I’m too “male”, this year I love suit, especially retro leather

If the style of the leather jacket is made with a suit, that is, the leather suit, some people may ask, is the leather suit looking good? First of all, the leather coat must be beautiful and cool; the girls wear it, they are handsome and have a boyfriend. Today, let’s take a look at the fashion of Pipi suit.

1. Professional Fan Bai Leather suit


The cortical items are virtually like the tips of autumn and winter, and it is also a fashion trend. Now many places have arrived in autumn. There is a retro fashion in autumn, which is the most popular leather suit in the 1990s. Essence Professional Fanpi suit is the most popular one.

Look at the fashionable essences on the street, just know it! The tailoring of the suit and the soft leather make the overall temperament soar up. It can be said that the leather suit is the most suitable item for early spring and autumn with unstable temperatures. There is no one! If you want to wear a skirt, you can wear pants. The leather suit is compatible with the versatile type of the suit. It is very practical and durable.


If you are a cold skin girl, you must choose a cold tone similar to the skin color when choosing a suit. This time, your skin looks fair and the upper body has no sense of disobedience. Jiang Shuying also got on the top of TOD’s yellow leather suit. The bright yellow can excel the skin tone. It looks sweet. The texture of the leather suit makes her very eye -catching in the crowd.


The suit suit is actually very easy to create an intellectual image. This suit is simple and elegant, full of independence of women’s longing for freedom.


2. What are the Pippi suit brands

Pipidin is a single product that cannot be ignored in the leather family. Liu Wen wore a black leather suit with a black turtleneck sweater, and a pair of black nine -point straight pants. Wearing a pair of white shoes on the feet. It also uses white shoes to brighten the entire look. Handsome and fashionable. The big cousin Liu Wen’s leather suit is from the fashion brand of Dazzle.

The leather suit that has repeatedly flipped the fashion is from Alexander McQueen, a brand with high recognition. Alexander McQueen’s works often express emotional power, natural energy, romantic but decisive modern sense in a wild way, and are loved by many stars in the fashion industry.


TOD’s season’s interpretation of the leather is more vivid. One step is to integrate the leather into a suit. The thin leather has a silk sense of elegance and a wide and exact appearance. This brand’s suit is more suitable for ordinary people to choose from. It is simple and elegant, and it is fashionable and generous.

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