Fat style suit: “Independent Women” workplace shirt

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Recently, a public relations -themed TV series “Perfect Relationship” has attracted much attention. Although the settings of the characters in the play are different, they have always maintained a high degree of consistency in the style of wear- Essence

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In the “Perfect Relationship”, Chen Shu’s proud appearance and strong style of “Public Relations Female Devil” Stella will appear in different suits in each episode, showing the unique and capable temperament of independent women.


In addition to “Perfect Relationships”, many film and television works from the perspective of women’s workplace will choose stiff clothing to create a strong image of a strong woman. In fact, the birth of a lady’s suit is inextricably linked to film and television works.

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In 1930, Hollywood actress Marlene Dietrich wore a men’s suit and starred in the movie “Morocco”. Although men’s suit is very masculine, wearing Dedeli shows a very charming feminine temperament.

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Since then, French designer Yves Saint Laurent has found inspiration from Dedeli, boldly created a neutral style, and designed the first lady suit in history in 1996 -smoking costume ( Le Smoking). Smoking cleverly combines the two forces: strength and softness, just the right shows women’s confidence, elegant, chic and handsome side. From then on, suits have also become a symbol of women’s independence and personality.

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The changes in the fashion cycle, only the classic is long -lasting. Traditional suits are no longer exclusive to men, and many brands of designers have extended more tricks on the basis of smoking. Since the development of different fabrics and decorations, the style of the suit has become more diverse.

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The earliest lady suit showed the form of the “inverted triangle” as a whole, the contour of the shoulder, and the waist details that emphasized women’s lines can shape a capable female image. In Yves Saint Laurent2020 autumn and winter series, this form of suit appearance is also very high. Although the materials and colors have changed greatly, they can still see the shadow of primitive women’s suits.

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The “inverted triangle” suit also appears on the show of Alexander McQueen, but unlike the former, the extended sleeves weaken the outline of the shoulder visually, so that this type of suit does not look so strong aggressiveness. Essence

In addition to the “inverted triangle” suit, the “Triangle” -style silhouette suit is also a very popular style in recent years. This type of suit is narrow and width, which is very similar to men’s suits, and the overall is more biased towards neutral style.


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The suit launched by the Burberry2020 autumn and winter series subverts the form of traditional female suits. The loose outline will not be too old but no lack of momentum. The design of the “fake two pieces” also adds a touch of young vitality to the suit.

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The versatile leisure is the characteristic of the silhouette suit jacket. The wide and large design can easily break the seriousness of the suit. Just as Gucci launched the velvet suit this year, it will not be limited to the figure. should.


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