Eight common jewelry maintenance Daquan

Jewelry jewelry maintenance Daquan, use it for life ~


1. Avoid collision.

Diamonds are strong and can resist scratches (except for being scratched by other diamonds), and keep shining for a long time. , But diamonds are not indestructible. It may be damaged due to a strike, from the aging inlaid seats, or damaged due to contact with other diamonds.

2. Storage.

Be careful when wearing diamonds. Store it in jewelry boxes or soft bags and separate from other jewelry.

3. Timed cleaning.

Wipe the jewelry that cannot be used for the soft cloth, or use warm water, mild soap and soft brush to wash jewelry, or quickly dip in the commercially available cleaning solution. Please clean the diamond jewelry regularly.

4. Timing check.

It is checked by professional jewelery dealers to ensure that the diamond jewelry is durable and complete.


1. Avoid pulling.

The texture of gold is relatively soft. If it is a more thinner gold, do not pull it hard, because this will cause gold jewelry to deform and greatly reduce the beauty of jewelry. Although relatively difficult and solid gold jewelry is relatively difficult to deform, it should also be noted that it is not easy to deform. Relatively, it is difficult to change back to the original shape after deformation.

2. Avoid corrosion


Essence Gold can have chemical reactions with many chemicals, common ones, bleaching water, etc., and hair gels for hair dyeing will also have chemical reactions with gold. Then wear makeup before we wear jewelry and avoid contact with such liquids.

3. Save

Essence If the gold jewelry is not used for a long time, it needs to be stored in a dry place. It is recommended that you wrap it with a soft cloth and place it separately from other metals (especially diamonds). This will avoid bumps and greatly reduce gold. Dear degree of loss.

4. Pay attention to occasions.

Pay attention to special occasions when wearing daily wearing. For example, some people like to swim, and the substances such as gold are not suitable for soaking in the swimming pool, because the water in the swimming pool is basically tap water, containing a large amount of chlorine elements, which will cause gold to drop luster.

5. Gold cleaning.

For the cleaning of gold jewelry, it is recommended that you use warm water to soak the gold jewelry first, and then use it


Wash the detergent (pH value: 7 +/-) clean the surface of the gold jewelry, and then rinse and dry the water with water.

Note: Gold can react with many chemicals, so stay away from all chemicals.


Don’t collide with hard objects or fall on hard objects (floor, etc.).


2. Avoid pollution.

Try to avoid contact with perfume, chemical liquid, soap, or human sweat to prevent erosion and affect


The brightness of agate.

3. Avoid high temperature.

Pay attention to avoid heat sources, such as sunlight, stoves, etc., because agate will swell when heat, and the increase in molecular gaps affect jade. Continuous contact with high temperature will cause agate to burst.

4. Avoid symptoms.

Agate usually avoids the sun as much as possible.


5. Clean jewelry.

Wipe it frequently and keep it clean. If you have the conditions, you can use pure water soaking in pure water to replenish water, and keep the humid agate more beautiful.

6. Storage.

When not in use, it should be collected in a soft texture box. It is best to place it in a dark and humid place when small accessories are not worn. If the current surrounding environment is very dry, it will cause the evaporation of natural water inside, which will lose the art and economic value of its collection.

Silver jewelry

1. Frequent wear is the best maintenance.

Silver jewelry often looks better. The oil and other substances on the human body can make the silver decoration bright and beautiful, and the silver jewelry that is not worn is easy to turn yellow.

2. Avoid pulling.

Silver is softer than gold. We must avoid pulling and collision, especially silver bracelets. Do not take it down often. After deformation, it is no longer beautiful. You need to take it back to the store for maintenance.

3. Avoid pollution/corrosion.

Avoid contact with sulfur soap and acid solution. Because sulfur and silver have chemical reactions, acid solutions will corrode silver.

4. Pay attention to wear occasions.

Do not wear silver jewelry when soaking in hot springs, and try not to touch the seawater. These are damaged to silver jewelry.

5. Clean.

Silver jewelry is easy to turn yellow. After yellowing, wipe it with silver paper. Generally, the yellow jewelry that becomes yellow can be wiped with silver paper to restore the previous light. It must be rinsed with a lot of water to prevent the silver -washing solution from retention of corrosion silver jewelry.

6. Save.

Seal and save when not worn. In many cases, the silver decoration becomes yellow and black is caused by oxidation, so you must put the silver decoration in a closed small bag when not worn. There are no high -end bags that are specialized in silver jewelry.



Wearing crystal jewelry should be shined lightly to avoid falling or severe impact.

2. Avoid high temperature.

Do not put the crystal jewelry in a high temperature, and do not directly expose to the sun to avoid cracks in the crystal.

3. Avoid corrosion/pollution.

Avoid letting crystal jewelry come into contact with various chemical items, bathing, dishes, shampooing, shampooing, and swimming can be removed first, do not wear.

