Leibrecht column: Barronboy’s command dilemma

A few years ago, I recording a program about Balrenboim’s program about Baronboh in Berlin and Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). We were brought into the simple office of his National Opera House, and without any rehearsal, I sat with him on both sides of a low table for 45 minutes. As soon as the time arrived, Baronboy got up and left. I can’t be sure if we have a handshake.

I had a deal with him before and knew him, so I was not dissatisfied with this. What surprised me was the performance of the BBC colleagues -they were so nervous that they were pale and uncomfortable. No one can make nervousness in a room than Daniel Barronbore.

Last month, seven performers in his National Opera Orchestra were dissatisfied with the threatening atmosphere in the orchestra, and accused them of bullying in their work. In this era of METOO movement, such allegations must be treated seriously. One of them was their chief fixed sound drum. He said that the situation was very bad so that he had to receive drug treatment. Baronopoim’s attack on this is: “If I treat him so unfairly, why is he still staying here for 12 years or even almost 13 years?” He continued to blame those who tried to destroy his contract in Berlin to renew the contract in Berlin’s renewal contract in Berlin The unnamed enemy: “If there is any nervous situation, I have a handsomeness.” Baronboum said concisely. Officials have ordered investigation to investigate.

The influence of this incident far exceeds the podium. Barronboum is 76 years old. When he picked up the command stick, it happened that the loud scolding on the stage must end -at the end of the 1970s, Toscanini, Kosavitzki, and Effort The kind of anger that Ritz Leina and George Sel are accustomed to display are no longer tolerated. George Solti was also an old tyrant in the first half of his career, and later quietly became a savvy music psychologist.

Daniel Barron Boy, pianist, conductor


I remember that when Ricardo Muriti cooperated with the British Philharmonic, he had once furious, but someone must say something in his ear (now he vowed that he had never shouted). Baronboy was quickly learned that he could not rely on fear to lead the orchestra. In 1982, he told me that he regretted that the orchestra leader lost his authority, which means that the commanders must find other means to complete the work.

The generation of Baronboim replaced dictatorship with mental stress. The amiable Claudio Abado would not say anything during rehearsal, but when he left, he would raise a name in the manager’s ear. It will not appear on the list. Zubin Meta’s image has always been straightforward and proficient. He will use the orchestra management as his acting executor. Simon Ratt has listed a list of musicians who want them to retire in advance. Fear is still there, but it becomes more low -key.


Barronbo’s personality charm can be opened at any time like a switch, and when he cannot quickly implement his intention, he will even turn off the total switch together. When he conducted a full set of “Nibelong Gen’s Ring” in the 2013 Xiaoyao Music Festival, he was extremely rude to the BBC’s production team, so that some experienced staff members were full of tears. When he knew that he had done too much, or someone reminded him, he invited the entire team to eat dinner as compensation after the last performance. Like many former prodigies, he never walked out of the bad temper of the infant period.

However, the post -effects of Metoo moved Baronboy and others became more and more out of time in this era. The new generation of conductors have developed different methods. Kiril Petelian, the new director of Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, will go to the musicians after the performance. For the Gustavo Dudmel of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra, it may be a cocktail club. Milga Gerari Nagatra will invite musicians to sing together after the concert. The Metropolitan Opera House’s Janik Nichegoson will openly reflect on the meeting with the musicians and publicly acknowledge his mistakes after the performance. In the era when the title could not cause fear, the commanders of the younger generation seemed to have found some models that could be accepted by all parties to achieve results.

In 2019, junior lawmakers can laugh at the Prime Minister. People who work in an open office can defeat the owner of the big company. Sir Ferguson’s hair dryer has been officially put on hold. Any complaint is a arduous task in an increasingly unequal environment. The chairman of the board of directors of mainstream listed companies still control the board of directors with a threat of firing. The Prime Minister will reorganize the cabinet. Every Saturday night, I will see football coaches yell at the teenage players. There is no doubt that these players need to protect them more than the performers who are united through the union, but like Mourini Coaches such as Olympic can avoid the media torture encountered by Barronbore. This hypocrisy needs to be exposed. Many people who do not have bullying may even sympathize with this conductor who is in severe predicament.

This sympathy may not be enough to allow Baronboh to renew the contract in 2022, at that time he was 80 years old. In this call, what we can learn is that Barronboy may be the last among his generation, and the stranded conductor’s beat has not been able to keep up with the times. The most savvy conductor we have ever seen has seen the text on the wall of Facebook.

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