How is “Dafei” made

Most people are too early to realize financial freedom, and have not yet reached the consumption stage of buying watches. Therefore, when choosing a watch, especially the high -end watch, it is unharmed.

I think that if you have n’t been intoxicated with a certain watch and it is difficult to sleep if you do n’t buy it, it is usually not wrong to choose a big -name classic model.

One of the few watchmaking classics


IWC (IWC) is a long -standing and world -renowned high -end watchmaking brand. As an evergreen tree of all nations, the tough Dafei is the branch of the pilot series, and has always been closely linked to the masculine image of the man.


The full name of Dafei is a large pilot. As the name suggests, Da Fei’s “block” is even greater than common pilots. It can be said that it is a watch for men. It is a man, you should have a big fly.

IWC is a well -known high -level watch -making brand with a long history

Even if you look at the entire table, Dafei is a classic. Of course, there must be a basis, so let us walk into the history of Dafei.

The first pilot watch was born in 1936. This watch uses anti -magnetic movements, anti -crushing mirrors, and can run normally in a positive and negative 40 ° C environment.

Four years later, IWC launched a diameter of 55 mm and the model was iW431. The military observation table of the pocket watch movement 52 T.S.C., marked the official appearance of the first generation of Dafei. This is also the largest watch in the history of the country. The design of the dial design comes from the cockpit instrument, tough and domineering, simple style, and uses a huge conical crown, which is convenient for pilots to operate the watch when wearing flying gloves.

The first generation of Dafei, who came out in 1940

It has been more than 80 years since the beginning of Dafei. Dafei has been prosperous in more than 80 years, but how classic it is. As a masterpiece of Dafei, the first generation of Dafei was like an endless and inexhaustible treasure house, which continued to inspire the countless Dafei.

Design of deep soul


All -nation launched

Large pilot 43


The source of inspiration is the first generation. In terms of design language, Da Fei 43 and the first generation of Dafei can be described as the same, the original flavor. Even in terms of design alone, Da Fei 43 is enough to attract people. It cancels the common calendar and dynamic reserves of modern Dafei, with only three stitches, and its style is simple and pure. Dafei’s iconic design element conical crown has also been retained.

Loyalty to the original flavor, Dafei with a model of 329301 43

Among them, the most loyal to the original Da Fei 43 belongs to iW329301. It uses a black dial with four rivets in the strap. Dafei 43 also has two styles of the blue dial, one of which is equipped with a steel chain, which is also the first time in the history of Da Fei in history.

Of course, inheritance classics does not mean to copy the original. Dimension changes are a major feature of Da Fei 43 in design.


The first -generation Dafei diameter was 55 mm, and even the modern Dafei usually was more than 46 mm. Although some friends like Dafei’s design, the sadness is too small to control such a large table.

Dafei 43 is more applicable and more affinity

With Dafei 43 with a diameter of 43 mm, this problem was perfectly solved. While retaining the classic elements of Dafei, it has more affinity and more applicability, and many people can wear it.

The size of the watch is usually not dedicated to the development of the movement. After all, the development of the new movement is too expensive, but in order to find the most matched movement for Dafei 43, the country has developed a new automatic movement 82100. kind.

Dafei 43 is equipped with a new automatic movement 82100

This movement has a long -standing high -efficiency automatic chain mechanism of Wilon, the power storage system, and the power storage has reached 60 hours. The new design of Dafei 43 is also reflected in the Easx-Change system. With it, we can change the strap for Dafei 43 according to different moods and occasions.


Focusing on innovation for more than 80 years

Since the birth of Dafei, it has been innovative in materials, movements, and functions, and has a rich style. Innovation is also an important reason for Da Fei to grow up.

In the high -end watch brand, the strength of the country is very comprehensive. It is not only good at designing design and movement of movement, but also has in -depth research on materials. For example, titanium titanium and sandy ceramics, which are the best of the country.


Two years ago, IWC launched the Top Gun naval air combat troops “Mojov Desert” special edition. This is the first watch with an innovative sand color ceramic case. This time, sand -colored ceramics flew. All -nation launched


Large pilot series TOP GUN Naval Air Combat Force Watch “Mojov Desert” Special Edition

, Is the first fly with sand -colored ceramic cases.


