“World World”: How to be a mortal of compassion and wisdom forever?

What kind of person should we be? I believe that many people have such doubts with me. Some people understand from the beginning, but some people do not understand all their lives.


“In the world, no matter how tossing, it is very dangerous to be a good person. It is also dangerous to be a person who is interested. It is very dangerous to be a person who has not perceived.” Liang Dong reads “Zhuangzi · Inner Chapter · “Earth” tells the truth of our society, whether you recognize or not, you have to face it.

What kind of person should I do? In fact, we have to be a mortal who is always compassionate and wisdom. Neither hurt others, nor do they know how to protect themselves. This is not to require us to be smooth, but to ask us to live wisely, to give others convenience, and we can cleverly complete our own affairs.


Yuan Longping once said: “People are like a seed. We must be a good seed, and the body, spirit, and emotions must be healthy.” Its inner requirements are also a person who coexists with compassion and wisdom. So, how can we be a compassion and wisdom forever? After reading Liang Dong’s “Liang Dong said Zhuangzi: World”, I thought about the following three points:

1. Don’t hurt others

Confucius said: “Do not do what you want, do not do it.” Everyone has its own rules of life. If we don’t like it ourselves, don’t impose to each other. Whether it is the change in the working environment or the changes in the living environment, everyone lives in an hour, from the old hours to the new hour space.

For us, time and space reflect the interaction between people and people, and it is difficult for us to truly understand the impact of time and space on us. With the relationship between people, others make you feel comfortable, indicating that the pattern of the other party is higher than you, and you make you painful, that is not enough for your pattern. Be a person who makes others feel comfortable, don’t hurt others, and control your emotions.

At that time, Liang Dong was with a warm heart, and he descended into an Internet company as a vice president. Regardless of the feelings of others, I feel that it is the fault of others. After ten years of precipitation, he realized that it was his own problem. The reason was that he did something to hurt others inadvertently and made him struggling in the workplace.


If you don’t want to hurt others, you must learn to think about problems from the perspective of others. In the workplace, it is too good to perform too well, and it will appear unpleasant of others and cause dissatisfaction among others. In life, exposing your own high -quality life will attract the jealousy of relatives and friends. The greatest happiness in life is the compassion, making the people next to it feel that your presence feels comfortable.

2. Don’t let others hurt yourself

“In the calm water, God will bless me in the calm water; in the stormy waves, I can only protect myself.” In any world, people’s hearts are very sophisticated and have their own sinister side. In the auxiliary society, we don’t want to hurt others, but we can’t let others hurt ourselves. We must protect ourselves.

Liang Dong said: “All crying, sadness, anger, or other simple emotional expressions are regrets and resentment of insufficient ability to their own abilities, and they can hurt themselves.” Others can hurt themselves, which is essentially their own ability. There is no ability to protect yourself and people next to him. There are not enough people to rely on. To survive, they only rely on themselves. The best way to protect themselves is to make themselves strong.

When Wei Zheng advised Tang Taizong to live in peace and career, he must think of danger, to quit luxury, to be frugal, and you must not forget hard struggle at any time to make himself stronger. Therefore, he wrote in “Ten Thinking of the Taizong”: “Living in peace and thinking, quit extravagance and frugality.” We can survive, and we must continue to learn, continue to improve ourselves, and enhance the ability to resist risks.


The biggest pain in the world is that others make you pain. Whether it is old time and space, or new time and space, we must be strong enough for life. As the vice president of airborne Internet company, Liang Dong always felt that it was the fault of others, and eventually found that it was his own problem. It was because at the beginning, he was not strong enough and easily affected by others. To protect yourself, it takes wisdom.


3. Clear things, convenient for others, convenient for yourself

Liu Bei said, “Don’t take evil for small, don’t take goodness and not to do it.” To do things, you need to do things cleverly. Don’t do it because of small bad things. care. Between good and evil can be converted to each other, because you don’t do a small good deed, then you are doing evil. To do things, you need to be compassionate and full of wisdom.


Zhuangzi told us that while we only know that there is drifting in the world, while not knowing that others think you are drifting, the seeds of hatred have been sowed. You use your goodness to set off the bad of others. In the workplace, many people are too prominent and too excellent, setting off the mediocrity of others, which is also a kind of evil. And some people are just stabbed by themselves, leaving others a chance to do evil, harming others. To do things, you must handle it cleverly, not only to facilitate others, make others feel comfortable, and facilitate themselves, so that others feel that they are also a mortal.

A truly smart person, he will look less smart, not he pretended, but because he has seen a person who is much more smart than himself, and naturally shows a sense of humility. When Liang Dong first saw Zong Sa Jiang Yang Chin Zhe Rinpoche, he also asked Liang Dong’s Chinese medicine to deal with headaches. His medical skills were very clever. Many of his disciples were top medical experts, but they were still so humble. This is compassion and wisdom.

Mature and sensible adults know that they squat down and chat with their children. When the child is cheating you in various ways, you also cooperate with him to let him lie to you. This is also coexistence and wisdom. I cleverly do things, paying attention to “wisdom and sorrow”, compassion and wisdom are always parallel, convenient for others, and convenient themselves. We must be a “wise and sorrowful” person in order to make others feel comfortable and get along with this world elegantly.

4. Summary:


There is a saying, “In life, you and I are all mortals. You don’t have to look up at anyone, and you are out of date, and you are the scenery. There is a kind of encounter that can cross the Wanshui and Mountains, but you can connect it with your fingertips. If you do n’t dye the world, you can fall in love with the soul. “People can meet and get along with each other. It was a difficult thing. Why would it hurt each other? Why not support each other.

Humidity is the best attitude of life, and it will reduce others’ jealousy to us. If we do n’t understand, the more we work hard to perform, the easier it is to be stabbed by others behind. We understand the feeling of others. In the face of people who are not as good as ourselves, we do n’t have to perform as prominently, and pull the distance between each other, because you and I are mortals.

“Zhuangzi · Inner Chapter · Earth World” mainly talks about getting along with people, telling us, no matter how you have high wisdom and talents in your daily life, even if you are integrated with the universe, you still have to be in such a one that is even such a one. In the fake world, it seems that it is true to deal with people. The journey of life is full of surprises and full of danger.

To be a man, you must be a good seed, with compassion and wisdom, infect others, change the environment around you, and harvest a happy life. I have gone through the mountains and the sea, and I hope you and me are a mortal who is always compassionate and wisdom.

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