Basic long-sleeved shirts, the first autumn is worth buying, the Women wearing four elegance

Today is


,Soon after

Early autumn



Yes, time is very fast, if you accidentally pay attention, on the side of the street, it is actually getting angry, and the tree leaves are also slupous.

In the crowd, if you look closely, you will find that some girls have already worn.

Long sleeve


So today’s witch will plant some grass.

Good look is also very suitable

This is coming to the early autumn

Long-sleeved shirt


The long-sleeved shirt of this period is targeting

Middle-aged lady

If young girls also need, then the following wishes are planted for you!

Ok, today we will talk about ladies in the early autumn

Which long-sleeved shirts are selected and matched

Will make people look elegant.

If the long-sleeved shirt wants to wear elegant and look, then when choosing, think about this

3 considerations

for example:

1 style of long-sleeved shirts

2 color of long-sleeved shirts

3 long-sleeved shirts

In fact, solve these three problems, then I want to choose one suitable in the early autumn.

It is easy.

If you still have no hair, then look at it with the witch! I hope I can give you

refer to

The role!

Long-sleeved shirt model selection


Look at a fashion item, some people will pay attention to this single product


And some people notice it


. Witch is the first person to see the style, only the style is good, just consider the color.

◎ V-collar model design ◎

Speaking of the style of long-sleeved shirts, then for middle-aged women, of course

V-neck sleeve shirt

It is not possible. Because V-neck design can be modified


Neck, face

The effect, it is very temperament!

And just going to enter the season of the early autumn, use

V-neck shirt to create an elegant and comfortable dress

, Definitely can’t be less!

◎ Neederal Belt Design ◎

In addition to the long-sleeved shirts designed by V,


Neckline lace design long-sleeved shirt

It is also very good. The design of the neckline will make the middle-aged ladies have a kind of

Elegant temperament of the court woman


Let the lady don’t get fun! And the strap shirt is very nice, with pants

Very handsome

! With a skirt, more points


◎ Half-high collection model design ◎

The witch thinks that in the days to start, it must not be less than a relatively possible.

Half-high collar design of syndromes

Long sleeve shirt. There is no too much complicated design, the version of the shirt is very


Minimal but not simplify

Whether you are the color of the shirt, you can send it out


, Because the half-collar shirt itself

Kritic clean temperament


Selection of long sleeve shirts

It is very important to make a color choice of the shirt. It is also very important to build a temperament. Then the witch suggest that you can choose the color of the long-sleeved shirt:

White, orange, black


◎ Give people a clean temperament and white ◎

White as a

In distress

+ A very kind of one

Clean temperament

The color is particularly suitable in the early autumn. In addition to giving people clean temperament, it can also block the role of the sun, so that you don’t have to be tanned.

And the neat color of the early autumn is yellow, so white in the early autumn season

Finding effect

Therefore, in the early autumn season in the early autumn, I can’t have a little one.


White shirt

◎ Give people a happy and lively orange ◎

If the winter is

Cool color

So orange is

warm color

. The early autumn is a changing orange. So in the early autumn season, you can’t have a color as a color.

Orange long sleeve shirt

And orange is cheerful and lively brilliant color, is the warmest color in the warm colors, and the middle-aged lady will wear


Very aging, it is very white

◎ Give a high-quality black ◎

In daily wear, if you

I want to be thin, I want to wear high-level feelings.

So black you must consider. Some middle-aged ladies may be slightly sampled because of age, then choosing black is also a very good choice.

In addition to high-level feelings, black


It is also very suitable for black, so there is of course a little “black” in the early Qing!

Long-sleeved shirt


Understand the shirt

as well as

The choice, then the next is very important


The long-sleeved shirt is good to make you more temperament.

Witch recommended long-sleeved shirts to match:

High waist casual five-pointer, high waist loose wide-leg pants, elegant skirt

◎ High waist casual five-point shorts ◎

Speaking of early autumn, actually


High waist casual five pants

It is also a good choice with long-sleeved shirts! Because the early autumn is a very cool season, the long-sleeved shirt is very popular with high waist leisure shorts.


For example, pink striped shirt with a white high waist casual five pants, wearing a pair of high heel sandals, modeling



! Or choose a white-stranded chiffon long-sleeved shirt, with a card, high waist casual five pants, then wear a pair of black high heel sandals,

Very temperament, go to work

◎ High waist loose wide pants ◎

Of course, if you are a comparison


Women who pay attention to health

Then you can choose a high waist loose wide-legging pants. This can make your legs together

Warm and don’t feel stuffy


So a textured

Blue high waist denim wide pants

You can match one piece

White V-neck sleeve shirt

, Very fashionable and casual style, middle-aged ladies wear, very age!

Or choose a casual intelligence

, With one piece

Grass green high waist bread pants


And one

Caramel color bag

It can be very temperament

Going out to drink coffee

◎ Elegant skirt ◎

Of course, the shirt is outside the trousers.


It is also a very good one with a fashion item. In no matter which season, the skirt is a good choice!

So the purple is long-sleeved shirt, you can match a black skirt,


Stylish and elegant

! Or choose a blue-stained long-sleeved shirt, with a black white wave point skirt, wear a pair of black high heels. Such a combination is

Elegant wearing a middle-aged woman


In the early autumn is a very elegant “lady”, always not emitting its beauty, people are very forward and like!

Therefore, in the early autumn season, then the elegant lady can certainly can’t have a long-sleeved shirt to install an elegant feeling!

Ok, today

The content of the early autumn long-sleeved shirt

Just sharing here, I hope to help your clothes!


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