The novel: The president meets the friend to play, when touching the sea, I think of her.

If a fortune, a black horse on the shopping mall has developed rapidly since ten years ago, and it has been rapidly developed in just ten years. No one knows who is the president behind it.

Until a month, the new president of Mu Group, so people were completely shocked by a news. The new president of Mu’s Group’s Da Shaomu, Mu’s Group is a president of the family.

If a property, the 99th floor president office.

“Hey, special plane is ready.” Tang Yixuan went to the sofa in the office, “You can start at any time.”

Tang Yixuan is a good friend who played from a small life. Twelve years ago, if the cloud is in trouble, when he arrived, Mu Wei has completely enclosed himself with the outside world, just like a puppet, all day For the sea, it will not be willing to go. In the end, Tang Yixuan really can’t see it, and it will be a meal. They have been trained from small, and the intensity of fists is not a general person, that time, Mu Wei is the only one in the hospital, and it is lying for more than a month. In that month, Mu Yi is like thinking, no longer being closed. Just from that, Mu Hao became like a piece of ice, the whole person is cold and ice, and the situation is also more decisive, cold blood.

“Okay, if the consortium, if the consortium is handed over, I will come back after three days.” Mu Hao said.


“No? A Mu Group is already busy, you have to add a fortune for me, do you want to go to death?” Tang Yixuan said exaggerated.

“Xuan, if you have no ability to handle it, what is called my first assistant?” Mu Wei leaned against the office chair and said faintly.

Tang Yixuan shook his head helplessly, said: “Hey, I have a Tang Shao, how can I meet such a powerful master?”

Mujiazu is a complete black road, the power is huge, and Tang Jia is his home, like ancient family. Until the grandfather of Mu, I started from the business, I did some legitimate business, and now Mujia is still a black and white. Although Tang Yixuan and Mu Hao are good friends, but in the black road, Mu Hao is his master.

“The process of the process is on the desk, as a reward, the wine in the wine cabinet is drunk with you.” Mu Wei got up and took the shoulders of Tang Yixuan.

“Okay, don’t regret.” Tang Yixuan suddenly hit the swan of the blood, “I have to work, you can leave.”

Mu Hao wine cabinet can be all the best in the best, Tang Yixuan has always been coveted with these alcohols.

Aegean Haina Santorini.

Every year, the entire island will limit any tourists’ entry, and the long beaches will appear extra silence. There will only be one person holding a blue demon standing, looking at the boundless ocean. There will be a few black suit unmunited people behind him.

Mu Hao looked at the sea, with gentleness and affectionation in his eyes, completely without a weekly indifference. Twelve years, every year, he will come here, it seems that he can feel her breath.

Mu Hao slowly kneeling, touching the sea with hands: “If you have been twelve years, what will you become? Now you will be very beautiful. I am worried that you are sudden. In front of me, I will recognize you. I remember if I said, I want to wait for you, you have to marry me! If you are ready to marry me? “

Mu Hao is like a lover, but his tone, his body, has a strong sadness, and it seems that there is much more and more sad. At this time, Muqi did not have a daily indifference, domineering, but a painful.

Mu Hao is so waiting for a whole day, he will take the blue enchanting Ji in his hand in the sea.

The blue enchantress is the favorite flower, and a blue enchanting flower is a promise, people in the world, how can I have a gentle affection! When he and her commitment can be realized, how can he be guarded with her affection?

“Sorry, Mr., any tourists cannot be launched today.”

Yin Yizhu and Yin Qixixin’s cruise have just stopped.

“Why can’t I go to the island today?” Yin Qixin asked, so hardly Yin Yizhen has time to accompany her to the Aiqin Haiyou, today Yin Yizu handled a good business, and took her to Santorini, the sky, but But it was stopped, Yin Jin was disappointed.

“Every year, some people will have a whole island, and any tourists cannot be disturbed by the island.” The port personnel explained.

Yin Yizhen saw Yin Zhenxin’s eyes, grabbed Yin Qixin’s shoulders, and discussed: “You see this, let us go to the island, we will find a home to stay, don’t go out, this is not I will bother to others. “

The port personnel are somewhat hard, saying: “This may not help.”

“Just let us go to the island? We will never interrogate others on the island today, and it will never let you do it.” Yin Qixin pleaded.

The port personnel thought about it, and he promised: “Okay, you will find a hotel in the hotel after you go to the island.”

“Okay, thank you.” Yin Lu said happy.

Yin Yizhen looked at Yin Zhixin as the child’s heart, revealing a smile: “Let’s go.”

The night is coming, the moon is on the sea and the beach, but there is a different kind of beauty.

Yin Qixin stands on the terrace and appreciates the night of the Aegean Sea.

“The night is big, don’t catch cold.”

A warm jacket gently fell on Yin Jinxin’s shoulder, Yin Luxin looked at Yin Yucai laugh.

“I am not a child, I will take care of myself.”

“Well, just I still don’t worry.” Yin Yuxi said, “I will have a little file to deal with, I will not accompany you, you will return to the room again.”

“Well, you are busy.” Yin Qixin said with a smile, “But tomorrow you must accompany me on the island!”

“You will stay with you, rest assured.”

After Yin Zaze returned to the house, Yin Jinxin continued to enjoy the night scene alone.

A helicopter landed on the beach. When I saw the plane, Yin said Xinxin feels very unfortunately in the heart, and even the head is also a little dizzy. She is in the chest, holding the railings in one hand, and some pale.

Yin Qixin has an inexplicable fear of the plane from a small, so it will always like the Aegean Sea, and now it is the first time. This is a great courage, only took the plane to the Aiqihai, but she still saved sleeping pills and fell asleep, in the case of not knowing.

Yin Qixixin’s eyes wanted to remove the plane, but the line of sight came to a back, the inexplicable familiarity that made her heart could not help but

When Mu Yi prepared for boarding, it seems to feel a strong sight stayed in his body. With the feeling of feeling back, it did not find anyone in the range of sight, thinking that it was a suspicious, so quickly Aircraft.

At this time, Yin Qixin has been fainted on the terrace.

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