How to wear middle -aged women autumn clothes? Look at the wearing of this blogger, each set reveals a sense of fashion

The lower the temperature, the more women will look at the dazzling items. After all, at this time, we need to use the cooperation between many items to be complete, and the choice of clothing becomes the top priority. Even in the autumn, wearing it still has to maintain simple characteristics in order to show a sense of advancement. Older women who can’t dress, you can look at the dress of this older sister, and each set can reveal the advanced fan.

The temperature and deep winter of the early autumn are still significant. The difference in temperature allows women to use different lengths to create a different length of legs and thin legs when choosing pants.



Wide leg pants

Its existence makes your dress generous and energetic. The pants -type covering effect on the legs is extremely significant, and it can also interpret a lot of styles in combination with different tops.


This pants are not a clothing with obvious age restrictions, and the characteristics of the color bring temperature. In the matching, considering the unique sense of color system, try to use light or dark -colored pullover shirts as much as possible, so that it can be worn sharp and simple.


This wide -leg pants are very thin legs, and the leg shape is extended by the way of swinging down. Naturally, it can master the two kinds of moisturizing effects on the body.

In the autumn, we must maintain simple characteristics. First of all, the combination of color should not be too messy. You can use a variety of basic colors to construct a stable shape, so that your dressing looks atmospheric and advanced. However, even the interpretation of basic color should pay attention to the structure of the level.

For example, this dress creates a positive demonstration. The white shirt has no sense of presence, and sometimes it makes people feel that the public feels strong and easy to hit the shirt. At this time, you can put a black vest on the outside, colliding with a significant level, and the effect of rejuvenating age.

The formation of the vest is wide and tight, and the length is not uniform. You can construct the uneven effects. The combination of short -designed vests and long shirts can make your dress more memorable.

Method of short -term and internal length

Let the shirts be revealed, and further strengthen the sense of layering. The choice of pants is also very important, especially for women with less detailed leg shapes, choosing suit pants and cone pants can make their shortcomings cover.


The formation of vests also has a variety of styles. Like knitted vests have the characteristics of college style, and long -designed vests are more breathless, and they can also facilitate mature old ladies to easily interpret high -level charm.

This sister chose

Light gray long vest

She pays great attention to the balance between colors, and the pants adopted are the same color as the vest. This echo is worthy of women’s learning, reducing the chance of friction between items.


It is said that white shirts are a single product that can be used in one clothes, which is true. The long -sleeved design allows it to play a variety of characters. In the autumn season, you can also directly appear in various clothes.


Women who need to construct the workplace can be coordinated with white shirts and long gray vests. The vests must be open to wear to show their chic style.


Many older ladies’ dressing steps are really simple, and they are not so bold when choosing colors, and often adopt popular colors to construct different wear.

Just take

White shirt

For example, its matching model can be described as diverse. The cooperation with trousers shows a sense of sharpness, and the matching of the skirt will specifically reconcile a certain style based on the color changes. Black skirts and shirts of various colors can cooperate with tacit understanding, with high -waisted design, even if the hem is stuffed into the skirt, it will not look obvious.


The addition of the high waistline allows the skirt to have a modification effect on the shape. It is suitable for girls who are not so outstanding and not so slender.


Black skirt

The style structure will not be too conservative. There is also a split design in the position of the skirt to increase a few sexy charm. However, this sexy scale grasp is quite satisfactory. Especially after adding a white shirt, the style will become simple and atmospheric.

Some of them can be used as little as possible. After all, it is difficult to guarantee that people still have a tight figure like when they are young. It is easy to expose the shortcomings when wearing these clothing.

There is no strict restrictions on the suit, select


Romantic purple,

You can also make your suit wear old -fashioned, and will not look old -fashioned. To enhance the formal sense, it can be matched with a suit vest, exposing the blank neck skin, which is thinner.

The suit has a certain thickness, but it will not seem too heavy. The selection of inside should be determined according to the temperature. Once the temperature drops slightly, you can use a thin high -necked bottom shirt to cooperate with it.


The older sister chooses a recognizable purple suit, and the selection of inside and pants does not require the same color as well. Use gray, rice white, and black to make the color matching more harmonious.

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