“Material Evaluation” Xiaomi Watch S1 Evaluation: Can 1049 yuan really buy high -end smart watches?

Let the product fun, let the results be directly, “Material Evaluation” only do the evaluation content you care about most.

Last week, Xiaomi held a new product launch conference, which brought three mobile phones: Xiaomi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro and Xiaomi 12X. They also released a variety of new products such as Xiaomi Watch S1 and Xiaomi Wireless Noise Call Headphones 3. Although there are a lot of new products, the author is most interested in Xiaomi Watch S1. This is Xiaomi’s first smart watch that focuses on high -end positioning. The price is 1099 yuan. outstanding.

Coincidentally, the author also wants to change a watch recently. Since Xiaomi has released such a new product, naturally you still have to buy it, so I will talk to you briefly about Xiaomi Watch S1. Take a look at the price of this price only. How does the high -end watches in their early thousands of dollars perform?

1. Let’s be willing to use materials, and the design is more business

The author starts with Xiaomi Watch S1 Liuguang silver+leather strap version. The overall stacking is relatively fierce, sapphire glass cover, calf leather strap, 316L stainless steel bezel, etc. Essence

The sapphire glass cover provides a good scratch -resistant characteristics. The real knife carving does not leave marks, and it also has smooth touch and good light transmission. In addition to being sturdy and durable, the biggest benefit of 316L stainless steel is not easy to be allergic, especially suitable for friends who are allergic to metal. Xiaomi Watch S1 uses it in the middle frame position. The texture is still good.

The bottom is a sensor, the main body is mainly made of metal, and a matte treatment is made. The visual perception is average, but the touch is very delicate.

Xiaomi Watch S1 has two physical buttons on the left side of the middle frame. The upper and lower part of the menu is the menu key. Of course, we can customize other functions in Xiaomi APP.

However, there is one thing that is worth talking about. Both crown support rotation, but the author has studied what effect it can be brought after the crown for a long time. For example, after a common smart watch rotates the crown, you can adjust the volume of music or screen brightness, and even roll the desktop icon up and down, but these are not on the Xiaomi Watch S1, which can be described as “a loneliness.”

This time, Xiaomi Watch S1Hia is equipped with two straps: fluorine rubber watches and calfskin. Fluor rubber is softer and delicate than traditional silicone straps, and has strong anti -pollution resistance and skin care. The calf leather strap is 100 yuan more expensive than the former, and it is naturally better in texture. It is suitable for wearing in formal occasions. It is good to match formal clothes.

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

In general, as far as the design is concerned, the overall performance of the Xiaomi Watch S1 is OK, the materials are very fierce, which is in line with the positioning of high -end smart watches. The style is very compatible with sports and business scenarios. As a pioneer in the field of Xiaomi impacting high -end smart watches, Xiaomi Watch S1 is a good start.

2. The screen display is delicate, personalized customization is worthy of praise

In terms of screen, Xiaomi Watch S1 is equipped with a retina screen with 1.43 inches, 460 × 460 resolution, 326ppi, supports 60Hz refresh rate, and the display effect is more delicate. Watch, the same 60Hz screen, is still different, obviously Apple is smoother.

The desktop icon of Xiaomi Watch S1 also supports two arrangements: grid and list. All third -party applications are presented on the desktop. Unfortunately, Xiaomi Watch S1 does not support application stores. If other applications are needed, they must be downloaded and installed through Xiaomi APP.

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

Xiaomi wearing app supports download third -party applications

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

In terms of personalization, Xiaomi Watch S1 supports very rich dial design, which is one of my favorite parts. In fact, although MIUI is often criticized by everyone, it has always been well performed in terms of personalization and playability, and a large number of free theme wallpapers have become the favorite of many rice noodles.

小米Watch S1同样继承了MIUI个性化选择丰富这一优点,可供选择的表盘风格很多,不下上百种,除了部分自带表盘外,表盘市场还提供了动态、相册、机械、商务、运动、 Illustrations, multi -functional and other styles of dials include IP custom dials such as Aju, Pig Fart, SpongeBob, and Luo Xiaohei.

