Redwood, bamboo, cane, stones, porcelain, different materials, what are the differences?

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Recently, friends with friends are moving.

What makes him distressed is that a red wooden large tea tray in the guest house does not know how to deal with it.

Because the tea tray made from the whole red wood is true.

Look at it, there is almost the same day.

Sitting on the side of seven, eight people, more than enough.

Move to the company’s new site, it does not match the decoration style of the simple wind.

I am going to go home, it is not practical.

Usually drink tea at home, often one or two people, I can’t use such a big tea tray.


What’s more, this old mahogany tea tray, the pattern pattern on the face is outdated.

After many years, visual aesthetics have been tired.

I have been re-arranged a new style tea room very early.

But this convenient mahogany tea tray, the inconvenience is inconvenient, the transfer is difficult, and there is no renovation room.

After a lot of years, I waited for this back to move, and I took the right red wood tea tray.

In other words, what do you have to choose from the daily tea seat?

What is the difference between the different materials of the tea tray?


First, wooden tea tray

Drinking a coffee, can’t leave a cup of cups.


The role of the tea tray is to bear the corresponding cover bowl, fair cup, tea cup and other tea sets, and willing to be accompanying.

On the tea room of Fujian, the mirror rate of the mahogany tea tray is high.

In the context of the eight mountains, Hu Jian himself is abundant, the wood is not lacking.

Developed to now, many places have already formed a famous mahogany furniture industry chain.

Weekend leisurely, drive to the Red Museum.

All kinds of tea trays, dazzling, rich texture, Ren Jun selected.

The mahogany tea tray is suitable for traditional Chinese tea rooms, color is warm, durable.

As a “stage” to adapted tea sets, when the cup fell, the bottom of the tea set was not easy to rub with the mahogany tea tray, and the collision made a harsh sound.

Ancient, atmospheric, practical, durable, is the advantage of the mahogany tea tray.

However, before choosing a mahogany tea tray, choose the appropriate size.

If there are not many people in the tea, it is inevitable that there will be lonely feelings like a tea tray like a big dinner.

Also, it is more troublesome to pack up.

Especially the precious mahogany, the trial and maintenance of weekdays are not easy.

It is unfortunately if you buy it.

In contrast, there is only three or two people to drink tea, and the compact tea tray is selected.

In addition, wood-made tea trays, more than red wood.

Also included have a good gloss, delicate black sandal tea tray.


As well as tea tray processed into ordinary wood, such as camphor, tung, hardwood, etc.

Previously, friends sent us a long strip of old boat, and they were very sinking.

After years of wind and rain baptisms and sea water soaked, the old ship’s own waterproof, anti-insect, anti-corrosion, anti-cracking performance, etc., more prominent.

This old ship is moved on the tea table, no processing.

When you change, it can become a hiking tea tray.

It has been used in three or four years, and there is no problem with dry crack deformation, and it is particularly useful.


Second, stone tea tray

Compared with natural wood, the texture of the stone tea tray is harder and there is no problem.

However, it is also Xiao He.


A hard stone countertop, although it is not easy to scratch, wear, deformed.

However, its weight is not light, inconvenient to carry, and it is easy to accidentally crack the bottom of the tea set.

In Wuyi Mountain, I was in Lin Ting to put a look at the open-air tea.

Push the folded portable small table and chairs, laying on the tea, putting a tea set.

I was going to start the tea, I found less tea tray.

Then, random strain, temporarily found a flat stone, act as a tea tray.

Unexpectedly, this shape of the “original ecological tea tray”, after the cover bowl and fair cup, don’t have a romantic, especially well.

It can be seen that in the selection of the tea tray, there is no much learning.

The most important payment, but it is a “eye”.

Let’s talk about it, the interesting thing about the stone tea tray.

In the early years, we went to Jingdezhen to talk about things.


Then in a small shop in the local area, I accidentally discovered a side, and I entered my hand.

