Summer is here, make a sun hat for your baby, attach a fabric solar hat tutorial

Ha ha, everyone, I am Ame!

Today, I will share with you the fabric shading cap, the baby version!

The common children’s hat is simple and beautiful.

Measure the head circumference, calculate the size before printing the drawings.

Pan the fabric, 6 tablets, 6 pieces of cloth, and two ties.

The two fabrics are opposite, and the black wire seam (a bit curved).

The sewing of the car looks.

Stitch on the other, black wire seam.

Cut the tooth.

There are three groups, two groups of stitching cars.

The stitching is complete, such hats need 2 slices.

Production rope.

Three sides of the seam.

Pruning the corner.

Use a thin stick to turn to the front. The tie needs 2.

The surface of the table is opposite to the front, the point is aligned with the point, and the bead needles are fixed.

Add the hat tie.

The sewing of the car needs to be left.

Turn from the return to the front.

Turn to the front, the corners are flat.

Switching back.

Two buttons decorative caps.

Switch to the top of the hat.

Cute petal tulip solar hat is completed.

Children are cute to wear.

Like us to remember a little, thank you!

Cut the tooth.

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