Talk about the method of throwing the Luya water droplet wheel. After paying attention to these three points, a significant reduction in the line of frying is greatly reduced

Introduction: Luya San Elements: Patience, confidence, and carefulness -as well as doing things.

Remember the old age, step into Luya gameplay

I remember that I started to learn Luya because there were black fish on the side of my hometown. I saw that many people could catch black fish with their hands. I also wanted to try it, but I did n’t catch it after fishing for one morning! Later, when I returned home, I was thinking: “What else can you catch black fish?” So I started searching online and realized “

Luya black fish fishing method

“Then I started to play with Luya Black Fish: From knowing it


As well as


, Then


Thunder frog

Wait, I entered the “pit” logically and bought the first thunder pole in my life.


After tutoring a lot of Luya knowledge online, I bought the first pole of practice, and the line was directly exploded until I doubted my life. It was 30 seconds to throw the pole and 3 hours home to solve the line! Then I started looking for the debugging method of learning water drops from the Internet. During the period, I found many tutorials and found that most of the tutorials were too nonsense, which caused me to see confused. Later The method of adjusting the water drop wheel. It has been 5 years since this shaking. I also talk about my experience here and share with novice fishermen to learn and communicate.

Many years of Luya experience summary, summarize the principle of water drops and wheel frying lines

In fact, there is no basic novice fisherman who wants to play with the sub -water drop wheel. The most important thing about the water drop wheel is the debugging work. As long as the debugging in the early stage, you can largely reduce the chance of frying lines. Many novice fishing fishing The reason why friends bombed the lines was that the debugging steps of the water drop wheel were not done well. The following is the experience summarized by my many years after playing Luya. I hope that everyone can reduce some detours on the way to learn water drop wheels. Then let’s first understand why the water drop wheels bombed?


If the water drop wheels are poor in operating foundation, inadequate braking adjustment, or excessive force, it will cause the line cup to reverse at a high speed in an instant, causing the throwing bait to be pulled suddenly by the fish wire that is reversed. The fish wire is still being launched because the powerful inertia of the bait flying out of high speed, so it has caused the “bombing line”.

Practice experience, share water drops gameplay

Without any use of a water drop wheel, you only need to follow the steps below to debug the water drop wheel, and you can greatly avoid the frying line of the water drop wheel during the novice period.

Step 1: If there is no Luya foundation, you can first choose a Luya fake bait about 15 grams to debug the water drop wheel practice throwing (after the water drop wheel is mastered in the later period, you can slowly reduce the number of fake bait grams in order in turn. Small practice);

Step 2: Take magnetic brake water drop wheel as an example. There is a magnetic adjustment button outside the magnetic brake water drop wheel, with 0-10 levels, and level 10 is the maximum brake force.

Without any Luya experience, we can first choose the level 10 brake to reduce the probability of frying lines at a maximum rate of controlling the line cup.

Wait until you slowly become familiar with the water drop wheel before adjusting the brakes from 10-0 to adapt to all levels;

Step 3: Raise Luya pole to


45-degree angle

On the left and right, let go of the water droplet line button to let the fake bait fall smoothly to the ground, and observe the speed of the line cup: If the fake bait reaches the ground at this time, the wire cup is still rotating and quickly qualify, then we need to debug the water drop wheel Essence Generally, there is one on the side of the droppad of the water droplet wheel

“Subdivy adjustment screw”

We by adjusting it to control the speed of the wire cup. When you adjust it

Let the fake bait reach the ground cup no longer turn to the best

(If you do not show this best state,

Repeated fine -tuning


Step 4: Now we can throw a throw,

Remember not to work too hard when you throw them in, so as not to cause the line cup to cause the frying thread

Essence In the process of throwing investment,

Learn to touch the circuit of the line on the online cup with your thumb

: If your finger detects any difference in the process of the line cup, you should use your thumb to hold the line cup with your thumb, which can effectively prevent the frying rate. When the fake bait reaches the water, you should also press the thumb to hold the wire cup to prevent the wheels from continuing Canton, causing a small area of ​​fried threads.

Novice pay attention to again, three key points should be kept in mind


Do not pursue distance and accuracy in the novice period. You should first be familiar with the water drop wheels.

After mastering the use of water drops, practice distance and accuracy slowly;

2. Before throwing, be sure to

Pay attention to see if there are obstacles around

To avoid the fake bait hanging on the obstacles when throwing the throw (this is also one of our novice fishermen and some experienced fishermen, which often causes the fried lines). Also must

Pay attention to the people walking around

, Avoid the people around the surrounding people from throwing investment;

3. It is best not to use too expensive lines in the early stage. You can buy some cheap lines to avoid unnecessary waste after frying. If I have mastered the water drop wheel in the later period, I still recommend buying some lines with better prices

Because the lines with better quality will be smoother, durable, and low in water absorption, which will be more conducive to remote investment and reduction of guns and frying lines.


Novices throw their posture to solve doubts, helping the king to go to the next level


There are many novice friends who ask me if Luya throws a special attention? I recommend everyone


The fake bait is controlled at the position of 10-15cm from the pole tip, and the right side is thrown at a 45 -degree diagonal angle.

And I personally think that when I first started learning to throw investment,

Don’t pay attention to throwing your posture

Tell everyone that the angle of throwing is to let everyone have a reference, rather than let everyone must keep it at this perspective.

There are many throws on the Internet for the reference of fishermen, but everyone’s throwing habits are different, and the throwing posture will be different. Many fishermen fry the thread because they have too much to keep others’ throwing habits when throwing their throws, but make their throwing posture particularly awkward.

As a result, people, Luya pole, and water drops lost coordination when throwing investment, causing bombing lines.

For example, you are born with a left -handed man, but you know that most people use the right hand to pinch vegetables. When you learn to use your right hand to sandwich vegetables, you will become very awkward. So I feel that I feel comfortable and how comfortable I feel,

As long as you should not pay attention to excessive force when throwing your throw, remember that the action is hard and uncoordinated, and try to achieve it at all.

First practice throwing the pole with your most comfortable posture to master the performance of the wheels. This is very effective to reduce the chance of the frying line to improve the confidence of our novice fishermen.

Last talk

In fact, it is not difficult to master the playing wheel. The most important thing is these three points:


1. Drop wheel must

Fine -tune

Good “spindle adjustment screws”, so that fake bait can reach the ground smoothly, the line cup stops turning to show the best state;

2. Remember to be too hard during the throwing process;

3. Be sure to use your thumb to control the outline of the line cup in the process of practicing the water drop.

As long as the novice fishermen keep in mind these three points and make the water drop wheels according to steps, it will largely avoid the chance of frying the thread during the novice period. In fact, mastering the water droplet game is secondary. When we choose Luya gameplay, we must first understand whether there is a Luya resources in the area where our area is located.

Luya played resources

If there is no resources, you can buy more equipment. In addition to these contents we are playing

When Luya, you must also be patient, confident, and be careful

In the case of Luya resources, we must insist on practicing to gain something. When you are okay, learn more about Luya knowledge, ask the Luya fishing friends around you, I believe that in the near future you will also get your ideal of your ideals in the near future. Objectfish.

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Remember the old age, step into Luya gameplay

As well as

Many years of Luya experience summary, summarize the principle of water drops and wheel frying lines

Practice experience, share water drops gameplay

Practice experience, share water drops gameplay

Novice pay attention to again, three key points should be kept in mind

Novices throw their posture to solve doubts, helping the king to go to the next level

Last talk

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