It is recommended 6 cheap and durable electric fans, which are very cost -effective

The beginning of autumn has passed, and some places are no longer cool in summer. The air conditioners can be opened less, and the fan is better. I have recommended the leafless electric fan before. This time I recommend a few cheap and durable landing fans.

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Otherwise, you will catch a cold after taking a bath



Beauty | FS40-18C

Simple and atmospheric, Twenty


Midea relied on the production of electric fans into the home appliance industry in 1980. The electric fan ranked the first throne in the domestic market share. The cost -effectiveness is a major advantage of Midea electric fan.

This 18C floor -to -ceiling fan supports self -assembly, two -purpose Taiwan, has a comprehensive technical configuration, equipped with pure copper core motors, which is more durable and extremely low when running.

The 18C price is about 100 yuan. The overall design is very simple. It also supports shaking the head up, down, left and right, and the air supply range is wide. Both the bedroom and the living room are very suitable.


Pioneer | DLD-D17

9 leaves large air volume, three stables silent


Pioneer electrical appliances mainly produce two series of products with electric fans and heater. Product sales covering more than 90%of cities. It has the world’s largest electric fan and heater production base. The annual output of 6 million strokes is undoubted.


This D17 is a pioneer’s main push -to -ceiling fan. It uses nine leaf design to achieve a softering style. Like the same type of products, it supports self -assembly and disassembly. Similarly.


D17 is less than 100 yuan, the air volume of multiple fan leaves is larger, and the blowing air is soft. It supports 90 ° wide -angle supply air, up and down 22 ° head up, three -gear wind speed can be adjusted, and it can also be remotely controlled.


Datong | FD-4030B


Three -gear choice, remote control


Dasong Life Electric is a wholly -owned subsidiary of Gree, which was established in only several years. Emerging brand Dasong, which is mainly attacked by small appliances, has multiple advantages of low risk and easy promotion, and has Gree’s technical support behind it. In the future, it still has huge potential development space.

4030B is the cheap model of Dasong. It belongs to the FD series floor fan. The motor uses pure copper movements. It is durable and running low noise.

The 4030B price is less than 200 yuan. It is equipped with a remote control. There are 3 types of wind choices. The natural wind mode is soft and soft. It also supports 7.5 hours of timing function. The overall cost performance is good.


Emiut | FS40103R

Sleep mute file, 5 blades design



The overall price of the Amy Fan Fan is appropriate. Although there are no more surprising technical highlights, it is strong and stable in quality. Especially in the floor fan series, it is more prominent, which can fully meet daily needs.

103R is a relatively basic style of Emiut. It adopts 5 blades design. The air volume is large and soft. It sets a mute gear. It proposes a good solution for sleep and has a better experience.

The 103R price is about 170 yuan. It is equipped with a remote control and supports the full -scale air supply of the left and right. The maximum 8 -hour appointment timing function is also more intimate.


Xiaomi Zhimi | DC inverter landing fan 1x

DC frequency conversion, simple design


Xiaomi released the “Mijia” brand in early 2016. It specializes in products other than mobile phones. It is the second own consumer brand outside the Xiaomi brand. Essence

Mijia’s floor -to -ceiling fan adopts a precision -level damping structure in pitch. The principle is similar to the screen opening and closing of the laptop computer. The fan support supports the downward at 16 ° to 23 ° upward. Traditional fans.

The Xiaomi electric fan design is simple and integrates its own intelligent APP. The experience experience is very good. The price is less than 300 yuan. It uses a DC inverter motor. The cost is good.


Beauty | SAD35EC

Seven leaves large air volume, intelligent temperature sensation


This 35EC is equipped with intelligent temperature sensing design with a more comfortable physical sensation. 7 blades design, soft air supply, three -level noise reduction, as low as 35DB, large air volume, the blower range is as high as 10 meters.


The price of the whole machine is about 200 yuan, which is an advanced floor fan, which is suitable for users who pursue comfortable experience.

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