How to pick a few solid wood coffee tables

Solid wood coffee table can make us in a smuggle of the city’s total taste to the unlimited mountains, and there are many brands on the market in the market, and the style is different. Consumers will feel difficult to choose. Today, let’s take a look at how to pick a few goodwood tea a few quotations.

怎么挑选实木茶几 实木茶几报价

How to choose a solid wood tea?

1, see

Identify real solid wood coffee table, look pattern. Too beautiful patterns may be artificial sheets. The reason and simple, real solid wood, except pear, and camphor, other woodworks are basically no beautiful ripples.

怎么挑选实木茶几 实木茶几报价

2, smell

Pure solid wood has its own special taste, even if it is still reserved for long-term storage or dressing, the artificial board will have a very strong chemical material odor, such as formaldehyde, the smell is very pungent, so it is very well identified.

3, knock

怎么挑选实木茶几 实木茶几报价

Solid wood parts are snapped up with more crisp sounds. It is a better solid wood furniture. It is relatively dry for the same wood to strike the sound, while low sinking is relatively moist. Generally, wooden furniture should be selected to be dry, and its stability is stronger. The sound of the artificial plate knock out is relatively low, and the wood piece of the box will make a drum.

怎么挑选实木茶几 实木茶几报价

4, 掂

Look at the weight of the wood, the lightest is the pair of pair, the second is pine, eucalyptus, autumn wood, etc. More red wood, rosewood, rosewood, 柞, water, water, birch Wait; although wood is a weight, natural material is better than manual.

Solid wood coffee table price

Faris European Cup Several French Living Room Marble Cuisine Cup Several Small Solid Table Table G2 2880 Yuan

Ashley love room Lishan home a beautiful retro coffee table solid wood rising tea table multi-function coffee table T845 3150 yuan

Federal home private modern Chinese solid wood tea several rectangular living room furniture simple wood DS609 2088 yuan

怎么挑选实木茶几 实木茶几报价

Double-leaf furniture solid wood sofa coffee table living room furniture water willow tea several JC33 2,800 yuan

About how to pick a few goodwood tea a few quotations, Xiaobian introduces you here, I hope that the content introduced by Xiaobian can help you better pick the solid wood tea.

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