Korean INS fashion blogger jujube red knit sweater is so good -looking too much like this gentle and elegant temperament

Today, I will introduce to you the INS fashion blogger Hwoniii from South Korea. He has the fresh temperament of the girl next door. The daily grandfather makes people look comfortable.

A retro suit, which uses the human characters. The version is very good. It feels very muscular and bone. It is quite hard. The straight tube is loose, the upper body is very thin, suitable for girls with different temperament. Very accent, surrounded by a bright yellow scarf, very age reduction!

韩国ins时尚博主枣红色针织衫穿那么好看 太喜欢这温柔素雅的气质

White hair is simple and foreign, with a pair of jeans, which is particularly fashionable.

Black leather jackets with striped shirts and light white shorts, ending with black short boots, won the essence of European and American style simple and handsome.

The jujube -red sweater is very beautiful, with the disappearance of the lower body, a pair of high boots, which is too good!

韩国ins时尚博主枣红色针织衫穿那么好看 太喜欢这温柔素雅的气质

Blue at first glance was refreshing, as if it took us into the blue sea and blue sky. The lower body was paired with a black pleated skirt and a pair of snow boots. It was very simple and beautiful.

韩国ins时尚博主枣红色针织衫穿那么好看 太喜欢这温柔素雅的气质

Knitwear with lantern sleeves, elegant sleeves, matched with woolen skirts and a pair of black panties.

韩国ins时尚博主枣红色针织衫穿那么好看 太喜欢这温柔素雅的气质

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