How to wear warmth in winter is not bloated! Try the matching of these coats, the atmosphere is lifted again

The down jacket is a “artifact” for women. After all, it will be very warm to wear, but don’t ignore the cultivation of temperament. If you only wear down jackets, it seems too monotonous. It is better to replace the following coats to wear, which can improve the temperament and create a thin role.

The choice of color differences


The coat can always occupy a higher position in the minds of women, because it is indeed capable and capital can capture everyone’s heart. In the use of color, different colors can be adopted to construct various styles.


Like this lamb wool coat, it uses a gentle color that everyone is generally accepted. The irritation brought by this color system will not be too public, which can meet the more and more stable state of women, and Its material will also be much thicker than ordinary coats, and it can also perceive the warmth.

The selection of coats is definitely a very important part of the color. This is because it determines the display style display, gentle or cold, mature or age -reducing, these are closely related to color.

Like this gray long coat, it can meet the needs of women to create commuters and use it to create a mature dress. It can also be matched with a variety of knitted sweaters and shirts to construct the overall sense. The whole set of clothing is very inclusive for individuals. No matter how old women are, wearing this item is always very comfortable.

Among so many coats, black is the most satisfactory, because it can use the color of color to enlarge the modification of the body. After the age of forty or fifty years old, it is difficult to try it.


This black long coat also adds white wave dots for embellishment. This small area of ​​white addition can make the shape of this coat not look too heavy, and the shaping of the neckline can be a little procrastinating, more, more The neat and generous sense of vision is more suitable to combine the high -necked items, and it can also wrap the skin on the neck.

Different parts of matching

The composition of the entire shape of the long coat is inconsistent, and there are differences in the combination mode. For example, with pants or skirts, it is also a matter of thinking.


If you want to create a casual style, you can combine with long coats and wide -leg pants, and the combination of colors does not need to take a different approach or think too much. The combination of the same color is enough. Like this light pink coat, it matches pants that are also pink, which is more age -reducing and sweeter.

In this season, the importance of skirt cannot be ignored, and it is difficult to have the same elegant charm and dignified feeling as it is like it. The combination of long coats and skirts is a formula for rapidly improving temperament, which can be firmly remembered by women.


This combination scheme can not only be suitable for daily life, but also some major occasions can also adopt this template. However, changing color is the change style, mainly blue long coats, combined with white skirts, fresh, beautiful, clean and refreshing. Even if the skirt cannot cover the skin of the legs extremely strict, it can be added with a combination of gray or black leggings to ensure the realization of warmth effect.

The coordinated shoes are inconsistent

Long coats and all kinds of underwear can indeed create a variety of styles, and the selection of shoes can also be used to make some changes to make large articles, so that individuals will not look too homogeneous.

If the color of the coat is well matched with a single product, the selection of shoes is more diverse. This heel style high -heeled shoes will reduce the difficulty of control on the one hand. On the other hand, it can also modify the calves curve and create a very slender leg line.

However, the most popular in winter is some types of shoes that can enhance warmth. Like the short boots, the use of the color, the use of the simplest and simple black, can allow you to make you not needed when choosing a coat. More worry about color cooperation.


Black boots can be combined with skirts or simple and neat trousers, which can reflect its unique and modern style and fashionable feeling. Coupled with the wide wrapping range of the entire soles of the foot, it can also make women feel comfortable.

Don’t just care about the down jacket in winter. When it is not so cold, you can use the coat to replace it to create a modification effect on temperament and create a serious or gentle daily wear.

In this group of styles, the shoes used are still the black boots that everyone is familiar with. It also has a slight modification effect on the shape of the entire foot. The simple and neat nine -point pants are the easiest to form a perfect cooperation with the style of the short boots, creating a stretching effect on the leg shape, and the leg shape is more slender.

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