Is the amethyst more purple, the more good the amethyst bracelet is the genuine

Many people think that the better the amethyst bracelet, the better, it is not the case, so

Is the amethyst, the more purple the better

紫水晶是越紫越好吗 紫水晶手链正品多少钱

How much is the genuine amethyst bracelet? Let ’s take a look with Xiaobian!

1. Is the amethyst more purple, the better?

The darker the color, the better. Many friends think that the deeper the color, the better the quality. This is wrong, because for the amethyst, the depth of the color is not the main point of judging its quality, and the purity and transparency of the amethyst is purple is purple. The main points of judgment of crystal quality. Regardless of whether the color of the amethyst is dark purple or light purple, as long as the inclusions and ice cracks inside their internal, the more transparent the amethyst crystals, the higher the quality of the amethyst.

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紫水晶是越紫越好吗 紫水晶手链正品多少钱

2. How much is the genuine amethyst bracelet?

Is the amethyst deep purple or light purple. In fact, amethyst is a type of crystal with a lot of cracks. Whether the color is deep or shallow, the crystals are transparent. Specifically: In terms of bracelets, it is generally lighter to appear transparent, and the deep purple is relatively dark as a whole, which is not as wide as light purple. As far as the gem material of the noodles is concerned, because the crystals are close to the whole net, the relatively dark one will be better than light colors. The dark colors look more outstanding in color and usually the fire color is brighter and better. The border between the above two is a pendant. The larger the material, the more transparent the material, the higher the price, and the shades of the color. In addition, if it is an amethyst with aliens such as pyramids, the price will be higher than other. It is generally more than 300.

Third, amethyst bracelet evaluation standard

1. Color: For any gem, color is very important, and crystals are no exception. If the crystals are color, such as pink crystals, yellow crystals, amethyst, etc., the highest criterion for color evaluation is bright and touching, without gray, black, brown and other colors. Such as pink crystal, the color is better; the amethyst, the color requires the color to be fresh purple, pure and not black; the yellow crystal, the color requires the color without green, lemon color, and the golden orange color is better. For hair crystals, the color of the crystal is also very important. The blond crystal of the same hair, the crystal is completely colorless (white crystal) and the crystal is slightly tea, and the visual perception of the naked eye is also different, so the price of the former will be higher than the latter.

2. Clearness: Crystal and high -end gems are very different. High -end gems are rare, so people generally do not demand the clarity of high -end gems. The production of crystal is really amazing, so usually people ask the crystal clarity as better, and try to avoid obvious crystals with obvious internal contents.

3. Incantance: If there is a legendary character in the internal impurities of the crystal, the value of the buddha, constellation, and zodiac may be higher than the crystal of the same color and clarity.

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