The “3 -person group” baby cotton cotton smokes sweat towels, and it is not worried about the baby’s cold on the pads!

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The baby’s pure cotton gauze sucks sweat towel, no fluorescent agent, no formaldehyde, sweat -absorbing and breathability is very good, 5 layers of gauze absorbing sweat, thickened cotton double -layer towel, cotton is particularly comfortable and soft, and it is super soft after washing. Installed the group price of 32 yuan, the head of the group minus 3 yuan!

I do n’t know if Baba discovered, the baby is really a big steamer, and it is sweaty all day. Especially in the summer, sleeping is sweating, in fact, we only wear short sleeves and small shorts.

Many Ma Ma will worry about whether to wear too much for the baby, or whether the clothes are not breathable. In fact, don’t worry too much. The baby is in the growth stage of growth. many. They are particularly prone to sweating when they are in a hurry, breastfeeding, and excited.

Although the baby is prone to sweating too much, but the care after sweating is indeed important. If the care is improper, it is not only uncomfortable to the baby, but also a cold!

So how do you care for sweating your baby?

Adjust the indoor temperature and should not be overheated. Persist in time, middle, and evening to keep regular ventilation and ventilation.

Don’t be too thick in clothes and quilts. According to the seasons, the thickness of the baby’s clothes and the quilt should be comparable to adults. Even in winter, consider the thickness of room temperature and the baby wrap. Easy to sweat.

3. Try to make your baby wear cotton -quality underwear. Cotton -quality clothes are more breathable and sweat -absorbing, and wearing it to make the baby more comfortable.


4. Develop the habit of using the baby’s sweat towel, which will make the baby feel dry and comfortable at all times, prevent sweat irritating the skin, and skin allergies and damage caused by clothing friction.


The baby’s sweat towel is also called a back towel and a sweat towel. Generally, it is made of several layers of cotton gauze. It feels soft and water -absorbent, and the cotton yarn is washing and softer. It can be used all year round. It is used to put on the baby’s back and feel wet, and you can change it to keep your baby’s clothes dry.


Recommended some reasons for your baby to suck sweat towel:

When the baby is still a little baby, he will not turn around, sleep or lay for a long time, and there will be a lot of sweat on the back. The baby is very uncomfortable and easy to grow. At this time, you will start using sweat -absorbing towels.

2. When the baby starts to crawl and moves well, metabolism accelerates, especially when sleeping and activity, soon sweat, wet back, the baby is very uncomfortable and easy to catch a cold. replace.

3. When the sweat -absorbing towel is used, it is the innermost layer of the baby’s clothes. Some of them are cute cartoon shapes. This part is left outside the clothes. It is very convenient to pull it out and replace it.

4. When the baby arrives at the kindergarten, the sweat-absorbing towel is a must-have in the small schoolbag. My baby will bring 2-3 yuan a day. The teacher asked, the children play together, it is really easy to sweat. Essence

The baby who opened a group today in pregnancy sucks sweat towels,

No fluorescent agent, formaldehyde, sweat -absorbent and breathability are very good, 5 layers of gauze absorbing sweat, thickened cotton double -layer towel, cotton is particularly comfortable and soft, and it is super soft after washing. The sweat -absorbing towel is also very strong, strong and durable.

Look at a set of real shots, the cartoon is cute!

The inside of the sweat -absorbing towel is a bag design, which can help the position of the fixed sweat towel. Talk about inserting the pocket in the hand. A section of the sweat towel can be flat and convenient to fix the position, which is convenient for mothers to operate!

The left part is a cute cartoon pattern, which looks good and convenient for replacement!


The size of the sweat -absorbing towel is 21cm*25cm, class A quality! Suitable for baby!


Today’s sweat -sucking towels have a female baby model and male baby. Ma Ma can choose according to their baby! Four packages, free shipping at 36 yuan for pregnancy, and 3 yuan for the group leader! Very cost -effective.

Summer is here, the baby’s sweat really doubles, and the sweat -sucking towel can prepare a few more replacement!

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