The supply of stainless steel will increase the supply of stainless steel, and the market pressure comes?

The supply of stainless steel will increase the supply of stainless steel, and the market pressure comes?

According to the statistics of 51BXG database, the total inventory of Wuxi sample warehouses this week decreased by about 10,100 tons to 497,600 tons from last week. in:

The inventory of the 200 Series increased by about 0.24 million tons to 40,100 tons; the inventory of 300 series decreased by about 11,300 tons to 347,700 tons; the inventory of 400 series decreased by about 0.12 million tons to 110,500 tons.


(The sample warehouse does not include the resources registered in the previous period)

(△ Weekly inventory


Period, 21 years of data accumulation, the total inventory accumulation



200 Series: Inventory of inventory increased slightly, market pressure rose

This week, the spot price of Wuxi market 201 overall showing a steady decline. As of today, the mainstream base price of Wuxi Market 2015 has fallen by 250 yuan/ton to 9300 yuan/ton during the week. Fall 350 yuan/ton to 9250 yuan/ton. This week’s 201 spot transactions have warmed up compared with last week.

During the month, the cumulative decline of nearly 1,000 yuan. At present, the price of the traders has a strong willingness to raise the price.

In terms of inventory, the inventory of the 200 Series of Wuxi Market this week has increased slightly by about 02,400 tons to 40,100 tons. The incremental increase is mainly reflected in cold rolling. Most of the warehouses show the trend of lowering the library. The market arrival in the week is still

BGDS resources are relatively large, BGXC also has some resources to reach the tin

Essence This week, the 201 market was weak and weaker, and the spot inventory increased slightly.

300 Series: Steel factory reduces production, opens low -priced disks, stainless steel continuously removes libraries

This week’s 304 shock operation. As of Thursday, the private price of private 304 cold rolled four -foot -based mainstream prices of private 304 cold rolled four -foot -based priced prices of 18,000 yuan/ton was 100 yuan/ton. Essence

The 300 -series inventory of the Wuxi area is obvious, and the reduction is mainly reflected in

The front library of the steel mill, other social inventory also increases or decreased significantly

Essence Since June, under the dual pressure of demand and cost, some steel mills have reduced production of 300 series stainless steel. Jiangsu D Steel Factory plans to produce about 1.6-17 million tons in the June 300 Series Cross Steel Fair, and the output of various bases at the steel mill has been reduced. Last week, the steel mill opened the average price below the market price for traders to pick up the goods. At the beginning of this week, the price of stainless steel rebounded, the transaction improved, and the trader’s pick -up was positive.

According to 51BXG statistics, this year’s stainless steel has 8.88 million tons of new production capacity, and the production capacity of 4.5 million tons in the second half of the year is mainly put into production. It is mainly 300 series. The pressure of stainless steel supply has increased greatly. The subsequent inventory needs to pay attention to the recovery of downstream demand at the end of the epidemic.

400 Series: Steel factory maintenance, inventory continues to decline

430 cold -rolled down this week fell slightly. As of Thursday, the mainstream quotation of 430 cold -rolling in Wuxi area was 8,650 yuan/ton, a decrease of 200 yuan/ton from last week.

The inventory of the 400 series in Wuxi this week has dropped slightly.

The Northwest J Steel Factory has been completed in mid -year, and production will be resumed this week.

Essence This week’s 400 series transactions are relatively light, and the library is limited. With the completion of the steel mills, 400 inventory is difficult to remove.

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