The season of swimming is coming, have you prepared the swimming trunks?

What is worth buying in this article:


A cloud around

For me, this evaluation should be called swimming trunks, so this evaluation will only involve men’s swimming trunks.

Men actually also have swimsuits with long -sleeved trousers. One is sunscreen, and the other is that swimming coaches soaked in water for a long time often wear.


It has been more than ten years to participate in swimming exercise, and there is a certain right to choose the choice of swimming equipment.

The two favorite brands in it are Arena and Speedo.

There is a little bit of articles about swimming, and there are a little bit of popularity. The popularity is not bad.


Based on the swimming trunks I have used, make a more one -sided horizontal review.

The scene of swimming should be divided into two categories, one is a more professional and formal swimming pool; the other is a swimming pool of leisure and entertainment. The former is mainly physical exercise. It is recommended to use more professional and personal swimming trunks; the latter is mainly to slide the baby to play with water. It is recommended to use loose and casual swimming trunks.


First type of professional swimming trunks

There is only one function of tight swimming trunks, allowing you to swim faster, and the racing trunks can more show your professionalism in the indoor swimming pool.

ARENA racing triangle


Arena is faintly like a French brand acquired by the Japanese, and is a frequent visitor in the World Swimming Championships. In the middle and high -end markets of swimming trunks, I have always divided the Speedo autumn color.

The earliest domestic online shopping was not yet developed. It was able to purchase the cabinet of the Oriental Commercial Building on Jiuguang Department Store and Nanjing East Road. At that time, I compared two brands in the counter. Aside from other models, I did not talk about it. Essence


This is also Arena’s ever -available youth. Different models will use different fabrics and patterns, and the price is also a price and one -point price. The common feature is that there are drainage lines designed in the middle of the triangle and the middle of the hips.

I have bought a lot of links below, and it is probably the cheapest in the triangle racing.

ARENA ARena Triangular Swimming Family Swim Symbols Swimming Low resistance swimming trunks 249 yuan


When you have activities, you can achieve the price within 200, of course, durability and personal degree are slightly inferior.

The favorite is the following one who is superb fabric and tailoring. Perhaps it is a native relationship between Japan. Tmall and can’t find it.

Fortunately, two of them were stored, and this one is currently used.


The outer packaging is not the same as the domestic one, packaging for carton.

The front cartoon printing dyeing is very stuffy, the color is bright, it is not easy to fade, and the water is more agile.


The FINA logo and drainage line on the back have two red drainage lines on both sides.

Origin in Japan, the original is 499 yuan, and more than 200 yuan can be achieved during the dual eleven activities.

The pumping rope and lining of the belt, the trousers legs are comfortable with the ergonomics, the tailoring of the body is comfortable, the pants are firm, the elasticity is large, and the exercise stretches freely.


Choose the right size, and there is no need to tie the draw on normal exercise.

The second article is actually the same paragraph of different years, but the printing is different.

The ductility of the fabric, the Arena large logo in front of it makes the brand characteristics in the pool obvious.

There is only a drainage line of the hip seam behind, and the FINA -certified swimming trunks can be used in the Olympic Games and the World Swimming Competition.


It is also native to Japan, the original price is 499, and the model is in 2016.

After looking at the official introduction of the print, the original pattern was the flag of the Wan Guo.


In terms of size, I 178cm, 70kg, 2 feet 4 waist circumference, and the size of 180/100 is normal. If you choose 175, you can also wear it, which is relatively indecent.


Observing the product evaluation carefully. If it is not a professional athlete, it is recommended to choose 1 to 2 yards larger than usual, so that there will be no embarrassment of dew or dew grooves.


2. Speedo triangular swimming trunks


In fact, I used to buy SPEEDO’s racing models at the counter.

So it was sold on Taobao that year. You did not hear it right, and the second -hand swimming trunks were sold.

Later, I bought a pair of ordinary triangular swimming trunks at the Dragon Dream counter.

SPEEDO/Spear Tao Sports Fashion and Comforts Classic Printing Men’s Triangle Swimming Jarls Anti -chlorine Anti -chlorine Male 179 yuan

The fabric is also worthy of the Speedo brand, but the tailoring and comfort are still worse than the Arena’s racing model.

So it is the backup of daily swimming. Due to the bright colors, the seaside vacation will also bring it.


After wearing it for a few years, the fabric was relaxed and the color was dim, and it was abandoned.

