The world’s first color ink screen mobile phone! Jingdong joins Hisense custom best experience

Today, the world’s first color ink screen reading mobile phone came out. The mobile phone uses a print-type color electronic paper technology, breaking the limitations of traditional techniques on color display, greatly enhances the experience of reading enthusiasts, and effectively improves children, students and other groups use mobile phones. This product is based on Jingdong Big Data Deep excavation user needs, and teamed up to Hisense for the exclusive products customized by the majority of readers, but also after the game mobile phone, the old man smartphone, Jingdong is still a breakthrough in the mobile phone field.

Daniel Tan, president of Jingdong Communications, said: “Hisense color ink screen mobile phone is another important achievement of Jingdong and Hisense and the cooperation between C2M (user reverse customization), is a new generation of mobile phone that truly meets user needs. Jingdong will continue Play a one-stop retail service advantage in the intelligent supply chain, walking hand in hand with Hisense and other brands, building more high-quality reverse custom products, better service consumers. “

User needs are king! Jingdong big data helps to open up reading mobile phone category

Jingdong and Hisense Focus C2M reverse customization, and work together to open up the cooperation of mobile phone categories, starting with Hisense’s previous generation reading mobile phone A5. Jingdong excavated in user reviews, many depth readers expect a reader that can call, and some parents will worry about the use of eye health problems during their mobile phones. At the same time, the big data shows that nearly 40% of Jingdong users have a standby machine, a smartphone that stands long and reading, and a smartphone that meets basic communication exchange needs have also become the urgent needs of such users.

The market has a voice, and the user has a demand, and Jingdong is quickly investing in product development, and the first reading mobile phone A5 is launched by Hisense, and is highly recognized by users. 2019 Beijing 11.11 Global Goodbye Festival opens a door, Hisense reading mobile phone A5 entered the TOP10 list of Jingdong mobile phone communication sales list, online so far, widely praised users.

全球首款彩色水墨屏手机! 京东携手海信定制最佳体验

Continuously shaking reading mobile phone potential multi-equity boost user experience upgrade

With the continuous upgrade of users, especially parent users have become increasing, Jingdong also continues to use their own assets, data capabilities, and cross-product. Cooperative experience, to promote Hisense on the basis of the previous generation of products, to enjoy the potential of mobile phones, realize the upgrade of new new products from new products to the content experience, marketing promotion, the world’s first color ink screen mobile phone Hisense The A5c came into being.

This new product uses color filter technology to display 4096 colors while maintaining ultra-low energy consumption. Users can not only read the electronic books of plain text, but also read the painting, artistic paintings, graphic books, greatly enhanced reading richness and comfort, color ink screen applications, upgrade is not only reading experience, but also more compliance Users use mobile phone visual habits everyday.

Jingdong will continue to boost this new product from the level of content and price rights. In addition to Jingdong reading a massive reading resource plus, Jingdong also fell in conjunction, and the subsidy of up to 150 yuan was given to the old users.

全球首款彩色水墨屏手机! 京东携手海信定制最佳体验

From the game mobile phone to elders smartphone, Jingdong C2M achievement brand largest incremental field

In the high-speed development stage of the smart mobile phone industry, major mobile phone brands pursue the ultimate performance, lacking the user’s demand, causing the same homogeneration in the current product. Today, the market has entered the stock, and consumers are unwaken, and their own demand is clear. Therefore, complete the transformation from the past “heap performance” to the “deep insight into the user needs”, it has become an important adjustment direction of mobile phone manufacturers. In fact, in 2013, Jingdong has begun to dig user data through the “JD Phone program”, and jointly integrate industrial resources. Through reverse customization, it creates such as “game mobile phones”, “reading mobile phones” and “elders intelligence” A series of emerging categories such as machines have also been recognized by the market and users. Among them, the total sales of mobile phone categories in Beijing East has exceeded 32 billion yuan, which affects more than 90 million people.

Jingdong is also in building its own C2M model, which is also continuously released the advantages of C2M, using big data, combined brand manufacturers to rebuild product development, production capacity delivery and product circulation, accurate excavation and meet the needs of each consumer group, Jingdong has gradually been gradually Each link of the industrial supply chain. I believe that in the future of Jingdong C2M reverse customization mode, there will be more subdivided mobile phone categories, providing consumers with a more diverse choice.

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