Flowing nearly 10,000 yuan to repair a doll, not rework? Shanghai 70th network red master is disputed …

2 years ago, 95 After the girl didn’t see the report of “70th Doll Repair Master Zhu Bai”, I feel that my beloved doll is saved!

Two years later, she remembered the repair process of the time, but the movement sent to himself to Zhu Bai Ming.

So she decided to set up to share their true experience. I didn’t expect that there was this that I opened a big discussion for Zhu Bai Ming.

The bear is milled!

The owner of nearly 10,000 yuan is crying

A brown bears were removed in the express box, and a little bit was narrowed before the repair was repaired. The face and chest have raised brown fluff in the middle, and the short hair in other places is inconsistent. The seams of the limbs are still bare.

Seeing the buddhism of the bears, it is clear and contrast, and the little dream is crying with the previous nature. “It is worse than the previous state! But I have already spent nearly 10,000 pieces, I have already borrowed money!” After nearly two years, when I remember the matter, the little dream was still steriliary. For her, it is the doll repairman who has been all in the whole network.

“The 70-year-old man opened the doll hospital” “More than ten years of repair experience” “Repair the doll also healing the heart” … These keywords are stacked together, once a red Zhu Bai Ming (propaganda in the pen name Zhu Buming), bringing honor And the attention from all sides, also attracted the owner of the country to find him with a beloved baby, including a little dream.

The little dream was used to sleeping with a beach from a small to most. At the beginning of 2020, she found that bear’s disease was a bit amazing. Some velvet flooded and opened at the suture. In the surrounding people, an old plush play is demonstrated? But the little dream doesn’t think so. The bears brought to her persistent sense, and the short fluff was very supple, even if she had asthma, she didn’t have to worry too much.


Because of the love of the bear, the little dream is looking for a place to treat it. I saw Zhu Bobo opened a doll clinic, she wanted to find the old man who looked very love. But because of the epidemic, she could not leave the city together with the bears and went to Shanghai. “Will the bear will leave me for a long time?” After you know that the bear is repaired, after paying 300 yuan, she sent the bear to the Zhu Bobo.

Perhaps because Zhu Bo is an engineer, while committing “height keeps original, it will not change the shape”, the first procedure of Xiandong experience is quite technically – “No damage to the plush cleaning + sterilization + color pine Mao, decompose the plush oil, stains, including 10 hours of purification of air, blow dry. “

The cost Zhu Bobo is already listed: “Diagnostic fee 80 yuan + professional formulation fee 370 yuan + labor fee of 400 yuan, total price is 850 yuan. Due to no washing for many years, add 370 yuan, minus deposit, should pay 920 yuan “And tell the little dream:” Your labor is a discount. “

After completing the transfer, the little dream found that this is only the first fee. The next thing is “760 yuan for the charity, the stunned and fixed, can be adjusted according to the willingness of the owner during the repair process, and now end charity You can pay. “After three days, the third fee” 80% base material fee 500 yuan “has also been generated. After a week, the fourth procedure and cost “systemic reinforcement, styling, uniform price 400 yuan” complete.

■ Time to pay for payment 1


Seeing that the bear repair time is more than expected, the little dream is asked: “Now it’s still awkward?” She received a screenshot, Zhu Bobo and other customers transferred and chat records, prompting the media to have a media to interview, can help on the news. Xiao Dream did not pick up, and Zhu Bobo continued to say the following steps: “Artificial planting 30 yuan / square centimeter, can you pay 1500 yuan before paying the deposit, and the little dream once again turn his account again.

A few days later, Zhu Bobo finds a small dream settlement of the total cost: “Total 216 square centimeters, 6480 yuan, minus deposit, pay 4,980 yuan”, and give 300 yuan discount. Xiaomang said that his hand is not enough, Zhu Bobo looks great: “Nothing, Alipay pays, the balance pays flowers.” Xiandong borrowed 360 yuan in the flower, and it was 4680 yuan, and the knot clear. At this point, she has paid off 9060 yuan for this bear.

■ Time to pay for payment 2

After receiving the raised bear, the little dream collapsed: “I have paid so much money, can my bear linger?” She found another doll repairman Li Ms. Li for help. Ms. Li found that many open offers on the bear body were sew directly. I didn’t play the role of repair. She had to re-demolish the bears and woop the open yarn. After removing the line of the bear hand, the bear’s arm is restored from the deadlock to naturally falling.