Dafei “Mohawe Desert” special edition of Dafei with sand -colored ceramic cases

The unique color of sand -colored ceramics is reminiscent of the endless Mohvy desert. In terms of production technology, the raw materials of sand -colored ceramics are accurately mixed with oxidation and other metal oxides. After shaping, it is fired in the melting furnace.

Sand color ceramics are not only unique in color, but also one of the hardest substances in the world. It is super strong, which is very suitable for such a harsh environment such as aircraft cockpit. As for daily wearing, it is even more unprecedented.


From the perspective of the layout of the disk, the special edition of the Dafei “Mojov Desert” with a diameter of 46 mm continues the classic layout of modern Dafei. Time.

Dafei “Mohawe Desert” special edition has a strong anti -magnetic ability

Compared with the first Hyundai Dafei 5002 born in 2002, the 52110 movement on the special edition of the Dafei “Mojov Desert” is also innovative. The vibration frequency also increased from 3 Hz to 4 Hz, and the Biton automatic Bellyton’s automatic boarding mechanism was also replaced with ceramic materials. The upgrades of these movements may be easy to ignore, but behind it, it reflects the concept of the courage to innovate and is always committed to creating better products.

There is a top gun logo on the back of the watch

It is worth mentioning that the special edition of the Dafei “Mohawe Desert” also has a strong magnetic anti -magnetic ability. The 52110 movement is wrapped in soft iron, which can effectively prevent the watch from being disturbed by magnetic fields.

If sandy ceramics are the innovation of material, then the perpetual calendar is functional innovation and structure innovation.

The large pilot series launched by IWC this time can be traced back to the innovation of Ge Yisi, a watchmaker in the 1980s.

You know, at that time, during the “quartz crisis” period, many brands gave up the mechanical watch. However, the country has faced the difficulties, not only insisted on the production of mechanical watches, but also launched the perpetual calendar of innovative complex functions.


Ge Yisi, a watchmaker of the country


From the beginning of the design of the perpetual calendar, Geyus took into account industrialized mass production, so he was going to develop an independent calendar module that is simple and suitable for various basic movements, that is, adding perpetual calendar functions to the basic movement. In addition, the year of four digits must be displayed.

There is no prerequisite for reference, so everything must be from scratch. It is difficult to imagine how difficult it is. After continuous calculation and improvement, Geis finally made a mechanical device that consists of 81 parts, extremely simple and efficient.

New Dafei Master

The core component of this device is cam. It takes into a leap year and takes 48 months as a cycle. This perpetual calendar is extremely complicated and precise, and only requires manual adjustment in 2100 years. Even though Ge Yisi invented the permanent calendar, it was quite innovative. Since its birth, IWC has always insisted on enriching and perfecting it, making it an important complex function forom.


The watch is made of stainless steel, with a blue dial


The new flying perpetual calendar launched this time continues the innovative spirit of the Geyus era of the Kingdom of Irsenua. The case is made of stainless steel, with a blue dial, and the atmosphere is elegant in the atmosphere. The information of the North and South Moon and the small second hand are symmetrically distributed in the dial to form a harmonious and balanced layout.


Dafei Moralia -Movie Desert Special Edition


The iconic four-digit number perpetual calendar has not fallen, located at 7-8. I think this is a watch that integrates aesthetics and practical, which can show the complex and complicated watch technology of Dafei.

Four new flying counts 41


In addition to these heavy watches above, IWC also launched four pilot timing watch 41 with a diameter of 41 mm this time. Among them, the two stainless steel bracelets, the two cowhide straps, both equipped with self -produced 69385 automatic timing movements.

From the development process of Dafei and this year’s new model, we can clearly feel that the reason why Dafei can become the icon of the watch industry is loved by so many watchmates, and the classics, design and innovation it owns The characteristics are inseparable. Da Fei pays attention to the design, pays attention to classic inheritance, continues to innovate, and maximizes design, classics and innovation. Therefore, it naturally becomes a high -end watch for many people’s minds.

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