Hair hair is easy to knots? Look at these hair care products! (Recommended collection)

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Saying that boys and girls will spend a lot of time dressing out when they go out, makeup, choose clothes and match, choose bags for choosing bags, watching themselves in the mirror before going out, you can be very satisfied with Xiao Qu’er sang singing songs When you go out, a gust of wind blows, your hair is messy! We don’t care much about the hair quality of the hair, more about hairstyle, blowing and dyeing, how to look good and how to come …


But hair is frizzy, dry fork, good hair style is also not perfect in beauty.

As a delicate pig girl, you still have to take care of your hair ~~

First understand the cause of hair frizzy, right?

It is mainly divided into two reasons, internal and external reasons. Internally, it may be caused by malnutrition, or inadequate absorption, and insufficient supply of nutrients. Generally speaking, because of the long hair, the long -haired girl is very long, and the transportation of nutrients to the tail will be prone to insufficient nutrients to make the split dry.

In terms of external reasons, there are too many shapes, such as hot hair, and hair damage becomes very frizzy; or often the sun is exposed to the sun, and the hair will become frizzy and nutritious.

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Knowing it, then think about how to solve the frizzy hair. First of all, pay attention to the supplement of your own nutrients. You can eat more walnuts, black sesame, peanuts and other foods that are beneficial to hairdressing. Pay attention to the schedule, try to get up early and get up early, pay attention to your mood happily, don’t be too focused ~

Then, it is a product that uses hair care and hair care. What are the specific? Look down!


Make good use of collections


Preparation ~


Washing and massage comb


Stay away from the hair that is easy to knotted, and we need to pay attention to enhance our scalp blood circulation. One can maintain the elasticity and health of the hair follicles, and the other is to avoid the problem of the nutrients that the nutrients causing nutrients can not be delivered to the root of the hair.


This massage comb is worth buying a set of two on the recommendation of the cabbage channel.

The diameter is about 7 cm, the length is about 9 cm, and the brushing is about 1.4 cm. The total weight is 50 grams. It is very light and small, and there is a small hole to hang up.

The use scenario is mainly used when washing your hair. While cleaning the scalp, it can massage very well to promote the blood circulation of the scalp.


The material is PP+TPE soft teeth, which is comfortable and durable. It feels soft and elastic, and it is not easy to deform.


When washing your hair, it feels good to massage the scalp of the scalp at about 1.4 centimeters. It does not hurt the scalp and hair. It is easy to wash after use. The price is very cheap, it can be used for a long time, and it is not distressed.

Daisen Moist Diane Extraction of Silicon -free Washing Wash [Moisturizing and Light]


Daisen is a Japanese word of mouth washing water. She has used their green moisturizing and bright shape before. Later, I wanted to change the taste to buy a blue hydrated and light style. It feels suitable for summer. Buy.

The shampoo of their series is more than 90%of the natural origin, and a variety of precious fruit oil and organic plant extracts are added. Can achieve mild hair care.


Because it is a plant washing and natural and mild maintenance shampoos, its use population is very wide. Baby pregnant women and sensitive muscles — the whole family can be available.

To be honest, the packaging is really the best in the shampoo I have used. The bottle is transparent with a transparent texture, the diamond -shaped grid pattern, and the light blue, which is very small and fresh.

The mouth is white, the streamlined design, there are three non -slip dots on the top, which is convenient to press it.


This mouth -press design can control the amount according to its actual needs to avoid waste.

Shampoo is transparent and colorless liquid, which is relatively liquid. The smell of natural citrus, the aroma is not too strong, it is small and fresh in summer ~

Generally, there is a disadvantage of the foam without silicon -free hair washing water. It feels jerky when washing, and cannot achieve both comfort and health. However, although Daisen’s shampoo is silicone -free shampoo, it adds lactine fruit oil and amino acid series washing ingredients. The amount of foam is very rich, which is completely different from the silicone -free hair washing water used in the past!