■ Bear reciprocating treatment


“The sister met the wool of Zhu Bo Bo, allergic, where he was immersed before, and he was replaced with the bear.” Ms. Li believes that “simply repairing the doll repair and workmanship, such a expensive price It doesn’t have heart. “

There is a obvious problem with the worship repair, why don’t you find Zhu Bobo? “I asked him, if I got a dissatisfaction? He said that you have not been sold, it is not satisfied.”

Three thousand dollars,

I can’t go back.

After exchange with the little dream, Wuhan’s small leaves feel that the 23-year-old rabbit is still very lucky. The rabbit is more than 30 cm, after coming back from Zhu Bob, it is just a big one, and there is a turn below. “Take 6320 yuan, at least he is repaired.” Xiaohe said.

It is also a commitment to “high-level maintenance, will not change shape”. Like a little dream, the first procedure of Xiaoyong experience is also “no damage cloth pure artificial cleaning, decomposition + sterilization (microorganism) + nature return, Decompose oil, sweat, saliva, gauge, contain 10 hours of purification of air two-stop dry. “

I didn’t come and want “10 hours of purification air” how to blow, in order to take care of my rabbit rabbit, plus the materials and labor, and the small leaves pay 1540 yuan, which is higher than the little dream.

■ Payment records for small leaves 1

After completing the steps of “1,760 yuan”, Zhu Bo has found the ingredients of shabby coat with rabbits, allowing the small leaves to pay 2850 yuan. Zhu Bobo also praised Xiaohan: “Your blessing index is very high”, because “” It can be more than eight hundreds of more than half of the skin with the original skin “, it must be her” my body “.

After the shabby clothes of the rabbit, the rabbit is bigger than the original. Zhu Bobo told Xiaoye “The next unopened is not good”, and the whole body is added to the “preferential price” 520 yuan. At the final ingredient repair process, Zhu Bo believes that “in the rigorous attitude still has some color difference, the match is 80%”, and the fee is 650 yuan.

■ Payment records provided by small leaves 2

Seeing the rabbit video of Zhu Bobo’s weibo, Ms. Tang in Chongqing is very sad: “Not only for the 3,560 yuan paid, I found the puppy of him, and I can’t get back. Sign up. “

Ms. Tang showed the puppy back home to the reporter. Its skin tone is deeper. The face raised is a honest, which is awkward. The damaged nose is not the same as the maintenance cost of 200 yuan.

■ Before and after the puppy repair

Ms. Tang did not understand that Zhu Bob took the first sentence when he took over “No change the original, the original shape, the original odor …” But she wouldn’t know this puppy.

“Just say the flower is 760 yuan, the result is particularly hard, soft place is especially soft. My puppy is a vintage black cotton, a bit similar to cotton yarn, anyway, the quality is not very good, have been brought. After the puppy came back, I found that he just pulled a few cotton, there was no disappearance, stuffed a little cotton in, and the two materials were completely unfused, resulting in this result. “

■ Zhu Bobo promises to Ms. Tang not change the original form


Ms. Tang had to disassemble the dog with his dog. “But the face of the dog has been completely deformed, and the pinch is not going back.”

■ Ms. Tang to find Zhu Bobo Communication puppy facial deformation

Customer comment is deleted,

Weibo WeChat was pulled black

The puppy is a gift left by Ms. Tang Xiaoyama. It has a very high emotional value for Ms. Tang. “I have been holding from a small sleep, I am used to it.” For this, she also found a lawyer, hoping to pass legal means, but the other party said that the evidence is difficult.

■ Ms. Tang’s payment communication

Can Zhu Bobo and the actual expression of the practice in repairing the dolls, can it be evidence of confident consumers? “I give the baby to match the material, I will first simulate a small piece, at 6000K white light, 3500K warm light, at 10 o’clock in the morning at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, I will give the owner under the three different lights. They agree that I am bigger. The area is done. “This is what he said in the foreigner.

But Ms. Tang and the little dreams switched over and recorded that they did not gain such a “treatment”: “Directly let the payment.”


Such Zhu Bobo really trimmed a thousand dolls said by the media? He has been seventy years old, is a person to do? The reporter brings him the question of the owner of the doll. He is very sure that it is done by oneself.

When Xiaoxiachdo, Hangzhou, I went to Zhu Bobo, she told reporters: “I saw that he had an old lady with an old lady to handle a basket, he didn’t introduce who she is.”

She added: “I still have the heart of learning crafts, tell him how to make up, because I can’t find tools and tutorials, he said ‘Yes, I can’t find people’. But I asked him what tool used to plant it, I couldn’t take a photo, he said that this belongs to personal confidentiality. “

■ Xiaoxia asked Zhu Bobo to learn craftsmanship

Zhu Bobo repaired the story of the people’s mind to spread so broad, and Weibo couldn’t. In addition to the media report, he also registered a special account on Weibo and attached his own WeChat. There is a story of dolls and owners on Weibo, and some people have a propaganda of him, and it also emphasizes the precision, hardship and pressure of ourselves.

