“Creating all diseases” and “old Chinese medicine” … Hebei notified food fraud and false propaganda cases

Yesterday, the Hebei Provincial Government News Office held a press conference to report some typical cases of food, health food fraud and false propaganda and rectification operations in Hebei Province in 2017. Among them, many “health products” were packaged by criminals into “magic medicines” that were cured, and they specifically cheated the money for the elderly. Remind people to pay attention to prevention.

Case 1: Shijiazhuang Food and Drug Comprehensive Law Enforcement Detachment and the public security department jointly moved a criminal gang illegally selling health foods with fraud and false propaganda methods in one fell swoop. The amount involved in the case was more than 3 million yuan. After investigation, the criminal gang pretended to be an expert to forge a false medical examination report, “consulting” for customers’ physical cancer cells, and promoted health foods claiming to inhibit tumors to make huge profits.

Case 2: Handan City Fat Township Industrial and Commercial Administration and Food and Drug Administration, seized Mebon Cordyceps 1447 boxes in Zizhang Department Store, 396 bags of Tubo Royal Fang, Tibetan Fritillaria 238 bags in Zizhang Department Store. Methods claim that the treatment of all diseases seduce the elderly to buy. The value of the goods reaches more than 1.3 million yuan. The products seized currently have been sent for inspection, and the case is under further investigation.

Case 3: In the joint operation, the Southern New Area of ​​Handan City successfully destroyed the sales of the “Miao Tibetan Sacred Wine” illegal sales den, seized 160 boxes of illegal products, and returned to more than 400,000 yuan in money for the deceived people.

Case 4: The “Jiaxinyuan” brand of “Jiaxinyuan” brand operated by Guo Zhenxing Mi, Handan City, infringes the special rights of registered trademarks for others. The rice of the registered trademark of the home unit involves multiple provinces and cities, and the amount is huge suspected of crime. At present, the case has been transferred to the public security organs for treatment and included in the supervision of the Ministry of Public Security.

Case 5: The relevant personnel of Tianjin Lvzi Food Co., Ltd. in Baoding Office will re -codes the false production date and the shelf life label for the unpaid labels and olive oil products that exceed the shelf life. It was confiscated and fined more than 600,000 yuan.

Case 6: The “selenium extract” selenium -rich bitter melon snow lotus essence of the “selenium extract” distribution of the first branch of Baoding Faidkang Trading Co., Ltd. has the attributes that the attribute is candy and does not have the treatment and prevention effect of the disease. The amount involved in the case reached more than 440,000 yuan, and the case has been transferred to the public security organs.

Case 7: Police seized “Jin Weige” and “Plant Viagra” old traditional Chinese medicine “in Zhoumou, Fucheng County, Hengshui City. Health food, production and drugs and production tools.

Case 8: After investigation, Cangzhou Xianxian County Tianci Yannian Health Food Store operated Sunshine Life Brand Geng Five Capsule Capsule, which contains amino groups, and was fined more than fifteen times the value of the value. product.

Case nine: Handan City Wei County Radio and Television Station illegally played “Prairie Shenshujin Pills”, “Pressing Press Bubbing Tea”, “Kanggu Danshujin Living Pills”, “Tangtong 5.0” and other drug advertisements. The assertion or guarantee of safety, the so -called medical experts, etc., are illegal acts, and fined 20,000 yuan to the state treasury.

Case 10: After investigation, Langfang Jinkang Trading Co., Ltd. operated a sexual health product called “Need for Black King Kong”. The outer packaging has no production batch number, and the company cannot provide the product’s purchase bills and manufacturers’ qualifications. After testing, the product contains the drug component “Westland and the Ferbita”.

Typical cases of health food crimes

Cangzhou Ma and others produced and sold toxic and harmful food cases. After investigation, Ma and others did not have any relevant qualifications and formal production equipment, and made private production and sales of health foods containing the ban on western medicines that were banned from being added by the state. The amount involved reached more than 2 million yuan.

Shijiazhuang Liu Moumou and others used health care instruments to fraud. The police seized 2 headen instruments, 1 water purifier, 2 massage mattresses, and more than 200,000 yuan in cash. After investigation, Liu Moumou and others promoted the “easy brain” head therapy instrument in the form of health knowledge lectures and product promotion, and obtained high profits to scam the money for the elderly.

Shijiazhuang Shimou and others used health care instruments to fraud. Shi Moumou and others used the rhetoric of the foreign imported meridian therapy to deceive the victim to pay tariffs.

Cangzhou Zhao and others used health wine fraud. Police seized more than 600 boxes of inferior health wine, detained more than 200,000 yuan in stolen money, and the amount involved in the case was more than 900,000 yuan. After investigation, the criminal gang claimed to be the salesman of the famous winery, claiming that the medicines sold can treat a variety of diseases and blindly obtain huge profits.

(Yan Zhao Evening News)

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