The amount of foam reaches the degree of bubbles ~ Very dense and delicate, you will not feel astringent when shampooing, you can gently clean your hair without tearing your hair.

Comparison before and after use:

After shampooing, the hair is moist, the water lock is very moisturizing, and each hair is soft and smooth, but it is not sticked on the scalp. The scalp is much lighter, there is a feeling of breathing ~ The hair quality changes the whole person’s temperament is different haha ​​~


I have used a bottle before, and I obviously feel that my hair is not as frizzy as before, and I have improved the fork to a certain extent. Therefore, I repurchased another bottle this time. A repurchase of shampoo ~

Shiseido Fino FINO Feno Hair Mask

Very famous hair mask, Japanese word -of -mouth hair mask products. In the past, I helped my colleague Ri Tao, and I bought some use by the way. The unit price is not expensive but the weight is relatively heavy. Ritao is not very cost -effective. I will basically buy it when Tmall is engaged in activities.

This hair mask packaging uses canned, a very large can, 230g is very useful.

The main components of the hair mask are seaweed, glutamic acid (color protection), PCA (firming hair structure), sharkane, and vitamin E. The fragrance of this hair mask is naturally clear, but it is a bit rich (no matter how strong it is, it will not be able to stand it), and the hair is fragrant after washing.

Milk white paste texture, although sticky but transparent.

Sure enough, redness makes sense. I feel that the moisturizing and repairing effect of this hair mask is very good. The use of long hair will be smooth, and the hair ending will be improved!


LCD electric heating hat


I was not very interested in the heating cap. It was a bit difficult to watch the heating caps on the Internet. Because I bought the hair membrane, I just felt that the hair mask was wiped on the hair without a heating. It seemed not as complete as it was absorbed. In order to further absorb the nutrition of the nursing product, I still chose this ultra -high cost -effective ratio Nursing method.


The first requirement is to be safe. Because this heating cap is protected by automatic power off, it is quite relieved.

Then, this heating cap is equipped with a liquid crystal display controller. You can choose 20 degrees to 65 degrees temperature, as well as timing functions. I can care about my hair while watching TV.


In terms of use, after washing your hair, the hair mask is well washed, wrapped the hair with a bath hat, and then put on this heating cap (it will not make the heating hat wet), the temperature is more than 40 degrees for 10 minutes.

There are zippers at the outermost layer of the heating cap, and it can be removed and cleaned, which is still convenient to design.

Personally, I feel that the effect of using heating caps is really much better! The absorption of the hair mask can be better, the hair is smoother and smoother, and the hair is improved ~ I can choose what I like by heating caps.

Loreal (LOREAL) Qi Huan Run Hair Essential Essential Oil 100ml

Using essential oils, I think there are mainly the following benefits:


Before the shape -let the hair resist with a high -temperature damage from the hair dryer and curly hair stick for an isolation.

Before shampooing -Use a little essential oil to reduce hair pulling to prevent knots. If you finish washing, it will be smoother.

Again, anytime, anywhere -similar to the feeling of makeup of hair, say goodbye to dry and frying hair at any time, and a touch of smoothness.

This is a bottle of small red bottle. Its lid is red, mainly because it is more suitable for dyeing and hot -dyeing damage to the hair, which improves the damage of hair scales.


This little red bottle of L’Oreal still feels that the price is very high, and it has been repurchased, and the effect is very good. 7 kinds of flower essence oil (roses, daisies, lotus, coconut, chamomile, ticana, and ticana flower) are more natural. It is very suitable for hot dyeing hair. improve.


The texture is oily and colorless. The taste is a stronger fragrance, which is very fragrant.


The texture is light and not sticky. Every time I squeeze 2-3 pumps in the palm of my palm before shampooing, rub it with both hands and wipe it evenly to the middle and hair tips.

High cost performance can not be used for a long time and does not distress. It has improved to fork and dry hair tail.