However, the number of microblogs can only display the quantity of the comments, and the comments cannot be displayed, and “within 30 days, the blogger has black and evil commented users XX people.”

■ Zhu Bobo’s Weibo

The leaflet is: “When the rabbit is still in his home, I commented in his Weibo saying that the rabbit is able to go home safely, and hard Zhu Bobo. I didn’t say anything, but he put This comment is also deleted, what are you concerned? Is it afraid that other customers contact me? “


Xiaoxia told reporters that I spent 3710 yuan to find Zhu Bobo’s doll. After receiving the doll, I told him on WeChat. “It is a bit big and the effect is a bit big, and the work is a bit rough.” Weibo and WeChat were black.

■ Summer transfer record and communication screenshot


Why is the customer obey?

Even if the doll is detained

“The bear is my closest partner, but I didn’t take care of it and let it hurt.” After the incident, the little dream was very blame.

Then why don’t you find a more trusted person to help repair? For this problem, many players complained to reporters – many people don’t understand why an adult is not in love with a shabby doll, can’t explain it with them. I can’t fix it myself, I saw the doll repairman just like seeing a life-saving straw.

Xiaoxia In order to prevent the mother from throwing away the old doll, choose to hide the doll. “My mom thinks that I have a baby every day, I am afraid that it is not stupid.”

It is this kind of emotional connection to the doll to the surrounding person to make many players choose to help the doll repair. So, when you find Zhu Bobo repair, do you refuse this for the high price of the charge request and the high price of the successful charge?

“I love my rabbit very much. I am worried about it. I am worried that if I don’t give him money, he may do some bad things to my doll, or detain it directly.” Xiaohui emphasized, “Doll is When I was two or three, I accompanied me, I used it as my daughter. “


Ms. Tang said: “Zhu Bobo said, in order to help me find a line, he ran 7 markets. Before, he also reported me to repair the total price. So why bother to be a old man? I can use it He found the line. After that, after I was confirmed, I was told that a color line was 650 yuan, my doll had to use three colors, plus the previous payment, which exceeded the previous quote.

Several respondents referred to the approach, and they might be too obedient throughout the process. Little leaves said: “I didn’t hit Zhu Bobo in the chat record. I basically did what money, I gave any money, did not refute.”

The little dream reflection: “During the whole communication process, my attitude is really too ”, saying is good, I am afraid that he is not good about my doll.”

Ms. Tang said that it is very satisfied with the chat record. In the process of chatting, he did not clearly say ‘You didn’t give money, I won’t return to your doll’, but I am worried that he is angry. I lost my doll, then how can I talk to the police? The old doll is not worth money, I will not be back. “

■ Consumer Report is accepted

When the owner of the doll works on the road to defend, Ms. Tang once provides relevant evidence, Zhu Bobo is contacted her. “He said that I am willing to help me repair the doll, but I can’t trust him again.” Ms. Tang said.


Zhu Bobo responds to the high price doll

News Morning News: Many netizens have complained online, saying that you didn’t make things, but also on a very high price, they worried that you would seize their dolls, kidnapped their feelings. Is that right?

Zhu Bai: I will give them this price clearly. When you tell us, you are willing to pay, you don’t want to pay, you don’t have to pay, you can talk to me. Do not agree with you, don’t pay, second home, right?

Otherwise they are going to say that I am in their dolls. This doll is far away, I know that they are completely seen in their own children. If you put them, it is equivalent to seizing them as hostages. Someone told me that I was seized as a personality, I was mad. You are not satisfied, you have to go home, just as simple. So now they don’t tell me.

News Morning News: There are customers complaints, spending nearly 10,000 yuan in repairing a bear here, there is no repair. She divided the registration fee, blowing dry, filling, filling, 80% base material fee, total body reinforcement, artificial planting, totaling 9060 yuan. How many toll items do you have? Is there a price standard?


Zhu Bai Ming: Yes. I am a repair, it is to fix one, you recognize you pay, you have not repaired, you don’t have to pay, don’t recognize it. I am talking to them like this. Because the long-term dolls in these years, look at the doctor, your eyes are optimistic about the nose, the nose is optimistic about the mouth, one piece, there is no unified price.


