Cheap and easy to use three pro -people entry -level riding gloves horizontal evaluation

Tiezi, are anyone riding without gloves? I think should not be? Gloves are necessary items for cycling enthusiasts. They have shock absorption and anti -slip, reduce damage, and avoid numbness of palms. The protective and comfort of gloves must be very clear.

However, as a “second layer of skin”, the gloves are called a fast, and a pair of gloves may start to take off the line. If it falls once, it should be replaced.

Therefore, in daily cycling, the choice of cycling gloves is more inclined to be affordable, cheap and durable styles (to be plain, still poor). In just one summer, the editor used three -auxiliary gloves. Below, through the actual experience, the three types of parental entry gloves are the advantages and disadvantages of the people.

These three gloves are Shimano Airways breathable gloves, scorpion Castelli ROUBAIX Sky Team Edition, Vertex Memorial Edition Half Finger Gloves. Most people can afford it and belong to the civilian consumer -level entry -level gloves.

Shimano Airway breathable glove

Use the elasticity of the pad to synthesize the palm of the palm of the cushion, and the mesh eye is cleverly arranged to bring cool comfort and handling. Blue, black, red, yellow, suitable for the temperature between 15 ° C-35 ° C, 3D palm design, moderately fit, the pressure is smaller than the slim fit, with good long-distance comfort.

Scorpion Castelli ROUBAIX Sky Team Edition

Castelli Sky Team Edition High -quality calfskin is made of high -quality calfskin on the inside of the palm of the hand. The main body of the hand uses a professional LyCRA fabric, and the wrist uses high bullet expansion to bring to the traditional magic sticker.

There are a total of 18 breathable holes in the inside of the gloves. The pores are reasonably distributed throughout the palm. In order to improve the additional feeding to improve durability, an additional piece of wear -resistant fiber skin is conducive to improving the life of the gloves. The vibration of the tiger’s mouth.

Vertex half finger glove

Vertex semi -finger gloves are the simplest design. In terms of materials, the most thinnest Japanese top -level breathable ultra -fiber leather, cushioning silicone palm pads, breathable elastic cooling mesh, lightweight and comfortable, the price is super low. The index finger reflective LOGO can be safe at night, which is very suitable for daily training gloves for hot weather in summer.


▲ Three gloves get started renderings

The palm foam pad of Shimano Airway’s breathable gloves is reasonable, relatively flat, and is very suitable for highway vehicles. This relatively flat palm pad relieves hand pressure and avoid numbness of palm numbness caused by the concentration. In addition, the hexagonal pattern synthetic leather surface is also better, comfortable and non -slip.

▲ All three gloves use high -bullet telescopic and contracted traditional magic stickers. The way to tighten the mouth is slightly different.

The Shimano Airway gloves are also the three most complicated gloves of these three materials. The back of the hand has 71% polyamide, 15% spandex, 9% polyester, 5% cotton and other materials. The durable synthetic leather and the thick foam pads under the palm roots are quite practical. The main difference from the other two is high -performance knitted fabrics, which is convenient for ventilation.

▲ Internal workmanship

Turn the gloves to make a noodle, and the workmanship inside is more clear. Internal stitching Ranking Ranking Castelli Sky Team Edition > Shimano Airway> Vertex semi -finger gloves. Shimano Airway is not particularly clean due to its complicated materials, and it should be more comfortable to wear it with a scissors or cutting wool device for a little repairs.

▲ Castelli workmanship is the most regular

▲ It is the most scrap sewing craft

Vertex sewing the sewing line of the gloves is quite scribbled, as if the aunt Hu who did not wake up stepped on the sewing machine and closed the sewing, some positions were even off the line.

This is also the fundamental reason that it cracks at the seam after using it three times, but it is really low in its price, and it is the same price of a cup of milk tea, so I can bear it when I see these problems- “No, and not The ____ does not work”.

The sweat towel cloth at the thumb is too thin but the coolest, and Shimano’s thickest sweat is more comfortable. If you have a lot of sweaty friends, you still recommend choosing Shimano Airway or Scorpion.

Although the semi -finger gloves of Vertex are the only one of these three models, it is actually the most commonly used in the daily life, because in Guangdong, which is stuffy and humid, breathable sweats are always the most important. Personally prefer its simple and light breathable fabric, plus a thinner and comfortable rubber pad in the palm, which can also be matched. It is a basic model that is casual.

The Castelli Sky Team version of this glove was sold too hot before, so that the Meiqi Mall has been sold out. Xiaobian can only use this XL code for a comparison evaluation. The slightly large size is a bit loose for me. Bulk, of course, this is not the fault of gloves, it is my slow fault. Both the overall workmanship and the materials are the best of the three gloves. There are a total of 18 breathable holes in the inside of the gloves. It is distributed around the palm of the palm. The addition of the Sky Team paint makes this glove has a high degree of recognition, and has been quite popular in the highway car circle for a long time.

The TPR Shimano logo on the back of the Shimano Airway gloves is very eye -catching. Black and white color matching is simple and more versatile. The foam pads of the palm of the palm are wear -resistant, and the air -breathable holes on the back and fingertips of the fingertips are well designed. For extremely hot weather, it should be just right in spring and autumn.

The above is the experience sharing of the three ride gloves recently used by Xiaobian. Which of them has been very useful about riding gloves? Welcome to leave a comment and share!

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