3 low -speed electric vehicles, some have good safety, some meet the national standard, see which one is suitable for you

The types of electric vehicles are rich in types, and they are also different from the crowd. One of the electric vehicles is biased towards middle -aged and elderly people, and low -speed electric vehicles at a speed of 70 km/h. Although the speed is not high, it is cheap, but its price is cheap. Simple operation, cold in winter, sunscreen in summer, is still very good transportation.


So, how to choose such low -speed electric vehicles? Safety and cost -effectiveness are the key. Today, there are more than ten brands of low -speed electric vehicles. Each brand has multiple different products. For consumers who do The three low -speed electric vehicles launched by Wen and Yifa may wish to see it.

The first: Jin Peng Ling

Advantages: good security, high face value

In October, Jin Peng launched a new “Lingke” series of products. This car owner’s safety is mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. It is equipped with a four -wheeled disc brake system of the car -level integrated brake disc, making the brakes more timely and safer when driving;


2. The vehicle focuses on the function of anti -sloping. In some climbing driving, the hidden safety hazards of the slopes will not cause the slopes;

3. Integrated stamping sheet metal process, the shell of the casting vehicle is stronger, and it has a better collision ability when collision.

In terms of power

: Equipped with Jin Peng dedicated

60V1500W ultra -quiet vector motor

Although there is a strong motivation, it can hardly hear any noise, and its speed is 45 kilometers per hour, which also meets the needs of the elderly.

A battery with a capacity of 100AH ​​to ensure that it has a battery life of 150 kilometers. The elderly are used to pick up the baby to travel, charging once, and it is not a problem for 1 week


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: The safety of this car is the shortcoming of traditional low -speed electric vehicles that do not pay attention to safety. This is also a big brand such as Jin Peng. There are safety, enough battery life, enough speed, and it also has a high “face value” appearance. These are the advantages of this car.

The second paragraph:

Advantages: conform to the “national standard” in compliance with low -speed electric vehicles, worry -free on the road

Bidewin is an old brand of low -speed electric vehicles. On October 6, Bitvin ushered in a new car conference of “decisive moment” in Jinan. Announce the model,


And the selling point of this car is the “new national bid car”

From the perspective of this car, it can be said that it is beautiful in shape. The closed front grille design is basically the same as electric vehicles. Therefore, it is not only suitable for the elderly, but also the “competitive product” of micro electric vehicles such as Wuling Hongguang Mini Essence



6000W asynchronous permanent magnet motor

, Make the vehicle’s motivation more motivated, and can be easily up at 20 ° big slopes, and its exclusive E -line integrated lithium battery system is equipped with than Germany, which has 11 protection measures such as over pressure and lack of pressure. Configure the power lithium battery provided by Guoxuan Hi -Tech,

Not only can the battery life reach more than 130 kilometers, but it has 8 years of warranty

, Make the vehicle more assured.

: As we all know, the national standard of low -speed electric vehicles has been completed. Although it has not been officially implemented, the specific content has been released during the solicitation of the comments draft. In the future, low -speed electric vehicles can only drive on the road normally. Facing the transition period and even elimination, so

Choosing this “new national standard” low -speed electric vehicle can avoid the problem that cannot be legally on the road in the future

Third paragraph: E200

Advantages: conform to the “national standard”, follow -up

Compared with Jinpeng and Biden, Yifa belongs to the “small coffee” brand in low -speed electric vehicles. Established in 2016, it focuses on the field of small electric vehicles. Many brands are the first to release low -speed electric vehicles that meet the “national standard”, and Yifa E200 is one of them.

The appearance of this car is exactly the same as that of the car, and its craftsmanship also uses car standards, with smooth lines, sharks in front of the mouth, shuttle LED taillights. For 2345mm, almost from the appearance, the distinction it is not actually a “old man music”.

: Yifa E200 is equipped with a 4000W permanent magnet synchronous motor. The design of the highest speed is 55 kilometers per hour.

The capacity is 7.3kW, and the maximum battery life can reach 130 kilometers

, Can meet daily car needs.


: I think the core advantage of this car is the same as Bidwin, which is in line with the “national standard” in line with low -speed electric vehicles. Therefore, they all belong to the “passenger car” of legal compliance, as long as it is

The vehicles that obey the national standards have also avoided rough production in terms of quality. In general, you will be more assured if you buy and use it.


: The above 3 Kim Peng Ling, Bien, and E200, can meet daily needs in the basic configuration: speed and battery life. In terms of their own advantages,


Golden Pengling pays more attention to safety, and the latter two meet the “national standard”


, Are all vehicles with each advantage. If you are safe, comfortable, and beautiful, you can choose Jin Peng Lingcker. If you want to be powerful and domineering, you can choose to take a gigger than German. National standards, you can choose Easy E200.

So, which one is you optimistic about these 3 low -speed electric vehicles? Everyone is welcome to comment and exchange, pay attention to small experts of electric vehicles, and share information and views of electric vehicles every day.




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Small followers comment



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