4. Keep cleaning

Essence After wearing jewelry, wipe the crystal jewelry with a soft cloth. Do not rinse it with water to avoid leaving watermarks and cannot be removed.

5. Save.

Do not stack various crystal jewelry in the jewelry box to avoid leaving scratches on the surface of the jewelry.

6. Discipline.

After wearing crystal jewelry for a period of time, you can choose to be demagnetized. You can soak it with sea salt water for 20 minutes. You can also choose a crystal hole for a period of time to demagnetize.



1. Frequent wear.

This is the best “maintenance” method for jadeite, and the simplest and most practical method. No matter which part of it has a small environment of the human body, it will often supplement the water loss of emeralds to make it moist, and the water head can be improved. “People support jade”.

2. Avoid collision.

The emerald’s Mohs has high hardness and greater abrasion resistance, but it also brings a weakness with greater crispness. Generally speaking, it is very delicate and can’t afford. Once the molecular structure in the surface layer is collided, it will be destroyed, and sometimes dark cracks will occur. Although it is not easy to detect the naked eye, it will be revealed under the magnifying glass, and its perfection and value will be damaged.

3. Avoid chemicals.

The cleaning of Cui surface is very important, because the dirt remaining after use will have acidic or alkaline things, and they will pollute the surface of the jade. After each wearing, wipe it with a clean and soft cotton cloth, and should not be dyed. You can also wash it with water and slight warm water. First, immerse it in water for about 30 minutes, and then gently scrub the jadeite inlaid with a small brush. Finally, use soft paper to dry the water. Do not rinse directly on the faucet. In addition, the emerald part with broken diamonds or gemstones should be wiped with clean cotton cloth.

Any high fever and high temperature can cause heat swelling, as well as emerald. Do not make the emerald exposure in the sun, because the strong sunlight will increase the volume of the emerald molecules, which will cause the jade to change and affect the texture of the jade. Similarly, emerald should not be impacted by steam, and it is not even more water.

5. Avoid chemical agents.

Various detergents, soaps, insecticides, cosmetics, perfumes, hairdressing, etc. If you accidentally live, you should remove it in time, and don’t let it damage the jadeite.

When collecting emeralds, it should be treasured in a soft texture box. If two or more, they must be wrapped in soft objects such as line cloths, so as to prevent it. For handlebars need to be preserved properly, it is best to have special collection places when playing. It is recommended to make a cloth bag according to the size and shape of the handle. Don’t bump.


1. Avoid bumps.

The texture of the pearl itself is relatively crispy. Once you are bumped, it is likely to be damaged. If the pearl is damaged, there is no way to repair it at all, so you must pay attention to anti -bumps.

2. Avoid humidity.

Pearls cannot be placed in a humid place, because if the water is too heavy, it will slowly erode the pearls, which will cause the color of the pearl to change. Therefore, pearls should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, which is conducive to the maintenance of pearls.

Do not touch pearls and cosmetics together. The chemicals in cosmetics will change the nature of pearls. As a result, pearls will change color, and it becomes ugly.

4. Avoid sleeping.

Remove the pearls when you take a bath. Do not wear it while sleeping, affecting the endocrine cycle of the body, causing physical discomfort.

5. Keep it clean.

After wearing, you must wipe it with cotton cloth in time. The skin will secrete sweat or other impurities to pollute the pearls. Therefore, you must wipe it after wearing it every day.

6. Clean.

Pearl cannot be cleaned. After the surface of the pearl is water and gas, it may rot and mold. If it is cleaned with water, it will also cause damage to the pearl chain.

7. Save.

Pearls should be placed in jewelry boxes or separate packaging bags. Do not throw it on the cosmetic table or elsewhere. In the long run, the pearls will make the pearl scratches and affect the aesthetics.


Hardness is low and brittle. Avoid friction, scratches, and prevent scratching and crushing.

2. Avoid symptoms.

Amber is an organic gem. It is afraid of heat and exposure, and it is easy to melt. It is necessary to avoid direct sunlight.

Amber is not suitable for high temperature storage, easy to dehydrate, and dryness is easy to cause cracks.

4. Avoid corrosion/pollution.

Nail polish, alcohol, gasoline, kerosene and other liquids must be kept away, and they are not suitable for placing in cosmetics cabinets.

5. Clean.

After use, wipe the surface gently with a wet cotton cloth, and wipe the plant oil (olive oil) to restore the original luster after air drying.


When storing, pay attention to avoid storing with other gems (especially the hard -high gemstones such as diamonds), and the best preservation is best.

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1. Avoid collision.


1. Avoid collision.

1. Avoid collision.




3. Avoid high temperature.

4. Avoid symptoms.

Silver jewelry

6. Save.

6. Save.

3. Avoid corrosion/pollution.




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