Nicholas Tse seriously desperately set up no limit

The movie “Angry · Heavy Case” has exceeded 400 million box office. Under the influence of the epidemic, it is not easy to have such a box office. Today, Hong Kong production films have been criticized to take a downhill road. Such a pure Hong Kong -flavored movie can be sought after by the mainstream audience. It can be seen that Hong Kong films still have their own unique charm. Needless to say, it is a niche in the glorious era of Hong Kong films such as Ren Dahua, Tan Yaowen, Lu Liangwei, and the collective memories of Hong Kong production films. Hong Kong films, which are known for their efforts, once again conquered the public with Hong Kong -style police bandits.

The khaki casual suit, a white T -shirt inside, with the pants of the hole, Nicholas Tse appeared at the premiere of Guangzhou on August 3, and it was a high -quality idol.

Nicholas Tse does not hold himself with idols. In the eyes of everyone in the entertainment industry, he is a very serious person. How serious is he about things? In Guangzhou’s premiere, he walked five theater in a row to communicate and interact with fans for three hours. In the movie “Angry · Type Case”, his desperate drama of his fist to meat made his fans feel distressed.

In this regard, Nicholas Tse said an exclusive interview with Nandu reporters, “This is our responsibility, and I am also a martial arts actor.”

Remember the expectation of Nicholas Tse? On the 30th anniversary of the Golden Awards in Hong Kong, Nicholas Tse won the first film emperor in his life with his superb performance in “Integrated”. When Zhou Runfa was awarded, he joked to Nicholas Tse: “You are the hope of Hong Kong movies. Hong Kong movies in the next 30 years rely on you.”

This time, Nicholas Tse’s performance did not disappoint the elder brother.

Topic Writing: Nandu reporter Xu Xiaolei intern Feng Yizi Su Yingying

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