After the age of 25, girls do not wear these 3 pairs of shoes.


After the age of 25, girls do n’t wear these 3 pairs of shoes. They are very small and do not show their temperament. 25 Cen could be addicted to haha ​​before, and the situation was immersed in the girl’s dream all day. However, after 25 Cen, I just want to be mature at the beginning of the face, the face K is large, and the dressing Fange also has its own self -containing Dai Yafange. Instead of like the Xiang of 25, a white T-shirt with a long demon, a pair of shoes with a pair of shoes, I can still recruit the city.

Especially on the shoe. On the top, the vulgar life is good to say “shoe products”, and the style of the shoe style and the combination often wet the most fundamental beauty and taste of one person. After 25 Cen, some shoes can really not wear it anymore, not to be wet naive: besides morale, wet your whole person’s qi and be very small.

1. Thick bottom loose cake shoes


Forgive me, the thick bottom loose cake shoes have always been my Shenmei blind spot, because I do n’t know what it is in what is beautiful! Thick bottom pine shoe has been carried out for a year. Even if the stars wearing double shoes, Qi Geng, who felt the whole of the party, was pulled down a few points. Mailing mature women can be ate one-there is no juice comparison. The generous shoes, the weeping god thick sole loose shoes do not wear it on the feet Daily life is not very convenient.

2. Thick bottom canvas shoes

中 The inch of the junior high school in the junior high school is that the entire school is because of the whole school, and basically the girl 孑 孑 都 都 – -. When I was in the inch V, I did not start with double shoes because of Shen Simi. But I am in the same time, and the girls of small Vs are very happy to cook shoes. When I have 7 or 8 doubles in the inch dormitory, we wear it. The canvas shoes were originally full of school shoes, but after adding thick soles, they were not stubborn there, and Kunde was very low. The thick -soled canvas shoes are said to be the dream of a straight male.

3. Donkey hoof shoes

The hoof high heels are really anti -human inflammation. Among everyone knows, high heels have always been a noble and elegant and feminine existence. However, the emergence of high -heeled shoes, with a thunderbolt, broke the knowledge of people who are still on high heels. The ranging high heels are not as good as the school, and it is quite troublesome to match.


After the age of 25, girls do not wear these 3 pairs of shoes. Friends who like it will praise the editor. If you have better suggestions, please leave a message below. (The above pictures are from the Internet.

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