Put your expensive mask, try this self -made low -cost mask for you to be young skin

Bai Nen’s skin -like skin is a unremitting pursuit of a woman’s lifetime. With the passage of years, our skin is getting older, spots, wrinkles, drooping … I can’t bear to look directly. So, for this face, we bought high skin care products for this face to save it. It’s really a woman’s money. Women with a good mentality let it go … [cover your face] [cover your face] [cover your face]. Today, I will introduce a mask that does not need to spend a large price and improves our skin. The cost is so low that you are incredible, and the effect is so good. What mask is it? Don’t worry, this will be announced to everyone.


I took my child to dinner a few days ago. I was surprised to me when I met my colleagues from the previous company. The skin condition in the early 40 people is very good, fair and translucent. We must know that the skin of our Northwest people is generally rough, yellowish, dark, and dull and easy to dry. Although she is a Tianshui person in Gansu, the white and tender skin of the woman over there is very famous, but although my colleague’s skin is white, the small particles with dense faces cover up the real beauty (she was a flower of our company at that time). Allow.

After saying hello, I quickly asked the secret of the skin to get better. The big beauty laughed, so she couldn’t keep taking out a box of original yogurt from the bag and shook me, telling me that it saved her skin by it. It turned out that she accidentally used yogurt as a mask, and insisted on finding that the dry skin on her face became delicate, and she couldn’t afford the skin. So insist on doing it, use the original yogurt as a mask for 15 minutes every day, and then sleep early after washing the facial cleanser. Who knows that the effect of adhering to one month is better than expensive mask. So do it for five days a week and rest for two days. This cycle … really good skin is maintained, truth!


I do n’t dare to recommend it. Since I talked with her, I also apply the original yogurt after washing my face at 9 o’clock every day. After 15 minutes, I washed with facial cleanser. At the beginning, I did n’t use the facial cleanser and then cleaned it. It felt a bit greasy. I was afraid that the pores were afraid to block a small amount of facial cleanser for secondary cleaning. It’s the fourth day today. Let me share my feelings. The skin moisturizing has improved a lot, and it is really delicate to touch the skin. Other changes have not experienced it, and I will share with you again after a while.

Note: According to colleagues, yogurt is best used in real estate, and the ingredients may be relatively simple; friends with relatively greasy skin remember to clean up and clean it. It is best to sleep at 10:30 to give our skin and physical rest and recovery opportunities.

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