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“Burnt” (Burnt (2015) stills

Adam Jones is an American. The cooking skills are so good that they can be the chef of the Michelin restaurant in Paris. They become famous and unruly. In the ridiculous years, they owe a love debt that owed a buttocks. From Paris to Miami, Adam vowed to wash his mind, and came again from scratch. He hid in a small restaurant on the seaside for more than three years, and opened oysters for people. From morning to night, the 10 million capsules were counted as full. Paris can’t go back. His acquaintances in the London catering industry are almost all his enemies. Adam, who has repeatedly bumped into the wall, went to the restaurant commentatr Simonny Fos, the restaurant commented by Evening Standard, Simonny Hand With the power of killing the high -end restaurant in London, if the restaurant can’t cope with her spleen and stomach, it will definitely not be able to cope with her poisonous tongue. Her comment can make the restaurant close. Adam asked Simonny to go to the restaurant at London Hotel London Hotel for trial food. The restaurant manager was like an enemy, and he was overwhelmed. In the kitchen, a wolf borrowed. At the critical time, Yasheng came forward to save the field. Won the position of the restaurant chef.

Adam is a role in the American film “Burnt” released in 2015. The tail flower summer tree played by Kimura Takuya in Kimura Takuya in the Takuya Takuya in Kimura of Takuya, which aired the previous year, was a bit like Adam’s Far East. The gifted cooking skills are all permeable. They have become famous in Paris, and they have fallen into the bottom of the valley. After climbing out of the valley, they are also getting closer to the three stars of Michelin. The restaurant review experts appearing in the TV series also learned the movie and arranged a woman. Linda Zhenzi, played by supermodel Fudy, is cold, cold and ice -free, noble, I can’t believe that she can pretend to be herself like her. How women who entered Alexander McQueen (Alexander McQueen) evening dress were blessed to be blessed by three front dishes, two main dishes, and plus desserts. Since ancient times, it is either food to disappoint the beauty, or the beauty is sighing in the world. If you live up to Qing? Of course, Miss Linda in the TV series is not afraid of food, and it is precisely because of her “disregarding her body” that she has achieved the little “Tokyo Hotel”, which has nothing to do with whether she is the ex -girlfriend of her tail flower Xiashu. Life is like a drama, and the drama enters life. I watched Simonny and looked at Linda. I felt that the ladies had a natural advantage about evaluating the restaurant. Although it was difficult to tell the facts, we always tend to believe in beauty. The food creates a beautiful face, not a big belly.

In addition to the quality of a restaurant, the density of services is also the key. The training staff who are well -trained should know that everything about the guests in the restaurant occurs below their viewing line, so the eyes should always pay attention to the table and the table and the table and On the ground, pay attention to the expression of the guests when the first food was sent to the mouth. It was a taboo to look around and look around. It can never be found that there is a Michelin judging fork that was deliberately put down under the dining chair. Sheng Yongxing, the most famous for roast duck, also made a custard palace baons, the taste is slightly sweet. Even the Gongbao chicken of the Longmen Ban Sichuan restaurant has a little improvement for the taste of Shanghai’s people. a little. Of course, a slightly aromatic Gongbao Chicken will never change my favor for this restaurant. It is not full for one year on the upstairs of the Bund 5th. The restaurant brings guests to customers. Covering two traditional fruit wood stoves in the Yangxing Building is dazzling. The bumps from the duck embryo roads made from Beijing to Shanghai are even more mature. Polyly, the acid discharge oil, so the duck baked in the Shanghai shop, subcutaneous fat is a thinner layer than Beijing’s store, crispy and more crispy. The service of Beijing’s store has always been impeccable, and the service level of this Shengyongxing in Shanghai is just as good as the duck that has been deserved to the fat. The puppet was properly held, holding his hands and holding his feet. Of course, the dishes used for serving are hot dishes. Even the bone dishes and bowls that are replaced from time to time on the table are heating in advance. It is really delicate!


Of course, warm meals occasionally encounter less warm occasions. PHénix, French restaurant on the second floor of Jing’an Temple, is rare to take quietness. The Shuishan Park in the Jing’an Park outside the window is tall, green shadow -in -law, Nanyang style decoration, and southern European style decoration, which is delicate in laziness. The raw beef raw in the restaurant will get a sauce in front of the guests and make it on the spot. When I ordered this dish, I accidentally found that the mixed beef was put on the table. I have no appetite with the temperature of raw beef. I hope that it is not a dining room, but the waiter for a moment. In the past few years, Phénix can get Michelin’s evaluation every year. Unlike ordinary award -winning restaurants deliberately hung the medals in the years at the door as a conspiracy, this restaurant only puts the medals of the year into the photo frame, and puts it. At the bottom of the bookshelf in the rest area, I appreciate this indifferent attitude towards Michelin’s judgment.

The Michelin medals of DA VITORRIO are hung in the kitchen of the restaurant, and it is not a shaking, but the praise of this popular Italian restaurant in the past two years must not be considered as the account of the kitchen. There are two types of menu in the restaurant. The only dish name is showed to the lady, and there is no price. Only those who show men will be marked. Although this is somewhat unsuccessful, it may even cause strong protests from feminists, but in this era, I am full of respect for any old -fashioned tradition. The quotation, ordering, drinking, and serving, the details are full of delicate details. Every time the guest gets up and leaves, the linen napkin left on the table will be taken away. When the guest returns, it will be replaced with a new one. The only thing that needs to be improved in the restaurant may be the quality of dining guests. If there is less pretending to be a gesture, the men and women who frequently shoot are almost an ideal restaurant.

The guests who took pictures in the restaurant either to prove their visit to prove their visit, or passed the photos on various comments websites after the meal, and over the restaurant critic’s addiction, but this kind of comment often cannot leave the photo and set up alone and establish it alone. Even, most readers only read photos and ignore the text. I think the most touching comments should still be text, just like Simonny and Adam in “Chef”: “Do you know, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, and I will count things that I regret in my life. The first one is why I want to go with you, Adam Jones, what about going to bed? “I have no doubt that the comments written by Simonny can make all bad restaurants close.

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Author: Pan Dun

Edit: Andy, Qian Yutong

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