Fresh “water home appliances” are emerging, have you used it?

A net drink machine sold in a shopping mall in Nanjing

“Drink 8 glasses of water a day”, I don’t know if this happens on your daily diet list. Chinese people love to drink boiled hot water. Winter is here, “drinking more hot water” is even more needed. The water dispenser, electric kettle, and water purifier have been commonplace. Now, major new and old brands have begun to move again, and there are many new gadgets, so that drinking water has more new tricks. , Milk tea machine, tea bar machine, bubble machine … all kinds of “water home appliances” are emerging, have you used it?

Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu News Profile reporter Wang Can

Consumers: Drinking water is also a kind of leisure enjoyment

I don’t know if you noticed that many young people are decorated with a house at home, specializing in making tea, drinking coffee, and drinking. In the past, Chinese families used coal stoves and gas stoves to burn water. Later, electric kettle entered millions of households. Now, various “water home appliances” that meet diversified needs have created more “drinking water” scenes. From the kitchen to the living room, bedroom, and office, “drinking water” can not only meet the basic needs of thirst, but also become a way of leisure and enjoyment. The scene is expanding and extended.

Mr. Wang was 36 years old. After the new house was renovated, he bought a tea bar machine. He has been used for more than a year. The desktop tea bar he purchased is not large, and the transparent water pipe is connected to a pure bucket on one end, and the other end is connected to the outlet. The water outlet can rotate 360o, automatically add water to the kettle, click the options such as water, heating, and insulation on the smart touch panel. After simple operation, you can get the water temperature you want. The water temperature of 80 ° C for brewing tea, 97 ° C-100 ° C for the old tea, etc.

Mr. Wang told Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist, “Buying a tea bar machine just wants to enjoy life when you are free, sitting on TV and drinking tea. The tea bar I bought is not expensive, 300 yuan Can’t, the size is small and does not take up the place. “When there is usually time, Mr. Wang will take out your favorite black tea and cook a pot to taste leisure. However, after using it for a while, Mr. Wang also had new demands. “I want to buy a larger set of tea tables, or cabinet -style tea bar. Pure buckets can be placed directly. “,”

Market visit: “Water Home Appliances” emerge endlessly

Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist noticed that the head of the major electricity heads also launched a new table cleaning machine. These machines do not need to be installed and can be placed everywhere. Many clean drinks are filtered and heated, and the “boiling water”, “rinse milk” and “coffee” are built -in models. Water temperature can be adjusted arbitrarily. In addition to meeting the living scene of white -collar workers in the office and young people, he also noticed the needs of mother -to -child parenting, and made the slogan “Standard in the Late Night Milk Hot Water”.

In addition, milk tea active in the daily life of young people also ushered in a new way of making. Many people shouted “milk tea to renew”, and worried that gaining weight, too high sugar, and not healthy. As a result, the home small milk tea machine was also born. The reporter saw on the shopping platform that these mini -tea machines are very small, which is not much larger than the daily cups. The functions of milk tea, coffee, milk foam, tea extract can be satisfied, and the “milk tea freedom” that is not afraid of fat.

Many people like to drink spoil water and bubble water. Now, the air bubbles are also sold considerable. Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist saw on the shopping platform that there was a monthly sales of 1,000+ bubbles and water machines, which ushered in 12,000 commodity evaluations. This kind of small appliances can cheer juice drinks, and you can make self -made water and bubble drinks, and 0 sugar, 0 cards, 0 fats. Some consumers evaluate, “Little friends who want to drink bubble water during weight loss, hurry up!”

However, the Yangtze Evening News/Zi Niu journalist found that this type of new product is not much online channel sales. At the data level, the same is true. Taking a table -type cleaning machine as an example, the data of Aowei Cloud Network shows that in the first half of 2021, the market size of the table -type cleaning machine market was 860 million yuan, the sales scale was 496,000 units, and online channel sales accounted for 82.9 82.9 %.

The reporter saw in the visit to the Xinjiekou business district in Nanjing that the “water home appliances” sold on the market were still mainly electric kettles and health pots. Occasionally one or two of the drinking machines and net drink machines were selling. After a certain brand of tabletop cleaning machine is discounted, the price is between 3999 yuan and 5999 yuan. Sales staff told reporters, “Some people buy it in the office, or if the conditions at home are good, they will buy them. “,”



Subdivision scene, there is always one to satisfy you

According to the “White Paper of Tmall’s Netburn Water Industry Trends”, family consumers have put forward higher requirements for health, hygiene, temperature and other aspects. Water appliances such as electric kettle can no longer meet the needs of these subdivided scenarios.

Young people need to boil a lot of water when brewing coffee, instant noodles, and all kinds of beverages. In summer, they need ice water to pursue coolness; maternal and infant consumers are just needed for brewing milk powder, and the use scenarios are more inclined to bedrooms; quality life groups taste tasting Different drinks are more detailed for temperature requirements. In the environment where the water drinking scenarios are becoming more and more detailed, new categories such as hot water purifiers, desktop water dispensers, and desktop cleaning machines meet consumer scenarios. In the first half of 2021, sales and sales ushered in a significant increase.

Li Xue, an analyst of the Industry Online Home Appliances Division, believes that the net drinking machine market continues to expand, and the segmented products that the industry needs to pay special attention to is the net drink machine market. Cleansing machine integrates the functions of water purification, drinking water, cooling, heating, etc. It is used as an upgraded product of water purifiers and water drinking machine products. Its demand will continue to be released in the office white -collar workers, mothers and infants and other groups. The product will be further refined.

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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