3. ARENA Eris Bird and Knee Swimming trunks

Arena’s King Bird series corresponds to Speedo’s shark skin, and it uses bionic technology fabrics.

The purchased styles Tmall and have no search, so I have to find a similar model for your reference.

Arena Arena 2019 new men’s five -point and knee swimming trunks professional competitive sports fast dry swimming trunks men 499 yuan


This is domestically produced, so plastic bag packaging is used.

Watch in line, the overall version is thin and narrow.

Design of drainage lines and FINA certification.

After domesticization, the price is many affordable, the original price is 489 yuan, and the activity price can be 50 % off.


I can’t remember how to recognize this “King Bird” swimming trunks in the legend, maybe it is the customer service notification; maybe it was seen in the counter in the early years, and this product introduction is exactly the style of the early years.

The fabric characteristics were not mentioned in the previous models.

There is no Lycra logo on the tab.


Swimming trunks usually have Nylon and Polyster (some are polyster mixed others, such as elastic fabrics such as lycra). Nylon’s characteristics are relatively light and close, but the use period is short (in fact, it is at least a few years, unless you live on the sea every day, wearing swimming trunks every day); Polyster is easy , It can also resist the chemical stimulation brought by chlorine commonly used in swimming pools.


Perhaps it is based on this as a “kingfisher” model, but it is not very similar in terms of price.

Regardless of whether it is the legendary “kingfisher”, as long as it is a comfortable and personal swimming trunks, it is a good swimming trunks.

The tightness of this fabric is really good, and the texture of the fabric is very good.


Except for Arena’s briefs, you need to choose a large size, and the flat angle and knee I have chosen according to the normal size (waist circumference), and never lost their hands.

In summary of the swimming trunks of the exercise, the first Arena triangle sports trunks are promoted, followed by the Speedo triangle. Professional swimmers who have the needs of the game can consider Arena high -end and knee.

In addition, the first proclaimed king of domestic “Yingfa” in the swimming group is also good. I have used briefs. Whether it is tailoring, fabrics and personal degrees, the degree of resistance is not as durable than Arena.

Based on five days a week, one or two swimming trunks are washed and changed. Usually, ARENA swimming trunks can be used for 1 and a half years to relax in some areas of swim trunks.

In a word, if you care about the swimming experience, Arena Triangle Athletic Model is undoubtedly your best choice.


Two types of sports casual swimming trunks


1. ARENA flat -angle swimming trunks comfortable sports casual swimming trunks

After wearing a racing triangular swimming trunks, I will not use the flat -angle swimming trunks normally.

ARENA Ares swimming trunks Men’s embarrassing flat -angle professional competition training fast dry anti -oxygen swimming trunks 119 yuan

This type of Arena’s flat -angle swimming trunks is basically equipped with water or hot spring.

The price is cheap and the quality is stable.


ARENA ARina Men’s Platinating Swimming Printing Printing Professional Quick Drinking Religue Swimming Anti -chlorine Swimming trunks 299 yuan

This cartoon printed is the 2014 model, with a clear color and personality and a moderate looseness.


It is very suitable to go to the water park with Xiaodi Friends. I am so eye -catching that I am not afraid that Xiao Pen You will not find a father.

The design of the drawing rope is placed on the outside, and the design of the beach pants.

The white waist seal is also very fashionable.


This yellow and black block stitching is very individual, and it is easy to identify in the lane.


Compared with the all -black and full blue of men’s swimming trunks, it is still slightly individual.

In addition to the excellent fabrics and tailoring of the Arena brand, workmanship and exercise resistance do not have to worry about the Arena brand.


2. Aussiebum triangular swimming triangle

This was blindly purchased in Australia. After I came back, I knew that I couldn’t hold it.

Triangular swimming trunks male Aussiebum new beach men’s swimming trunks hot spring men’s swimming trunks 02 black S-177.6 yuan


Do not say that the fabric and material are thin and dotted.


During the island vacation, I was thrown away by wearing by my own water house, and there was no courage to wear out in public.

I dare not wear it during competition or exercise, and I thoroughly gone in minutes.

In summary, if you just want to be a little different from others in the pool, there is a little bit of sulking, please choose the first one. If you have eight pieces of abdominal muscles and talent, you can also take the courage to choose the second paragraph.


