To tell the truth, I have to wear a skirt and it is recommended to “long models”.

When women are getting older, they need to find the direction of matching. What kind of items need to be known to help themselves create good temperament and taste. Age is never the shackles of matching, but we need to master more use skills to break through the bottleneck period of wearing.

For older women, you can choose long skirts to help you create dignified temperament. Long skirts have many advantages. No matter your external image, you can change the current image through such skirts. , The following combinations are worth choosing, let’s take a look at what wearing!

1. Long skirt match selection


• Knitting top+lace long skirt+high heels

With a feminine matching style, the temperament of women can be fully displayed. You can try knitted top tops with lace fabric skirts and high -heeled shoes to make your temperament more outstanding.


• High -waisted skirt+high -waisted skirt+pointed shoes


The tall and thin dressing is a preference for many women. You can try high -waist -style skirts, paired with collar -style shirts and pointed shoes. This kind of matching method can change the body proportion, even if your body is not tall, the figure is not tall. You can also show a more temperamental side through this combination.

• Knitting top+pleated skirt+high heel shoes

Among the many long skirts, the most obvious and thin styles must be a pleated skirt. The style of pleated skirt looks more fashionable. Combined with knitted tops and high heels, it can create dignified elegance and good tempera It looks more fashionable.

• suit jacket+half -body long skirt+handbag

In the workplace, the matching of women is also very important. If we wear too single, the style will look very old -fashioned, but it is too exaggerated, and it seems that the style has no temperament and taste.

If you are still considering how the workplace matching, you can try loose suit jackets, with high -waisted skirts and high heels. This matching method can improve temperament and make the dress look more decent.


You can try the light -colored matching, such as a light -colored suit jacket, with a beige half -body long skirt and handbag, combined with high heels to create a good temperament, which can greatly improve your dressing taste.

Second, long dress match selection

• Flower Dress+handbag+high heels


How can the mix of floral dresses in the early spring season? This kind of skirt is enthusiastic and casual, giving people more intimacy. With handbags and high heels, it can enhance femininity and make the match look more temperament.

• khaki dress+belt+brown bag

If you want to make a long dress more advanced and attractive, you can choose a high -end color style, such as khaki dresses with waistbands.


It can improve the waistline and make the figure look more well -proportioned and tall, and combined with brown bags to create a high -level sense, make your temperament more elegant and charming.


• Black dress+black high heels+handbags

The classic skirt will definitely be black skirts. For women, there must be a classic black dress in the wardrobe.


With handbags and high heels, you can create a good temperament. Even if your dress looks ordinary, it can also show a sense of exquisiteness and make the image more distinguished.


Every woman likes skirts. No matter what kind of skirt, as long as the right style is selected, it will naturally become more advantageous. What do you think of long skirts?

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