Do not throw a big foam box. When planting a fig tree in the early early plant, the fruit is harvested in the summer

Figs are a kind of fruit that is suitable for all ages. Its skin is thin and thick, and the flesh is sweet and soft. What’s more important is that the care of the fruit tree is very simple. The fruit is easy to produce and harvest. If there are courtyards, you can use flower pots or “large water tank” potted plants without courtyard. In the summer, a lot of fruits will be produced, and they will be harvested one after another, and they ca n’t eat it. Then Xiaomei below is specifically about how to cultivate fig trees

How to pots with fig trees?


1. Potted figs, containers must be large, “large water tanks” and “foam boxes” are very useful.

Because the growth rate of figs is fast, it can quickly draw long leaves in just one or two months, from a bare branch to a large pot. Therefore, the fruitless fruits are more advantageous than potted flowers.


If there are no flowers in the home, there are no garden conditions, no courtyard, no orchard, then you can only plant flowers and fruits with flower pots. If the fruitless fruits are planted with flower pots, the container must be as big as possible as possible, and the caliber should be more than 50 cm, so that it can meet the rapid growth of figs.

Foam box planting fig


2. Foam boxes or under the water tank should be smashed to leave drainage holes to prevent stagnant water from rotting the roots.


Although the capacity of the foam box or the large water tank is large enough, the same, like a flower pot, it must be smashed out of the hole to drain. If the drainage holes are not left, once the water is poured too much, or when it rains, the foam box or the water tank will inevitably accumulate water and the water cannot be discharged. Then the root system is equivalent to soaking in water. In the past, the root system would be rotten.

After cutting the holes, you should put a layer of bricks under the foam box or large water tank, so that the water in the container can flow away smoothly. It is relatively simple to get the hole in the foam box. It is very hard for the water tank. It is more difficult to smash the hole. If it is not good, it may be abolished the entire cylinder.

Big water tank planting fig

3. The soil for cultivating figs should be as loose and fertile as possible.

In many areas in the south, figs are directly planted in vegetable gardens or orchards. The soil is ordinary garden soil (commonly known as yellow mud soil), and even some soils are barren, and can also be raised by flowers. a little less. This shows that the fig tree does not pick the soil, but if the potted flowers are figs, the soil must be as loose and fertile as possible. This can make up for the many disadvantages of potted flowers.

Give a reference to the soil for planting flowers -free trees: pastoral soil plus humus soil plus river sand, mix by 4: 4: 2 ratio, of which humus soil can be replaced by easel soil or nutritional soil, and river sand can be used for suction or Elite instead. The amount of flowerless tree has a lot of absorption of calcium, requires higher the content of calcium in the soil, and the fig tree also prefers thick clay. Therefore Left and right high -quality pastoral soil.


4. The conditions of light must be sufficient, and it is best to ensure that all daylight light.

It must be remembered that if you want the fruitless fruits, you must give sufficient light, and there must be direct sunlight, it is best to take full sunlight. Therefore, after using a large foam box, it is best to raise it on the top floor after the soil is placed on the top floor. In this case, don’t worry about lack of light.

Many flower friends are difficult to raise flowers and fruits, and the results are relatively late, because the sunshine conditions are not good. If there is no sufficient sunshine conditions, then it is regrettable, you may really not be able to raise figs.

5. Successful water and fertilizer management can make flowers and fruits leafy, and there are a lot of results.

Figs grow rapidly in the year, and there are many fruits when the results, so there are a lot of nutrients required. In addition to the fertile soil, additional fertilizer should also be supplemented during the peak growth season and results.


When configuring the soil, you can add an appropriate amount of organic fertilizer (such as rotten chicken manure, sheep manure, fish bone meal, bean cake fertilizer, etc.) as the bottom fertilizer; , To promote the rapid growth of branches and leaves; when the figs are preparing to sit on the fruit, fertilization should be based on phosphate fertilizer, such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate, so that the flower buds differentiated In the parcel in the peel, there are hidden inflorescences, which can be seen outside), and the fruit swells.

Birds also love to eat figs

6. Bag the fruit to prevent the invasion of diseases and birds pecking.


The fleshless flesh is particularly sweet, so it is easily invaded by various bugs. When the fruit is about to mature, it is easily pecking by birds. Therefore, Xiaomei recommends that when the fruit grows to half a large, it should be given a bag.

You can use that kind of non -woven bag, or you can usually collect the sugars’ bags. Stick the fruits into the bag, and then let the mouth tighten. In this way, the bug cannot climb in, and the birds can’t get down.

The more familiar fruits, the easier it is to be a goal

Pruning of fig trees

Pruning in the small seedling period: When the fruitless tree grows from 30 to 50 cm, it should cut off its top to promote the side branches.

Why do this step operation? Because if it does not remove its top advantage, it grows up one by one, then the place where it can sit fruit is very limited. If it is knocked off its top, let it split out of the side branches, and then let the side branches in different directions around the surroundings. Growing up and growing long branches, then its fruiting rate has greatly increased.

The top was broken, and 4 side branches grew, just growing in 4 different directions

Pruning of the Da Miao period:

After two or three years of growth, even if the fig tree grows into a big seedling. After the annual fruiting period, in the winter, the leaves of fig trees will be dropped, and all branches will be exposed. At this time, you can choose to leave appropriate branches according to the direction of each branch. Essence

Cuttings of fig trees


If you want to breed a flowerless tree by yourself, the trimmed branches can be used as cuttings. The cuttings of fig trees are very simple and easy to grow.


Branches: Choose half -wood -quality branches, too tender branches or branches that are over -aged, which are not suitable for cuttings;

Cutting matrix: You can use pure river sand, or pure vermiculite, pure perlite;


Cutting container: You can choose a disposable transparent cup, or the lower part of the interception of the abandoned mineral water bottle;


Cutting maintenance: The cutting maintenance of other plant branches is the same. It is necessary to keep the matrix humid, and the air is best to be humid, so that the branches are not easy to dehydrate and dry (like the picture above, put a large tray on the container on the container, Below, it is better to keep a certain amount of moisture in it);

You can clearly see that there are many new roots in the container in about a month. When the root system grows a bit more, you can transplant it.


Other fruit trees, such as blueberries, grapes, oranges, lemon, etc., it will take at least three or five years after the midsummer, and the fruitless tree will be planted in that year. Those who like to eat figs are really recommended to cultivate one or more flower fig trees! As long as the light conditions in your home are good enough, then you are not afraid of it. Following fertile soil, giving sufficient light, giving reasonable water and fertilizer management, plus reasonable trimming, the fruitless tree can basically bear the results of the year, and the fruit is more than the year.

The end

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