How to wear Qingming Tuqing? It is recommended to wear cotton and linen, which is really beautiful and comfortable.

The Qingming Festival is coming. In addition to going to the ancestral grave and sweeping the grave, many MMs also want to take advantage of the small holiday to go to the green and go to the spring tour. After all, the flowering period is just right. The green grass is also suitable for taking pictures.

Then it becomes a problem! Xiaobian is simply your intimate little cotton jacket. You can give you a trick.


Now, I will share with you a few groups of burst cotton and linen, simple and low -key lines, elegant and fresh colors, and interpret different temperament. Do not work, not charming, casual! It is the taste of this season.

Loose cotton and linen shirt+nine -point linen pants

Recently, cotton and linen travel is really hot. A cotton and linen shirt upper body, the loose style is very comfortable, very comfortable, with a nine -point gray linen trousers, it is a perfect match. However, because the shirt is loose, the pants should be slightly slim, so that the matching will be thin and not too old -fashioned. Nature, fresh and elegant, the breeze is here, it feels very feeling.

Printed cotton and linen shirt+solid cotton linen wide leg pants

Cotton and linen wide -leg pants, simple and exquisite, solid color tone will not be too complicated, the casual and simple taste is a little lazy, paired with a printed cotton linen T -shirt or shirt, whether it is going out to play or daily commuting, you can wear it everyday. Dripping, let you exude the elegance of a delicate woman in your hands and feet.

Simple cotton and linen T+cotton and linen skirt


Everyone knows that the combination of T -shirts and skirts has always been the most classic, and there will be no errors. The same combination of cotton -linen T -shirts and cotton -linen skirts are also the style of classic trends, and it also has a bit of gentle and literary atmosphere.


Printed cotton long skirt+small white shoes


The loose style of cotton and linen can also cover the flesh well, and the lean effect is bars. Printing elements are the favorite elements of fashionistas. They are used on cotton and linen, with trendy temperament in nature and retro literary and artistic models in simplicity. Combined with a pair of small white shoes, it is very suitable for literary youth.

Cotton -linen+suspender+skirt

This set is a set that Xiaobian is very favorite. There are many colors of cotton -linen cardigan, most of which are very simple and generous. We can choose a soft cotton and linen cardigan, with a white suspender and a half skirt, fresh and natural , Also very elegant and casual.

The wear of cotton and linen is very suitable for this travel season, fresh and comfortable, and naturally. If you are tired of stereotypes, you can wear comfortable cotton and linen in holidays.


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