What fish is suitable for pill fish hooks? Wild fishing guests teach you

Fish hooks are an indispensable fishing gear for fishing. Whether the fish hook is suitable will directly decide how much fishing. There are many types of fish hooks, each of which has its own characteristics and fishing skills, so when choosing a fish hook, you also need to choose from the target fish of fishing. This article will talk to you about the fish hook for pills. Plant, let’s take a look.


Porcelain Hook Fishing Fishing Fishing Seeds

The hook tip of Maru Shi hook is relatively restrained, and the bottom of the hook is relatively round, also known as a snake head hook, which is easier to hang worm bait. Essence


The advantages and disadvantages of Maru Shihou

1. Advantages: The hook door of Maru Shihou is narrow and rough, so it is easier to pick up when hanging insect bait, and there will be no hooks. Complete a good puncture movement, which is very suitable for some soft fishing rods for fishing.

2. Disadvantages: The inverted hook of Maru Shi hook is small, so the fish after the fish is easy to run fish. In addition, the hook is heavy. If the fish mouth is relatively light, it is not recommended to eat it. Run fish.


The above is the analysis of the fish species and its advantages and disadvantages that are suitable for fishing and its advantages and disadvantages for the pill fish hook. After the pills hook in the fish, the spiny fish is faster and can save time. However, it is not recommended to use Maru Shihoo in the depth of water, because the water in the water depth, the space of fish activity is relatively large, it is easy to run away.

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