The 5 -year -old baby does not eat well, and the hanger has become the “magic weapon” of grandparents. Netizens: Treatment of standards

Sitting together to eat together should be the warmest moment, but many families are the opposite. They eat every day because the children do not eat well, and the atmosphere on the dining table is very nervous.

The 5 -year -old baby does not eat well, and the hanger has become the “magic weapon” of grandparents

Yiyi is a 5 -year -old girl. She is usually very clever and sensible, but whenever she eats, she starts to change like a person. Yiyi is very picky. Almost every vegetable does not like to eat, and it is full to eat. Usually, her grandmother took her. Once Yiyi overturned the food in the bowl. Grandma picked up a hanger and tapping on her little ass. As a result, although the little butt was red, Yiyi ate a bowl of rice and ate a lot of dishes.

Grandma thinks the child is intentional naughty, so

Whenever you eat, put the hanger “please come out” on the table

Yiyi will eat honestly after watching it, but most of the time she still eats much.

Mom said to my grandmother, “You use violent means to make your child eat very badly.” Grandma said, “Then you have time to manage, you can control it yourself, and I have no other good way to let the child eat well for dinner. It’s. “

After seeing such a story, netizens also felt that the titles were not cured, and my grandmother’s approach was a bit over!

Violent means to solve the child’s eating problem, cure the standard is not the root cause, it is also a harm to the child

Moms and dads are always worried that their children can not keep up with their nutrition and delay their children’s body. Those picky children are simply a problem that parents can’t overcome. But the way to force the child to eat like a grandmother Yiyi is still wrong. The child notice that parents are worried about themselves, and they will also have anxiety.

It is easy for children to have a psychological burden on eating



Moreover, when the child eats under the coercion of his parents, you will be in a bad mood.


Affecting children’s digestion and absorption

After a long time, it must have a bad impact on the child. Moms and dads always solve problems with their children scolding, and it is easy to make children become timid, cowardly, and inferiority.

Children are unwilling to eat well, not necessarily naughty, so forcing the child to be wrong. The child may not have a good time for eating. It may be because of the following reasons.

Reason one: Children are not hungry at all.

Some children do not eat well while eating. When they put down the rice bowl, they go to eat snacks. child


Too much snacks

There is no appetite when eating. Many parents say that children do n’t eat if they do n’t eat, and they are hungry. They are hungry, and they immediately become fragrant when they eat. However, most parents’ approach is that the child does not eat him or hungry him, which allows him to eat snacks casually. As a result, the child formed a vicious circle, and he was not hungry as soon as he ate.

There is another situation,

Children’s appetite is not much snacks

The child is obviously full, but the adult feels that he eats too little, so he is desperately letting the child eat more, causing the child to have anorexia.

Reason two: Children’s spleen and stomach are not good.

Some children eat too much or picky eaters. They are not a matter of their own wishes, but that the child’s spleen and stomach are not delicious. Some children are because of


The body lacks some trace elements and causes children to pick up anorexia


Therefore, we should not blame the children blindly, it is also necessary to take a child to see the doctor.

Reason three: The dishes do not fit the child’s appetite.


Someone used to interview Zhou Dongyu: Why are you so thin? Zhou Dongyu replied: That’s because my family is really hard to cook. At that time, many viewers laughed.


There are always many differences between adults and children. The food we like is not necessarily the child. Some parents are really not good at cooking, and children have no appetite when they eat.

It is really not easy to make children eat well, but it must be skillful. You cannot chase your child feeding or forced the child. You must abide by these principles:

First, parents are used as their own, and they develop their own good eating habits.

Parents are the best examples of children, so cultivate children to eat well, we should start from ourselves. For example, the time to eat is relatively fixed, and the meal will be opened until time, so that the child’s belly will be hungry when the time is, and eating will be more fragrant.

In addition, the family must be more concentrated when eating,

Mom and dad can’t play with their mobile phones while eating


, Children can’t eat while playing, which is more conducive to better digestion and absorption of food.

2. Don’t urge and force your child to eat

Many moms and dads are very busy, so every time you eat, you will urge your children to eat quickly, eat quickly, and the nervous time and emotions can easily cause the child to have a rebellious psychology. I feel that eating is a painful thing.

Therefore, creating a warm dining environment is also the key to children eating well. Children eating is their own business. Moms and dads should not give their children a material reward because they eat well because their children eat well. They do not want the child to punish the child if they do n’t eat well, making children feel that eating is a task.


Third, try to reduce the snacks other than three meals a day.

Nowadays, children have very rich snacks, various fruits, various dairy products, various desserts. Some of these foods are good for children’s long body, but they must also control the amount of children to eat fruits and milk. The child’s appetite is limited. If you eat too much snacks, you ca n’t eat the main meal, which is not good for the body.

Fourth, strive to improve your cooking skills and make delicious meals.


Moms and dads with poor cooking skills also have to find a reason from themselves. The child does not like to eat. Is the meal I made by myself? When children are young, when they grow their bodies, we should learn to refine the cooking skills and make every meal for children delicious and nutritious.

The people use food as the sky, and the child’s healthy growth starts with a good dinner.

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