The super running shoes that can be started in 300 yuan, super cost -effective, Adi on the feet is not fragrant instantly

As a type of sports equipment, running shoes will also be designed as a subdivided product with different positioning due to market demand. For example, jogging shoes, such as comprehensive training shoes, such as speed training shoes, such as racing shoes, etc. Under normal circumstances, what can be assumed by different definition running shoes is basically the functions in the art. For example, jogging shoe is a solid jogging. If you want to wear jogging shoes to pull the speed, the income will be very low.

Of course, there are exceptions. There are two cases, you can ignore the positioning of the running shoe itself to exercise. The first type is that the runner itself is strong enough. Even wearing jogging shoes is faster than ordinary people wearing carbon boards and running shoes (of course, pursuing results, carbon board running shoes is still the most preferred); the second, the shoes itself itself The compatibility is very high, and it can cooperate with the runner to cover multiple fields and become a pair of “golden oil running shoes”.


This pair of shoes to be said today is such a pair of “Wanjin oil running shoes”. It is the hexagonal warrior from Anta, an asphalt circuit!


The upper upper of the asphalt road fighters is very good, so it makes people feel that it is not the quality of this price. The double -layer integrated Jaka net cloth, from the toe to the upper, the density of different parts has been regionalized: the toe is very soft and gives the forefoot a high flexibility; The wrapping feeling is great; the back section is firm and the support is strong. With the very reliable Hong Kong treasures after the heel, the heel of the asphalt road fighter is very heel, and there will be no disconnection and loosening in the exercise.


Midsole & outsole


It should be said that the asphalt road fighter also uses a double -layer composite midsole running shoes, because in addition to the white EVA foam midsole that can be seen on the outside, it also has a layer of ETPU foam material Inside the shoe warehouse. The feet that are superimposed in the two materials are great. You will feel a little hard, but it is softer than the Boston 9 of Adidas. When you run away for two or three kilometers, you will find that the feet of the asphalt road fighter become soft -not the softness of soft and hard, and the soft and hard bomb.


The attenuation performance of the midsole is very good. No obvious performance changes were found in the actual measurement of 40 kilometers. The performance of the entire process was very stable, from one to the end. The arch wall design at the arch was also used to support the arch of the arch. This design is effective, and the runner of the low arch can choose with confidence.


There are many lines on the outsole, and it also gives the asphalt road a good grip. In actual combat, I found the cement road soaked by the water and turned around on this slippery road. The grabbing of the asphalt road fighter was very stable, and I couldn’t feel the traces of the side slip off -but I don’t recommend everyone to be here here Running on a slippery section, I did it for testing. As a runner, when facing the wetland, you should still counsel.

Actual experience

The positioning of the asphalt road fighter is comprehensive training shoes. I used different pace to run 40 kilometers of measurement. Judging from my personal experience, it is an excellent pair of long -distance training shoes for old birds, and can bear the speed training needs of starting runners as fast training shoes. Its midsole feedback is very timely, the response is rapid, and there is no procrastination when speeding up. It is what a pair of standard training shoes should be. It was for this reason that I shifted my eyes from wave 9 to it.

For novices, it is also an excellent jogging shoes. Because its arch supports design and the performance of ground cushioning, it is enough to allow friends with low arch to look at it with confidence. Even some short -distance racing, such as a student’s 1 kilometer test, there is no problem to wear it. If you want to get better results in the competition, the asphalt road fighter is also a high -quality choice for many friends with many budgets. It is really no worse than the Boston of Adidas, and the price is almost the same as the lowest price in Boston 9. Especially now that Bo 9 has been discontinued, I can’t buy it. I suggest that the enthusiasts of Bo 9 can try the asphalt circuit bulge. It is really good.

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