15 private pajamas are open! Pure and desired! Casually pick

Hi, the younger sisters are okay!

This is your little cute master ~

During this time, the sisters are underway

Sweet Sao pajamas that can be worn in summer

These two days will leave me a message to me


Want me to go out

Pajamas that can be worn in autumn

As your “responding must be” cute

Then I am super pets, then I am super fans ~

But recently, it has also been autumn


The weather gradually turns cooler and sometimes very hot

The weather change this month is relatively large


Sisters still need to pay more attention not to catch a cold

Is there a lot of sisters?


Still using old T -shirts as pajamas

You are too delicate!

As a delicate pig girl


I don’t allow you to be such a “rough man”

Today I will give you a wave of Amway


Comfortable autumn pajamas


Buy it with the girl who eats the soil, let’s buy it ~

I think the pants waist is tight as I am like me

Sisters who are not comfortable to sleep

You can choose a long nightdress

But every time I wear a nightdress

When I get up in the morning, the skirts are all over the stomach


I don’t know if you are the same as me

There is such a dynamic dynamics!


Cotton pajamas are the best breathability!


Be sure to choose when choosing a cotton pajamas

The fabric is soft and does not tie the skin

Some pure cotton pajamas will be rough

Those who like retro old -fashioned cloths should be carefully selected!


The soft cotton yarn is very good ~


Silk pajamas thin as cicada wings

There is a low sense of existence to wear


Sisters who like slippery feel can enter!


But silk pajamas are not elastic

Be sure to choose your own size

But it must be small ~

Long -sleeved pajama suit or comfortable nighttime

Sisters can prepare in advance



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