Soft time on the tablecloth

The dining table is the most worthy place for you.

There is a book saying: “Love is together, eating a lot of meals”, and the dining table has fulfilled this kind of love with long water and long water. At the table, share food, talk about the earth, and spend countless good times with your family.


It is not difficult to arrange the dining table at all. A beautiful tablecloth can make makeup. The fabric desktop has magical magic -the best protection for the dining table, soft and brightening space, showing the design sense of the small family. With the same series of pillows, a warm and exquisite life style, so that your home does not lose the model room in the magazine.


House Doujun recommends the style of different styles and colors for you, which is romantic with your little home.

Remember, they are not just tablecloths, but also life.

House Doujun’s romantic tablecloth carefully selected for you

Nordic IKEA style striped tablecloth

Adapted home style: Nordic style decorated with black and white gray or bright colors

This classic Nordic IKEA style dining tablecloth is soft and comfortable, elegant and generous. It is a good product that is not to be missed. Simple geometric wavy stripes, fresh and natural, make the restaurant full of fashion and artistic atmosphere. A variety of color choices, gray stripes and black stripes, elegant atmosphere; orange, blue -green and yellow stripes, just to brighten the space.

Reference price: ¥ 15.20

Nordic Mediterranean plaid tablecloth

Adapted home style: Nordic style (or American style) embellished in blue or red

The lattice is a classic element that will never exit in the fashion industry. Even the dining table also put on grid clothes to perfectly integrate the fresh and pure pastoral style and simple and fashionable modern sense. The classic color matching of red, blue and white, brings a bright and low -key elegance of jumping; all cotton canvas, soft and comfortable and not easy to fade. If you need to brighten the space with blue and red, this tablecloth is more suitable.

Reference price: ¥ 22.80

Nordic modern minimalist Pop style geometric table cloth


Adapted home style: Nordic style embellished with beige and blue


This Pop -style tablecloth brings a bright and beautiful artistic atmosphere to the restaurant. The color matching of white, blue, and coffee brings a bright and soft visual experience; the imaginative and interesting geometric patterns are very regular and beautiful, creating a lively and brutal Pop style. With such a unique tablecloth, the tabletable table is dotted, and the mediocre small home is immediately lively, overflowing the fashionable sense of Pop art.

Reference price: ¥ 29.00

Nordic linen large stripes are blue fabric tablecloth

Adapted home style: various styles containing beige elements

If you want to create a warm and elegant restaurant, this linen tablecloth is a necessary item. The combination of linen color and gray blue penetrates the nostalgic and elegant texture into the home itself. The wide stripes are simple and stylish, exquisite lace edges, with soft and natural linen materials, showing a strong artistic atmosphere, making the home space extremely beautiful. This table is stable, elegant and elegant.


Reference price: ¥ 60.00

Nordic IKEA Tablecloth Literature and Art Fan

Adapted home style: Nordic or Mediterranean style containing blue elements

From this tablecloth, what did you read? Film films, English newspapers, handwriting stationery … a strong retro cultural atmosphere, accompany your food time. The pattern is rich and not messy, and the color is fresh but not losing the highlights. Put on the table to bring unlimited imagination space. Putting a dazzling yellow sunflower, every moment of time on the table is vibrant.


Reference price: ¥ 28.50

Nordic IKEA Eiffel Tower small aircraft fresh cotton and linen tablecloth

If you think the dining table in your home is not fun enough and playful, this tablecloth will definitely bring surprises. The small fresh -style pattern, Eiffel Tower, small planes, national flags … embellishment on the beige background, like a childlike and cute hand -painted graffiti. The tensioned color block stitching makes people shine. Natural cotton and linen material, soft and skin -friendly, ironing the edges and corners of life.

Reference price: ¥ 13.93


American rural pastoral tablecloth

Adaptation home style: idyllic style

On this tablecloth, you have a restaurant full of flowers. The colorful flowers bloom on the pale green table cloth, fresh and pleasant, and the spring light is infinite, bringing a romantic rural style. Cotton fabric uses the latest textile technology to prevent instant waterproof water and better protect the dining table. With the same pillow, full of mood.


Reference price: ¥ 58.00


House Doudou’s family plan: You need to know when choosing a table cloth


1. Style

The style of the tablecloth depends on the home style. Rural wind, Nordic style, Mediterranean style, or Chinese style? A good tablecloth should be coordinated with the indoor style to show the harmonious beauty.

2. Color

The tablecloth plays a decorative role in the home space, so the choice of color should echo the main color tone in the home space.


3. Material

To create a stylish home life, the fabric of the tablecloth is very important. Cotton or linen material is comfortable and elegant, helping to create a spatial texture.

Adapted home style: Nordic or Mediterranean style containing blue elements

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