The most immortal color of this summer, milk honey yellow first bought from the bag

After the milk tea is burned to the shopping desire of Miss Gentle, there is another new beautiful color to prepare to capture the wardrobe, which is a sweet and mellow and bright yellow “milk honey yellow” like cream. Must -have beauty, many actresses have already added milk honey yellow in wearing, they look more gentle, and they can set off the white feeling of skin tone. What other milk honey and yellow single products are recommended, prepare new items It’s!

今年夏天最仙气的颜色奶蜜黄 先从包款买起来

Gulinaza, who announced the spokesperson of Charles & Keith a few days ago, when attending the Charles & Keith event, wearing milk honey yellow dresses. This version is also a popular tailoring in summer. It is not too gorgeous, milk honey Huang can add femininity and gentle temperament, Naza can learn it.

The set of photos taken by Fairy Sister Liu Yifei in Monaco is amazing. It is amazing. It is sweet but not greasy with a woven straw hat and small white shoes. This dress is also very suitable for girls to try in summer With simple jewelry, remember not to add too many exaggerated jewelry, simple is beautiful.

今年夏天最仙气的颜色奶蜜黄 先从包款买起来

Although milk honey yellow is considered a high -brightness color, it will not be as dazzling as lemon yellow and fluorescent yellow. If you want to try to wear it first, you can also try it from the shoe and bag. Adding milk honey yellow bags can also balance the whole, and it will not appear too casual. Many boutique brands have also launched this fairy bag to see which ones.

CHANEL spring new product Side Packs shoulder bag is composed of two small bags. As soon as it is launched, the topic of milk honey yellow completely attracts attention. one!


今年夏天最仙气的颜色奶蜜黄 先从包款买起来

The Hermès Halzan series of small cowbar leather bags designed by designer Frederick Vidal has 5 ways to wear, including hand -to -hand, shoulders, shoulders, etc. can be changed in different fields. It is not only soft, the design style is simple and low -key, full of the Hermes brand spirit.

今年夏天最仙气的颜色奶蜜黄 先从包款买起来

Hermès Halzan bag

LV redesigned the brand’s ancient Cannes makeup box. This Cannes handbag pays tribute to retro style with textured EPI leather. The bag -shaped shape is elegant, and the silver metal parts are unique. The two handle design provides a variety of carrying methods. It is also beautiful with light milk honey yellow with more creamy cream.

Cannes makeup box

今年夏天最仙气的颜色奶蜜黄 先从包款买起来

FENDI’s classic Baguette bag returns strongly this year. This bag that is loved by Kelly’s favorite in “Desire City” has also launched a light pink milk honey yellow. With the golden FF bag, the light is more obvious under the light of light. The shining is eye -catching, even if it is very simple, you can use this Baguette package to show the focus.

今年夏天最仙气的颜色奶蜜黄 先从包款买起来

Fendi Baguette Large

LOEWE’s popular TP POUCH goose yellow calfskin handbags are made of smooth calf leather, decorated with anagram pattern pressing flower, showing the simple and modern craftsmanship of Loewe T -shaped metal accessories and handmade edge.

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