I have wrote a lot of essential oils in the use of essential oils before, you can click to view.


Boran BR730 negative ion hair comb

Braun Boran’s ion hair comb is a relatively famous living appliances. It uses Boran innovative IONTEC to dazzle ion technology to generate negative ions while combing the hair, take away the charge on the hair, reduce the electrostatic interference when combing the hair in autumn and winter. Essence

The BR730 uses a metal shell, and the 2nd verses of the normal 1.5V battery have been put on for two years. When buying, it comes with a good quality storage bag.


The technology used by this comb -magic ammunition ion conduction system, negative ion penetration technology, seamless tooth comb technology, giving a high -tech feeling.

How important is ionic hair care? Because the surface of our hair itself is charged, the hair can be excluded from each other to generate electrostatic or frizzy, and the ionic effect will no longer reject each other after each hair.

A unique design of toothless comb is used to reduce hair damage during combing.

The dismantling combat cushion can be washed (be careful not to get the glowing parts).

In terms of use, generally use a comb to press the edge of the bun for 10-15 seconds, and then comb the hair back to the end of the hair, repeat 3 to 4 times, so that you can better take a hair care.

This ion comb is easy to use, whether it is before bedtime or anytime, anywhere, the hair will become smoother after use, and it will not be so frizzy.

By the way, let’s talk about a yak horns. A few years ago, I was pulled to shopping in the shopping store in Jiuzhaigou. Although I did not consume, I voluntarily consumed a stuff. This is it:

Flower Najib yak horns comb

Now I don’t want to say whether it is expensive -a comb is almost three or four hundred (I really forgot it). The claim that the yak horn is made because it is protein, often combing hair is effective for blood circulation and white hair.

I tried to wash the comb in boiling water, it would really have a protein flavor, and it felt like cooking meat … so the cleaning should be mainly cold water.

In the store provides lettering services, I engraved: Everything goes smoothly. Not only is the hair become more and more smoother, but every piece of life and work can be smooth.

If you use this comb every day, the scalp does feel a powerful massage, and the blood circulation must be strengthened. However, this comb is an ordinary comb, and there is no high -tech component such as ions. Other magical effects are psychological comfort.

I feel that other similar cow horns on the Internet are similar. Mainly combing the scalp, massage the scalp, the hair tip can be brought slightly, or even combed to avoid turning the hair.

Sassoon (vs) mini straight hair splint roll straight use

Sassoon is a big brand, and I have a good opinion of their care tools. I have used a lot of straight hair clips. This Sassoon’s mini -type straight hair clip is very good. I use this Bank of China to exchange points, and the calculation is cheaper than online e -commerce purchases. Because the feeling of using a good use, one more exchanged.


The characteristic of this straight hair clip is: mini is small. Put it in a medium -sized bag, it does not take up the place and is lightweight. The voltage is 100 ~ 240V using the world’s general voltage. Usually traveling on a business trip, you can carry it with you.


A 360 -degree rotation power cord is used, and you don’t need to wrap it when you use it.

This straight hair clip is actually used and dual -rolled. The 16 mm ceramic straight clip can pull straight hair. The fringe star’s bangs are particularly easy to explode. I often use straight hair clips to deal with bangs. The side plate of ceramic coating can be used to create curly hair.

It will be hot in about 15 seconds, reaching 150 degrees Celsius in 60 seconds, fast heating speed, and constant temperature control without injury.

Ceramic straight hair clip intelligent temperature control. I usually use hair care oil. The local shape of the hair is not injured, and it has improved significantly for frizzy hair. Especially when emergency emergency, it can be used in large use, and it is still good to prepare a straight hair clip.


The hair is frizzy, it is easy to knot, and the most afraid of wind and rain when you go out … This article gives you many product suggestions according to the hair washing process. You can choose as needed.

Every fringe is a good person, like the collection, and interact with me ~~

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