After the winter cotton clothes, choose the sheep, “three major advantages” tell you, what is called more and practical

Hi, here is set,

A focus dress, exclusive, your beautiful fashionable people!

What kind of style is you like in winter down jacket?

Casual sports cotton clothes? Personal cotton servings with suits? Keep up with the trend front line laser reflective cotton clothes? Don’t be silly, dear, this year, these cotton clothes are not as good as lamb cotton clothes.


Trendy has a point.

The little sisters who are still hesitating, can spend three minutes to watch the following content, and ensure that you love the three advantages of it.

Wool cotton advantage 1: hipster warm

The warmth of the wool cotton clothing should be considered to have been happy, wearing it out, just like wrapped in cotton,

Warm to extreme


However, there are also a lot of lamb cotton clothes in the market. In order to prevent everyone from being deceived, when choosing, be sure to have these characteristics:

First, the lamb does not fall

Generally, the lamb cotton jackets that have this feature wear, can guarantee the temperature, and is also particularly suitable for long-term.

Second, the surface of the wool cotton clothes must be flat and smooth

Because the style with this feature is particularly dense, it is not easy to drill the wind, even if the wearer and small skirt go out, it will not be frozen.

Third, wool cotton clothes should be guaranteed to be warm, the style must be loose version

This, even if it can’t resist cold, it can also increase the temperature by adding other items.

The second biggest advantage of woolen coat: the classic wild

Every winter is wearing this hairy jacket. Others will not think that your image is not properly, the most critical is that no one can reject the impact of the plush jacket.

Visual effect is very outstanding


It can also easily make sunshires and good people.

However, if you want to meet the classic requirements, there are two points that you need to pay special attention to it.


First, the color of the wool cotton clothes must ensure that the foundation is the foundation, can’t blindly pursue popular colors, can not just select high-altitude fluorescence.

Only basic black and white ash and beige, rice coffee colors, light brown, khaki, classic camel, can guarantee that every winter is wearing the door, can become fashionable, can lead the trend while not being fashionable disuse,

Suitable for small sisters who are suitable for daily low-key

The second point is to pay attention to its version design, or that sentence, in order to ensure a hundred-bed, you must not choose too representation when choosing the elements stitching with the sheep jacket.

For example, today’s special popular butterfly element, if everyone blindly puts it on wool cotton clothes, we will have a particularly obvious excessive feeling in the second year, like this timeline, only one quarter element, or not recommended a small sister They choose.


Of course, not all element sheep lambs cars can not choose, like this fur, macular style, still try it.

Also, everyone can choose cotton clothes with clay buckles. As long as the elements with cotton clothes are also less than classics, the timeliness of lamb wool clothes will remain for a long time, and they can use the level or more abroad. Combination method,

Ear earning


The third largest advantage of woolen coat: very very aggravated

The aging effect of the wool cotton clothing is very outstanding, and its age is very smart, with a heart, no matter which age group, wear it, basically will not make people feel disgusting, completely unused effect Stylish and highlights.

If you don’t worry, you can

Enhance the security by changing the color of the sheep cotton clothing



The little sister between, you can choose a clearer, you can choose the color of the classic rice, and you can choose the color of the youthfulness.

The little sister between the ages of 23-30 can take advantage of this opportunity to bravely let go, high satiety blue, orange, red, yellow, green can try it.

If everyone is in

30 years old or over 60 years old

When picking up the wool cotton jacket, you can choose a slightly biased weight loss.

Like coffee, brown, camel, retro vintage tones can be selected. Like a conventional style black, a blue, dark gray color, or choose, the upper body effect is mature and unleasing.


I am taking, if you have confusion, you can privately believe me, you also welcome a message to discuss! Follow the study, we will become better and more beautiful together!

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