I am more divided into five or six projects, including cleaning, rushing, woofout, etc. Take the woven, it is also divided into three grades, 70%, 80%, and 9. 7 It is very obvious that the difference is very obvious, and the difference between 80% is relatively small, and 90 is completely different. Regardless of 70%, 80% is still 90%, I will give them a picture of 3500K in the white light of 3500K, at 10 o’clock in the warm light of 3500K. They look. They are satisfied, and then they have cost, and they do not satisfy their expenses. Even if I ran a month, I didn’t find the materials you need, nor did it cost. They agreed to use this material, pay for 200, 500, 800 yuan.

After choosing, I will simulate a small piece first, giving them a three kinds of light, agreeing to me. After doing it, it is 30 yuan per square centimeter, talked to them, and finally, according to the size of the area, it is a step step.


News Morning News: The customer who spent nearly 10,000 yuan proposed that her Xiong Xiu became smashed, and the arm was very stiff. She felt that this bears were not good, such as the bear’s hamstone or bald.

Chongqing has a customer spending 3,560 yuan to repair a blue dog. After the shape of this dog, the shape of the original photo is changed. The hair of the nose is also a bit bald because she didn’t pay a maintenance fee of 200 noses. You didn’t help him repair. After receiving the future (nose) or the original crash.

Zhu Bai: The words are not talking about it. I will tell them that after repair (and the original look), it is definitely different, it is impossible to be exactly the same. I have a 63-year-old bear, and the owner said to me 10,000, the cost of 20,000 pieces can be. I think this beach told me to find 50 years ago, it’s hard to find. If you can’t find it, you give me another money, I am also uncomfortable?

I will take pictures to the customer, they agree that I will continue to do it, I don’t agree.

News Morning News: I saw your shop “Zhu Bova’s clinic” in the Internet. What happened now?


Zhu Bai Ming: I turn it off. Because the Market Administration tells me, there must be a business license to put it up. I think I am so old, what do I have to do business license, right? I am going to do it, if I get it, I will hang it, I can’t do it, I will not hang it.

The business license may also need a physical store, then I think, if I open the online shop, I don’t have to find the facade outside. I think it is still a good time. The doll is very complicated. This customer group is small, of course, they require too high, so I think it is slowly precipitated. Now I want to transparent prices, refine.

News Morning News: How many dolls have you been to the end? The report in March last year said that you have repaired 300 dolls. In December last year, you will repair thousands of dolls. How many dolls do you have worked?

Zhu Bai Ming: How many dolls have been repaired, I have not calculated.

News Morning News: Don’t you do a record, accounting?

Zhu Bai Ming: Some accounting, basically WeChat contact them. The elderly don’t know if you can live tomorrow today. I repaired the doll for a year.


News Morning News: Do you make a doll, do you develop a ticket?

Zhu Bai Ming: Invoice is not, I have played it myself, how can there be invoices.

News Morning News: So don’t pay taxes?

Zhu Bai Ming: I am doing one day for a day, how can I involve (pay taxes), right?

News Morning News: Some people say that you have a team to fight together, is this? Still all Weibo WeChat and repair dolls?

Zhu Bai Ming: Both I am doing, I retired, there is nothing, except for the doll. Another is the same as you.

News Morning News: There is a customer of Wuhan, and there are many comments that have been pulled black on your Weibo. She also left you before, saying that her rabbit can go home safely, hard Zhu Bobo . Why do you have to delete like this, are you afraid that others find her?

Zhu Bai Ming: I am now setting up “people who are concerned about”, because some people wrote messy, swearing. So I want to comment or turn off. But some people say, how do you close your comments? Then I chose “people who follow” to comment “, making your old age more stable.

I am doing very carefully on the repair doll, but it is still a bit error. I used to be a enthusiast, just want to do it the ultimate, and now I don’t think it is, still a bit deviation. Now the main dispute focus is on the cost, then the first, the cost I am first reported to you, right? The second is if you feel the price, you can reduce the requirements, you can pay less, can I afford it?

News Morning News: Netizen is full of prices, how do you respond?

Zhu Bai Ming: Next, this is like this. If you are not enough, I will give you a free, and a month will leave a quota for two times, and gradually go to public welfare. Now my eyes can also see, even if the smallest embroidery needle, my line can wear. It is estimated that you can do more for more than two years.

In addition, I found a girl, she is also a doll fan, I am willing to open the store with me. I think, then find a store first, see if I can go, continue the craft.


News Morning News: What is your name to the previous media report Zhu Biming, or the Alipay certified Zhu Bai Ming?

Zhu Bai Ming: Zhu Buming is my pen name, I have been getting used to using the pen name.

News Morning News Friendly APP Reporter · He Yajun

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