54 -year -old Ye Tong dare to “make a demon”, wearing a golden silk dress with a noodle head, the donkey hoof boots are beautiful and beautiful

In the process of wearing many women, many of them will choose colors and versions according to their youth, but it is obviously too conservative to wear in the entertainment industry with many entertainment circles without old goddesses. It is said that when wearing the red carpet, it will also achieve eye -catching purposes through brighter eyes, color and version, but if you are too hard to get eye -catching when matching, it shows a kind of demon. 54 -year -old Ye Tong was unconvinced. He wore a golden silk dress with donkey hoof boots.

54 -year -old Ye Tong dare to “make a demon”. He wore a golden silk dress with a noodle head and appeared. The donkey hoof boots were beautiful. The position of this dress at the neckline is tailored with a stable and stable round neck. The round neck version is relatively conservative, but it is very suitable for Ye Tong at this age. It will not be too exaggerated. Visually show the exquisite anti -aging effect.

The skirt uses black as the background, but the area of ​​black appears in black is not large. The golden color of the body is used to decorate the black. The color shows a very bright feeling. Let the whole dress show a brilliant feeling. When wearing the red carpet, this color can play a good role in highlighting the eye -catching effect, but for Ye Tong of this age Essence


The dress uses a short shape on the version. The short version can be worn well to show a fine leg line. The length is just as good as the position of a dozen centimeters above the knee. Light, but the requirements for leg shape and leg shape will be higher. Ye Tong has a good figure, and the legs are relatively slender, but the disadvantages of dull skin tone are very obvious.

The long -sleeved style is relatively conservative when wearing the red carpet, but it is more appropriate for Ye Tong at this age, because after a certain age, it will form more or less fat, sleeveless or short -sleeved with sleeveless or short sleeves. The style will present the fat, the long -sleeved version can play a good cover effect, and at the same time, it can also show a good temperament for mature women.


With a pair of light blue boots on the feet, this color is matched between clothes and shoes to form a very strong contrast and conflict. It can be visually drawn by the calf lines, and at the same time, it can also make the whole person’s temperament more advanced, but the high heels will reduce the comfort.


The choice of hairstyle is a bit difficult to say. The fluffy instant noodles show a sense of messyness visually. The simpler the mature women when choosing short hair, the better. It is a good choice. This exaggerated instant noodle head has an exaggeration that does not match age, and it looks more old.

The dress -style dress can show sexy collarbone and aromatherapy lines. The natural folds formed on the chest can play a good layered effect. Use natural tightening tightening to the waist to pull the waist. The waistline is raised to maximize the proportion of the legs, and the black leggings on the legs are slightly conservative.

The loose version of the dress is comfortable to wear. This version can show a very friendly effect on women of a certain age or slightly fat -type woman, hiding all the fat The type completely wiped out the body curve, and the effect of the thickness of the upper and lower roughness appeared on the bumpy feeling.

The floral style jumpsuit can not only show a free and neat feeling, but also to present the anti -aging effect through the relatively simple and youthful floral floral effects. The two buttons are slightly unblocking at the neckline position, showing a good good. The sense of lightness can also release the neck lines, and the pants are widely designed on the pants version, which is very comfortable.


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