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

3. Rich function, but some experiences need to be improved

In terms of functions, Xiaomi Watch S1 is the same as other smart watches. It is basically divided into two categories: daily function and sports health monitoring. Because the author is lazy and usually has no sports hobby, there are not many experience in sports health. That is, on the way to get off work daily, the watch will automatically recognize the walking status, prompting whether we turn on step measurement.

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

Xiaomi Watch S1 supports 117 sports modes, including running, walking, climbing, riding, etc., which are very rich. In addition, Xiaomi Watch S1 also supports 5ATM level waterproof, so it can be worn when swimming.

In terms of daily experience, Xiaomi Watch S1 has a rich feature. It supports common applications such as Netease Cloud Music, Gaode Maps, Baidu Maps, Alipay and other commonly used applications.

In terms of cross -device collaboration, applications such as music, maps, cameras, etc. support dual -end collaborative operations, such as using watches to control mobile phones to take pictures, or watch control music playback, and so on. However, the author found that when we controlled the photo with a watch, the watch could not directly adjust the camera, and we needed to turn on the mobile phone in advance. In addition, the watch camera interface has only one shutter button, which does not display the viewfinder, and the experience is slightly split. I still hope that this function will be a little more complete in the future.

(PS: I have been using Xiaomi 11 Pro, MIUI version 12.5.20)

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

Xiaomi does not support ESIM, so there is no way to use the mobile phone. Of course, after connecting to the mobile phone, you can support Bluetooth calls, and the call can be answered directly through the watch.

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

In addition, Xiaomi Watch S1 has a built -in multi -function NFC function. After binding Alipay, you can complete the payment directly on the watch side. In addition, you can also add an access control card and a bus card. The bus card supports Baicheng bus. All support.

In terms of health monitoring, Xiaomi Watch S1 supports all -weather heart rate and blood oxygen test, which can be tested and viewed data in real time, and found that problems will be warned in advance. At the same time, Xiaomi Watch S1 also supports health monitoring functions such as sedentary reminders, pressure monitoring and sleep monitoring. Among them, sleep monitoring can not only monitor sleeping all night, but also monitor sporadic sleep such as nap and rest. Users can view their daily sleep records. In addition to the records such as deep sleep and sleep, heart rate, blood oxygen, etc. will also be recorded to help us understand the sleep situation every day in detail.

4. Good battery life, more convenient to support reverse charging

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

In terms of battery life, Xiaomi Watch S1 uses magnetic wireless charging, built -in a 470mAh battery. It is officially said that the continuation time of renewal can reach 12 days in the standard mode, and the power -saving mode can reach 24 days.

Because of the time to sell, the watch is less than a week in the hands of the author. Therefore, as of the date of publication, the complete battery life of the Xiaomi Watch S1 cannot be reflected, but from the perspective of my use in the past few days, the overall battery life is not bad. Specifically, in the standard mode, wearing a total of 62%of power on day and night, close to the endurance of the official propaganda, I personally are relatively satisfied with this battery life.

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

In terms of charging, the 10W power can be charged by 50%in half an hour, and the magnetic charging is also more convenient than the common contact charging speed. Under necessary conditions, you can use the mobile phone wirelessly charging or wireless charging board to charge the watch. It is still very convenient.

Finally, there is something:

Taken together, Xiaomi Watch S1 has a relatively balanced performance in appearance, functionality, battery life, etc., but some experiences still have some small flaws, which may still be gapd up with some mainstream high -end watches on the market. Of course, this is the first high -end watch of Xiaomi. Some immature places can be understood. I believe that with the update of the subsequent system version, it will also bring a more comprehensive experience.

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

In the end, the biggest advantage of Xiaomi Watch S1 is still the price. The price of more than 1,000 yuan is 20%-30%lower than the products of the same level. I personally recommend it, rather than rice noodle users. If there is no requirement for the brand, this watch can actually be considered.

「有料评测」小米WATCH S1评测:1049元真能买到高端智能手表吗?

Pay attention to the “Material Evaluation” to add some feed to technology to make life taste.


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