Classical and simple and dignified new Chinese style, unique charm

The new Chinese furniture full of classical charm is the return of the aesthetic needs of modern people! The new Chinese style is interpreted in modern ways in ancient China, making the old house a new life. The unique luxury texture is very comparable.


In the formula of Founder, the smooth brown wood furniture, with the dark -colored sofa cushion and plain pillow, and the simple and bright white marble shows a bright visual impact in front of people.


The small stool uses the design of the table and chair of the same color. The simple and curved line design also makes the overall matching life space with a lighter and natural way.


The chair with a round arc echoing the shape of the solid wood conference table, simple and stylish, lively and fragrant.

Placing a rack rack with the same color system by the window sill, making the overall space have a different interest, giving people a simple and refreshing visual effect.


The simple and simple desk still uses the same color of the same color. This low -key and stable tone can better create a quiet and harmonious atmosphere, making it more comfortable and natural during reading. The traditional Chinese pattern on the side of the table is even more elegant, and the stable style once again increases the layered sense of life.

The warm brown wooden frame, the symmetrical design of the symmetrical design, and strives to create a Chinese -style quiet and elegant charm.

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