Also, the back of this big tens of pounds is returned to Fuzhou.

Due to usually used the stage to practice the word, there are not many, and the index will make it a tea tray.


When laying a dry tea, it is placed in a stone tea tray, especially!

Simple and heavy stone tea tray, durable.

Do not deformed, no cracking, no odor, no teas.

Moreover, under the premise of excellent modeling, it is also possible to make more practical and collections.


Third, the rattan tea tray

The tea tray is the background of the tea table.

After the tea conditions are simple, it can appear rhyme after mixing the tea tray with a design.

Even if it is an ordinary white porcelain cup, there will be high-level feelings immediately after the antique canes.

The rattan tea tray is usually in one, two people drinking tea, and the most often appeared.

Small, light, not space, this is its biggest advantage.

Before you choose the tea set, you will start a few different styling cane tea trays.

There is a gourd shape, Xiang Yun, sea-shaped shape, and use it on the tea tray in the simple wind.

However, this kind of vine tea tray is usually taken to care when taking care of maintenance.

First, the water tea stain on the caviar can not keep it for too long.

Otherwise, it is difficult to clean later, affecting the beautiful view.

Second, the gap of the rattan, it is recommended to wipe it from time to time.

Prevent the rattles from aging cracking, deformed.


Finally, the vine tea tray cannot be exposed.

When you pick up your desk, it is maintained to wipe the cleaning, keeping dry and smell.

Can not be exposed under the sun, otherwise the rattan is easy.

However, in the end, a small cane tea tray is convenient for home everyday.

Especially the tea friends who like to arrange a dry bubble station can find the inspiration of the tea seats from the style of the cavity tea tray!

Small and beautiful, it is the biggest feature of the vine tea tray.


Fourth, porcelain tea tray

When tea, the selection of the tea tray is not complicated.


It’s far away, but whenever the shape is flat, there is a proper width, which can put the items of the tea set.

You can act as the identity of the tea tray.

When drinking Kung Fu tea, put a bowl on top, a fault cup, completely more than enough.

The material of the tea tray is selected, avoiding the odor, plastic material, is not easy to clean, and the style is difficult to arrange with the tea seat. It is not a big problem.

Usually used tea trays, in addition to these mentioned above, there are porcelain tea trays.

Previously, I bought a small small porcelain plate in the Song Dynasty.

There is no exception, one should be a similar glaze such as a rainy blue, plum.

Small small porcelain dishes, usually, they are used in fruit plates, cut oranges, and apples are also a landscape.

The large size of the large size is taken as a tea tray.

On the small tea table in tatami design, the size is just suitable.

When you sit on the window, you can use this porcelain small tea tray, soaked in a few trees, it is also a particularly good pastime.

The choice of porcelain tea tray is rich, and the pattern is wonderful.

Before autumn, I like to use that, the name of “Tomotomatmat” is hand drawn.

After a while, after a period of time, I found a porcelain dish that painted a persimmon pattern.

Turn them in one, just support.

This one after the previous one, on the match details of the tea tray, it can also bring a lot of surprises to the tea life!


Xiaonian Xingying, the late evening is hung.

This is the result of the score, and turn itself from the guarantee.

Persimmon can be invested in poetry, can be included, meaningful.

Full of round, colorful persimmons, belonging to the autumn and winter.

In today, it is nearly the end.


The season that belongs to the persimmon has passed.

But that set of dispensers and small tea trays and small tea trays.

I will take it out from time to time, and I will bubble.

Every day according to different mood, different tea needs, with the desired tea tray.

Various processes, full of fun.

From a personal point of view, it is usually more accustomed to small tea trays such as vine, stones, bamboo, and porcelain.

The ship is good, the style is changed.

Say the tea tray of different materials, but it is personal aesthetic and what you need!

There are thousands of autumn, and there is no difference between different types of tea trays.

Huanfeng Yan thin, Ren Jun selected.

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