Full house fruity sauce juice

I worry about my girls every day, and I do n’t like to eat fruits and vegetables, so I try to buy a variety of fruits as much as possible. Maybe she likes that kind and takes a bite. So many fruits were stored at home, and they couldn’t be threw away after eating, and they were wrinkled. Can’t make juice with the juice machine. depressed. Essence Essence Recently, a new Victoria -Breakth Wall cooking machine has been added to the home, so today I will solve these remaining fruits. This is the first experience of Veosmel Po Wall cooking machine. Freshly squeezed water juice, the smell is fragrant, the taste is sweet, the taste is very delicate, it is very delicious, but there are more fozi, but the husband has a way, it is really good to mix yogurt with the filtering fruit foam, it is not wasted at all. I drank all my girl in a breath, and I also said that I continued. Essence Essence Essence

Main ingredients; 200 grams of pineapple

1 Apple

Golden Gourd 200g

Tools; Wei Shimei Breakth Wall Cooking Machine



1 Prepare the fruits used.


2 Put the pineapple and golden melon into pieces, and wash and cut the apples into pieces. I didn’t get rid of the apple skin,


3 Put it into the West Midea Broken Wall Cooking Machine.

4 Turn on the power, fix the stirring barrel, and set the fruits and vegetables.

5 Press the start -up key and stir up in an instant.

It’s so simple.


Said; Apple does not recommend peeling, I believe that all of Veosme’s broken wall cooking machines can be done.

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