Timberland Tim Lan Men’s Cavalieri Card Carrier men’s Cavali Carter

Author: Caspartsao

I have always wanted a light stuck bag, which is convenient to carry two or three cards with you in summer. I saw this Tianbailan men’s Cavalerca bag on Meiya half a month ago. I felt just what I needed, so I broke the news on my aunt after placing an order, but it seems that it does not attract the attention of friends. So after receiving the goods, I will share the bill of sharing this card bag for the past few days after receiving the goods.

Timberland Men’s Cavalieri Card Carrier, Brown, One SIZE

1. Basic information

根据美亚的介绍,这款卡包是采用100%真皮制成,里衬采用涤纶面料,支持手洗(真心不知道咋手洗,谁能解答一下?),采用3:4的结构,长10.2CM, 7.7cm, contains two card slots and a transparent slot, manufactured by Aisan, India.

Second, sun -sharing

If you place an order on April 7, you will only receive it on April 19th. It is a relatively long direct mail time, because I bought clothes together. After all I received it, it was such a large box.

This is a small ticket, no tax, good. It is a pity that the one -order 500 yuan that just traded was taxed more than 170 yuan by the damn transportation company. Still direct mail.

After opening, there is a small box with a plastic bag on the outside.

The front is like this, the packaging is simple.

After the box is dismantled, it can be installed like this, which is a complete box, which is very strong.

This is a label, but it seems to have been torn off. It should have had the price on it. I guess it is $ 45, because the original price of Meiya is written like this.

This card bag, like other foreign brands, is tied to the box with a soft rope, but it can be removed without damage.

This rope is basically stuffed into the plastic head.

The front photo of the card bag, in the middle according to the habit of foreigners, gives a mouthful to facilitate the quickly removed.

After taking out the small card inside, it looks like this.

The back of the card is a promotional card introduced by a brand.

On the front of the card, the texture is quite good, and it feels like a cowhide.

It can be said that the card slot above is very deep, the lower below is relatively shallow, the effect is like this, the above can not be seen at all, and the bottom is exposed.

Side contrast, do you see? This is the thin difference between portable card bags and multi -card bags.

The oblique angle is taken again. For the reason for the angle, Timberland looks much larger than TUMI.

Finally, let’s show a hand, the size of the stuck bag is very smooth.

Third, use experience

The drainage of the flowing account is finished, and it is based on the practice of using it. Let’s talk about the original intention of buying. With the benefits of credit cards and the prevalence of mobile payment, there are even more aunts. Basically, there is no need to buy things offline. The previous sun -order “TUMI Alpha Card Bags’ Minimalized Wallet Great Transformation”:

TUMI Alpha Card Bag’s minimalist wallet transforms

The basic use is to specialize in the card. On one side, two commonly used and folded folded hundreds of dollars, and the other side of the landlord has a dozen cards. As for the transparent slot, the ID card is very convenient. However, with the arrival of summer, there are fewer and fewer pockets on the body, which can only be retreated, and the idea of ​​buying a simple card clip bag. This Timberland card bag was in the United States and Asia. The reason was based on full trust in its product quality. I used a domestic brand before, and it felt bad.

After Timberland’s card bag came to hand, it took a few days to take the order, and the feeling was very good. Talking about this package value is not worth it. I think it is not worth it. Although the price of about 80 yuan is relatively high, considering the workmanship and brand factors, most domestic brands will almost sell for more than 50 yuan. First of all, this card bag of Timberland is good in leather. As mentioned earlier, it can also be fragrant with cowhide flavor. The second is that the feel is very good. The hard leather makes the texture outstanding. Once again, the workmanship is very good, the edge is very uniform, and a very strong feeling. Unfortunately, there is no more locking side of the lining. The deeper card slot makes it stuck to the side of the lining when getting the card. This is a small small. Regret. In the end, the size is just right. Put the jeans butt pockets, and it is not easy to fall out. The size of the size is just right. It will not feel trouble when you go out with your mobile phone. The grooves, the domestic card -like cards are basically open in the middle, which is very suitable for putting a few small changes. This is the biggest regret of this card bag.

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