Manwu Light Songs Time Under the moon, poetry and wine are unbounded

At the “Gaoxin Night Lane” event site, citizens listened to the song while visiting the night market

(Reporter Liu Tuwen/Picture) Drinking beer, stringing meat, eating crayfish, feeling music carnival … As the night fell, the high -tech zone Langyue Park Mao began to become lively. Enjoy joy here. Recently, the Management Committee of the High -tech Zone and Langyue Park Mao launched the “West America High -tech High -tech Night Lane” event in the high -tech market, which invested about 12.25 million yuan in fashion life consumer vouchers+Fubu to drive the high -tech zone night economic development.

At around 7 pm, the booth on the Park Mao Rocket Square has begun to be busy. With the band’s wonderful music, the crowd gradually increased. “Sitting outside, listening to music, watching people coming and going, lively, more lively.” Mr. Wang, a citizen, said, “There are various forms of activities and meet the needs of family members, especially after get off work. Such a relaxed place is really good. “

It is understood that this event is mainly catering and food, with full category format activities, consumer coupons gifts, commodity blessing bag gifts, points gifts and other product preferential activities and exotic performances, music party perception. A noodle shop owner on the night market stall happily told reporters: “By this activity, we can also take a booth outside the store to recruit some guests.”

According to the business manager of the park, from May 28, the event continued to attract the majority of residents to experience food and participate in interaction. Only at the event, the average daily passenger flow exceeded 20,000.

It is understood that in order to ensure a good night environment in the jurisdiction, the Fengyang Office of the High -tech Zone also established two night shift teams. The team leaders are responsible for the leadership to strengthen the work of night law enforcement and protect the night environment.

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