red Situation



Located in Vanke Songhua Lake Resort

It is completed by the famous domestic architect Wang Shuoke.

On the top of the big green mountain

Sitting here


“China’s most cold building”

Passing through dreamy fog forest, boarding viewing platform

Snow scenery overlooking the entire Songhua Lake area

02 Qixing Fort Winery

This is a “Downton Manor” that can arrive without traveling.

Walking on the stone road in the park

As if to be in the Nordic Exotic

Every corner is a big piece


Tasting · pure authentic flavor

Come to Jilin City, you must say local cuisine

It is said that the locals love to eat is famous.

Often not to eat, just go to the way to eat

Here is the most authentic Warm Manshire Hot Pot

There are also northeast dishes and all kinds of Manchu food, don’t have a taste!


01 Ulaman Hot Pot

Authentic Royal Hot Pot in addition to Beijing’s east


There is also a Ulaman Hot Pot in Jilin City, one of the Manchu Development.

Traditional copper pot, fire red charcoal fire, boiling bottom soup

Add fine pickles and secret pork belly

蘸 蘸 乌拉特 调 调

Nothing is a Wula hot pot can’t be solved.

In fireworks and hot air

The unchanging is the northeast of the northern part of the hometown.

02 Songhua Lake Whole Fish Banquet


Winter Songhua Lake, cold climate

Four sides of the mountains and silver, the lake

It is a good time for chiseling ice fishing

Whole caught white fish, flowers, squid, white horses, etc.

Mever is the most delicious

Take a pot of fish soup, taste a bite, fast!


Cow horse row


Niu Horse Walk is a hundred years old shop

Blue plaque remains traces of years


Although a lot of branches have been opened all over

But many people still miss the taste of the general store.


Cow horse

Noodles made of red sorghum growing with cold land

Match a variety of accessories


Tang soup water, equipped with beef, taste authentic

04 Fuyuan Museum Chinese Pastry

“Hundred Years old street centenary shop, Fuyuan Gallery is the brightest”


Time to move, the most prosperous pedestrian street in the same year – Henan Street

I am full of modern atmosphere every day.


Fuyuan Pavilion’s pastry with the authentic taste of fragrant

Affected by locals

Accompanied by generation of Jiangcheng people

About winter, there are everything!

The mountain is covered with ice, flowing into ice

The winter of Jilin City can be beautiful inverted

2022 big snow

Play Jilin with the tourist guest!


Copywriting @ 风 edit @ 南



Picture @ 万 科 松花 湖 区 区

Photography @ 美玉

Photography @ 新子


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