“Sunshine Desk” lights up the child to study road

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The brand -new desk moved into Huang Yanfang’s home. The clean and simple original wood -colored table “separated” the original small old house. Light litting the new platform lamp, and the daughter finally had a quiet corner of reading.

There is no trivial matter. Yuexiu District is a strong education area, and the famous schools are Lin Li. However, in the old community, there are still many family spaces in the small district. It is difficult for children to have a separate learning space. Some families do not even have a special desk.

Before June 1st this year, a group of “Sunshine Desks” was moved into the resident’s house as a special holiday gift for children. As of now, the desks of 19 residents of Liurong Street have been resolved. The children’s childhood had a desk, and their well -off life added a little “sweet”.

Small desk renewal learning environment

In the small room, the bright gaze lights shined. Huang Yanfang, the resident of the old South China Sea community in Liurong Street, Yuexiu District, did not have to read a book at the dinner table at the daughter of the first grade.

“Originally, the rice tank and some debris were placed. In order to put the table in, we moved the position and now it became a child’s desk.” Huang Yanfang said that there are two daughters in the family, but there is no decent one. The desk is for them to learn. A dining table, when eating, is a dining table. After eating, clean up and become a temporary desk for children.

Now, a desk “lights up” the space for children to learn, and “lights up” their childhood. Wooden tables and chairs, double -layer racks, and a table lamp. Since the table moves in, the younger daughter does not have to lie on the dining table to study, and she does not have to squeeze with her sister. She always sit at the desk regularly after school. Huang Yanfang said: “The little daughter is very introverted and unwilling to speak, but I know she is very happy.”

These changes are due to the “Sunshine Desk” micro projects cooperated with the Civil Affairs Bureau of Liurong Street and the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yuexiu District. “During the epidemic of last year, the staff of the neighborhood committee often came to the door because of the collection of information collection. I did not feed them to them. They noticed the situation of my home, so I really thanked them.” Huang Yanfang recalled, saying, saying, saying that “Later, I heard that the staff of the civil affairs can send a desk to the child. Everyone is very happy.”

“Through visiting condolences and telephone communication, we have widely collected the family life and learning needs of children’s family life and learning in dilemma in the dilemma of subsistence allowances, low collection, special difficulties, and single parents.” Essence

Huang Yanfang recalled that the civil affairs staff came to the door several times, helped them measure the distance in a small space, adjusted the location of the indoor items, and asked the children’s opinions. After the communication again and again, the desks were put into the home of Liurong Street residents.

Since entering the door of the desk, as long as Huang Yanfang goes out to meet the community secretary Ye Luya, she will thank him. Ye Luya said: “Help them solve a desk, it is not a big deal for us, but for residents, the children’s learning and living environment has really changed. Residents may not speak well, but every time they pass by each time they pass by The neighborhood committee, when you see us, you have to say that you really thank the Civil Affairs Bureau and thank the neighborhood committee. “

Because of the desk, children also love to read books. “Actually, the child is still young and does not expect her to have a good grade, but as a parent, I just hope that she can have others.” Huang Yanfang said that her daughter’s smile was more.

Old attic becomes a college entrance examination study

Through the dark corridor, the loft made of yellow and green wood is clean and tidy. The original dark yellow old style was transformed into a simple and comfortable look.

The family of Li Shu’s family lived in more than 20 square meters of public housing. Children who were studying in high school could only sleep and write homework in the lofts they set up, and they did not belong to their own desks. An old -fashioned big wooden box is placed on the ground, and then placed a small red plastic bench, where he is learning. Without bookcases, books are placed on the ground, and the obsession of the lofts are full of old quilts and cartons.

Today, a set of white desks moved into the attic, and a sufficient large bookcase was paired next to it. The pile of learning materials were placed in the cabinet one by one. The LED light installed on the roof illuminates the dark attic. This series of changes comes from the “Dream Study Room” project claimed by Laisui Personnel and Rental House Management Service Center of Guangta Street.

In the days of accepting acceptance, Uncle Li watched the results after the transformation, and praised him: “Chen Jieping, director of the hard work of the Optical Tower Sub -district Office, and the party members on behalf of the door to conduct field inspections, confirm the willingness to transform with my son, discuss the transformation Plan. Seeing the renovated attic study, my son was surprised. “

“After the preliminary demand survey and field inspection, considering that the normal life and study of Uncle Li and the child, we finally finalized the transformation plan.” The relevant staff of Guangta Street said, “The student said that he likes the blue wall So we gave him a blue wall; he said that he only wanted to modify the environment, not to find complex and large projects, just simple, we also respect his thoughts, just settled a simple one The white desk, I wish him cheer for the college entrance examination next year, the future is like a brilliant. “

“The son said he wanted to join the army and serve the country.” Uncle Li proudly said, “Then I wish him the title of the college entrance examination list next year.”

Purchase on -demand purchase

In the Wenyuan Lane community in Liurong Street, the resident Kwang Weijun was busy in a small tailor shop. The eldest son in the high school put the sewing machine into the desktop, and made a place from the stacked debris to read a book. But now, Tong Weijun has two desks, and the brothers have no need to fight.

“The original desk was used for the eldest son. The younger son took a simple small table to read a book on the bed.” Wu Weijun and his wife run a tailor shop, and the income was just enough to live 4 people. I only mentioned the desk once, but he also understood the difficulties at home, and I never said it again. “

It wasn’t until I saw the brand -new desk moved into the house, and the younger son who returned home put down his “sensible”. “Dad, this desk is wider than in the classroom, so good.” He couldn’t help but at the desk Touch it and touch, and use the stationery carefully, for fear that your pencil foam will soar the desktop. The desk was moved into home for a few months, and it still looked at it, just like a new one.

Now don’t look at his son squeezing on the tailor table, or sitting in bed and reading a book. Every time he goes out of school, Wei Weijun opens the electric fan and lights of the residence early, and prepares a study corner for his son next to the stacked debris.

“Each household has different needs, and some need to be lifted desks, so that children can adjust the height of the desktop; some want to have a shelf, we all try to satisfy.” Basically each household’s “Sunshine Desk” will come to the door at least twice before purchasing. During the epidemic, it is not convenient for the household to communicate with the needs of the residents through WeChat communication, understand the situation of the venue, and then use them to purchase and install households.

“Because the house they live in is on the side of the road, we have to go through many times every day. Secretary Lu Lihua said.

By pairing and assistance, adapt to local conditions, a well -off life does not fall into one person. The tailor -made “learning corner” is a mirror that Yuexiu develops a micro -willingness. At present, the 258 party and mass service positions in Yuexiu District and the online “Sui Good Office” APP, “Suikang” and “Yuexiu Family” applet to understand the public opinion and public opinion. 291 Minsheng Micro Projects.

Southern Daily reporter Ma Yitian Feng Yandan

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