Must -have these three family Gigabit network upgrade strategies

At present, the family broadband access provided by the three major operators has reached the level of 2000M or even 3000m, and many netizens have also handled Gigabit Broadband. However, after the operator upgraded its broadband, many users found that their broadband did not speed up, and it was even about 500M, which was very unhappy.

Gigabit broadband has entered the family

In fact, the upgrade of home broadband requires not only the operator to speed up the user, but also the network equipment in the user’s home can match the Gigabit Broadband. If you have upgraded the Gigabit Broadband at home but you do not reach full speed, you may wish to check the problem from the following three devices.

Has the light cat upgraded?

To meet the Gigabit Broadband, we must first find the reason from the home network entrance. The light cat given by operators when installing broadband has become the primary investigation object. The network port of light cats must be at least satisfied. The specific network port system can be found from the background of the light cat’s system to display 1000M. Although it cannot run over the Gigabit Broadband, it can be at least about 900m, close to the limit of the Gigabit mesh port.

必备这三样 家庭千兆网络升级攻略

Light cats need to upgrade

必备这三样 家庭千兆网络升级攻略

Is the router at least the Gigabit network?

The problem of solving the light cat depends on whether its own wireless router can meet the requirements. When buying a wireless router, it is best to choose the product of the Gigabit mesh, and even the best wireless router at the 2.5Gbps network port. In this way, the mesh system can match or even exceed the rate of gigabit broadband to play the maximum network speed of Gigabit Broadband.

Upgrade Gigabit Route

Is the network cable above the five categories above the five levels?

必备这三样 家庭千兆网络升级攻略

If the above two types of devices have reached the standard, but the speed of the network is still slowly swallowed, and the level of gigabit broadband is not reached, then users need to check the level of home network cables. This is also a problem that most users are difficult to detect. Because the network cables are almost the same, many users have used the network cable for many years, and even used it to use it casually. Even the network cables buried in the walls of some users’ homes were reduced during decoration, such as super five -type lines became five types of lines.

Network cable upgrade

必备这三样 家庭千兆网络升级攻略

Therefore, users need to buy at least network cables or above or above to meet the rapid transmission of Gigabit broadband.

The above three types of hardware equipment have been improved, the refreshing Gigabit broadband is waiting for you to experience it!


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