Third Category of Beach Swimming trunks


Everyone was swimming in the swimming pool before. Except for yourself, no one cares about your swimming trunks.


However, if there is no clothes on the edge of the seaside and resort hotels, there is no clothes on the upper body, and each person is not paired with it. A pair of swimming trunks is the key to the winning or defeat.

If you have eight pieces of abdominal muscles, you can wear a pair of swimming trunks to become the focus, and even the tight triangle can be perfectly controlled.

For the general public, if you go to the seaside to go on vacation, wearing a pair of beach pants will make you look enjoying life.

A pair of fancy beach pants can even allow you to deal with any occasion in the seaside city, so compared to other swimming trunks, these style swim trunks are the first swim trunks I choose during the seaside vacation.

1. Hollister beach swimming trunks

This brand does not produce several bright beach swimming trunks every year, and the price is reasonable when discounted.


Hollister 2019 New Fiping Court of Swim Try

The following two are purchased by the official app. The measured discounts and supply are better than the Tmall store.

Red is the first choice for purchasing. You can choose the waist circumference. As for the length, you can refer to the opinion of GQ:


The long -term choice of swimming trunks also talks about the golden mean, and it is not suitable for too long or too short.

With the average Chinese height of 170-172 cm, the bottom of the swimming trunks should be about seventeen centimeters above the knee, which is probably the middle position of the knee and hip. Moving upwards can stretch the legs visually to make the body’s proportion look better. Of course, the computing length also needs to control the cutting, and the excessive version will affect your proportion.


Take a look at the upper body effect, pretty good.

Wearing a top, wearing shorts is also very good.

It is also beach pants, and there are still various dazzling details. Perhaps, when choosing these details, you can first consider your figure. Puffs with fat on the waist and legs, don’t wear special fitto trunks, and you don’t want to be elastic on the Q strength of the fat on the back.


The blue model is also very classic. For my greasy figure, choosing a swimming trunk that does not have a loose but loose waist or a drawing waist is a positive solution.


Hollister’s swimming trunks can be worn as ordinary shorts. The adjustment of the waist is derived from the tape on both sides, which is very convenient for activity.


Coupled with its fast -drying performance, even if it walks into the room from the outdoor pool, it will not be uncomfortable.

The occasion of running in the morning can also be competent, with multiple use of pants.


2. 2Xist Gold BRICS series CAMPER beach beach swimming trunks


The earliest knows that this brand is a reality show Make Me a Super Model.


There is a counter and online shop in the country. I bought two swimming trunks in the same model and worked for several years.

Unfortunately, it has now withdrawn from the Chinese market and can only be Amoy.

2xist Men’s casual pants straight pants loose sports shorts comfortable American direct mail 2XT001-A270B31039 yuan

I bought two colors in the same paragraph, one olive green, and one black.


The version of the work, high -end fabrics, are very rich in details.

Home, external wear and seaside vacations are very competent.

Although the small rivet design is cool, it has caused me trouble in the Atlantis Water World.

These metal parts on the pants are risked by scratching the body when playing the “jump of the sea god” and “letting go”, and do not let it play.


3. Surfing shorts


Surfing shorts purchased earlier in the early years, characterized by styles and long knees.

The fabric is dry, at least tailoring, and the version is not suitable for swimming. After entering the water, it will be loosely attached to the body, which is very uncomfortable.


In summary, the first two models are recommended for leisure dual -use swimming trunks, and the third paragraph is not recommended


Conclusions and recommendations




It is the choice of swimming in the pool to exercise the scene. Judging from the Arena, Speedo, Yingfa, and other domestic miscellaneous cards I wear, I strongly recommend Arena’s racing models; other brands can easily fall into the pit.


For example, this Diana and knee swimming trunks known as Italian.

There are coatings and appearances.

Actually, it is very difficult, very difficult to use, and abandon it.



It is the choice of seaside vacation and water park swimming trunks. I have watched weird players wearing wearing underwear, including underwear, and really made people look good at the eye. A decent swim trunks can add a lot of points. One pants and two are also very practical. In addition to sunbathing, drama and swimming, beach swimming trunks often need to appear in restaurants, gyms and other occasions of resort hotels, so a good beach swimming trunks should also be worn on the street. Finally, there is a small suggestion for the choice of beach swimming trunks. Starting from choosing pure colors, you can choose some flat colors such as sea blue and dark green. After that, you can try the flower pattern and colorful style.

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